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103 年 - 國立臺灣師大附中 103 學年度教師甄試 英文科 題目卷 #16203 

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1.1. The mayor has promised to try every possible means to a strike by laborers. It is hoped that those laborers would abandon the plan.
(A) avert
(B) revert
(C) convert
(D) pervert
2.2. Cram schools are not a(n) for all your problems. Altering your study habits is your top priority now.
(A) connoisseur
(B) gamut
(C) panacea
(D) fluctuation
3.3. There has been local opposition to the construction of the fourth nuclear power plant.
(A) tenacious
(B) licentious
(C) gregarious
(D) extemporaneous
4.4. Edita Gruberova has been highly acclaimed as one of the greatest contemporary sopranos for her superb rendering of ornamental passages.
(A) scherzo
(B) coloratura
(C) falsetto
(D) baton
5.5. To say that her resignation was a shock would be a(n) — it caused a lot of panic.
(A) onomatopoeia
(B) understatement
(C) heteroglossia
(D) denouement
6.6. The president faces problems which began many years before he took.
(A) intravenous
(B) incumbent
(C) inducible
(D) insalubrious
7.7. Simon earns a great fortune by trading in . Those goods are all brought in secretly and illegally.
(A) liaison
(B) nemesis
(C) dexterity
(D) contraband
8.8. A political settlement remains out of reach. There seems no consensus between the two parties on this issue.
(A) congenially
(B) obtrusively
(C) tantalizingly
(D) whimsically
9.9. The jury should have believed the witness’ testimony, since he had long been regarded as a man of .
(A) vivacity
(B) velocity
(C) virtuosity
(D) veracity
10.10. Margaret Thatcher was as leader of the British Conservative Party in 1991.
(A) deposed
(B) imposed
(C) reposed
(D) apposed
         The stage in Shakespeare's time was a naked room with a blanket for a curtain; but he made it a field for monarchs. The law of unity, which has its foundations, not in the factitious necessity of custom, but in 11 itself, the unity of feeling, is everywhere and at all times observed by Shakespeare in his plays. Read Romeo and Juliet: all is youth and spring; youth with its 12 , its virtues, its precipitancies; spring with its odors, its flowers, and its 13 ; it is one and the same feeling that  14 , goes through, and ends the play. The old men, the Capulets and the Montagues, are not common old men; they have an eagerness, a heartiness, a(n) 15 , the effect of spring; with Romeo, his  change of 16 , his sudden marriage, and his 17 death, are all the effects of youth; whilst in Juliet love has all that is tender and melancholy in the 18 , all that is voluptuous in the 19 with whatever is sweet in the freshness of spring; but it ends with a long deep sigh like the last breeze of the Italian evening. This unity of feeling and character 20 every drama of Shakespeare. 
(~~ from Samuel Taylor Coleridge’s essay “Characteristics of Shakespeare’s Dramas”)

(E)manifests (AB)adversary (AC)passion (AD)nature 
(AE)nightingale (BC)rash (BD)pervades (BE)daffodil (CD)begotten (CE)illusion (DE)transciency (ABC)rose