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1.English is a(n) ______ language, spoken by many people all over the world. 
(A) ubiquitous
(B) plausible
(C) lucid
(D) obscure

2.The use of high-speed broadband Internet is now soaring in Asia compared with other continents. This phenomenon can be ______ explained by key differences in pre-existing technology as well as by the recent boom of many Asian economies.
(A) auspiciously
(B) sparsely
(C) allegedly
(D) fractionally

3.Despite environmental benefits, critics still argue that alternate energy is prohibitively inefficient. New technologies are being developed in order to________ greater efficiency, but it is still considerately more expensive than traditional production methods.
(A) encompass
(B) impede
(C) disperse
(D) facilitate

4.Drunken driving is a serious problem in many countries. Even if no one is hurt, his license will be suspended or even ______.
(A) invoked
(B) evoked
(C) revoked
(D) provoked

5.This digital music player sells like a hot cake because it can hold up to 10,000 songs and is ______ with more than one operating system.
(A) achievable
(B) compatible
(C) affordable
(D) comprehensible

6.Some citizens are ______ that the new luxury tax will lower real estate prices in Taipei and think it may cause the property market to go into free fall.
(A) innovative
(B) sentimental
(C) descriptive
(D) skeptical

7.Our ______ of soft drinks and fruit juices is increasing while that of milk and water is declining.
(A) assumption
(B) resumption c. consumption
(D) presumption

8.With a view to sharpening his English skill, he ______ to an English-language newspaper so as to expose himself to English as much as possible.
(A) prescribed
(B) subscribed
(C) transcribed
(D) inscribed

9.People around the world have shown their generosity and ______ for the victims of the earthquake and tsunami in Japan by donating much-needed food and supplies.
(A) gratitude
(B) compassion
(C) dignity
(D) interference

10.The industrial wastewater that was directly ______ into the lake wiped out a vast number of species native to the area.
(A) dedicated
(B) deliberated
(C) discriminated
(D) discharged

11.“The rich get richer and the poor get poorer” is a familiar saying that expresses inequality in the ______ of wealth.
(A) supervision
(B) exploitation
(C) attribution
(D) distribution

12.Food safety and product quality concern people’s health, a producer’s ______ and a country’s image.
(A) verifiability
(B) priority
(C) infidelity
(D) credibility

13.My brother’s arrogance and stubbornness are what ______ him from his friends and colleagues and made it hard for them to hang out with him.
(A) terminated
(B) alienated
(C) dissuaded
(D) evacuated

14.When a whale gets trapped in a shallow waters, it _______ the others in its pod to help by sending out a distress signal. As a result, the entire pod may accidentally become beached in the same area.
(A) summons
(B) reckons
(C) allures
(D) lauds

15.When parents give their children everything they want, the kids often grow up feeling a sense of ______.
(A) jeopardy
(B) poise
(C) entitlement
(D) monotony