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我要補題 回報試卷錯誤
1.1.It is both legally and _____ wrong to spread rumors about other people on the Internet.
(A) physically
(B) morally
(C) literarily
(D) commercially

2.2. These warm-up exercises are designed to help people _____ their muscles and prevent injuries.
(A) produce
(B) connect
(C) loosen
(D) transfer

3.3. The restaurant in the hotel has a _____ charge of NT$500 per person. The four of us need to pay at least NT$2,000 to eat there.
(A) definite
(B) numerous
(C) flexible
(D) minimum

4.4. Ben Lee was _____ take the Basic Competency Exam today, but he overslept.
(A) happened to
(B) supposed to
(C) looking forward to
(D) getting used to

5.5. Residents are told not to dump all household waste _____ into the trash can; reusable materials should first be sorted out and recycled.
(A) preferably
(B) forward
(C) straight
(D) namely

6.6. It is considered a _____ to deny a person a job because of his or her age or gender.
(A) prejudice
(B) statue
(C) landscape
(D) retirement

7.7. A strong typhoon is nearing Taiwan, so John’s plan to go mountain climbing this weekend has been rejected by his father.
(A) filled out
(B) turned down
(C) put off
(D) brought up

8. 8. Identical twins look exactly the same. Sometimes even their parents cannot tell one from the other.
(A) partially
(B) suddenly
(C) naturally
(D) completely

9.9. If student enrollment continues to drop, some programs at the university may be _____ to reduce the operation costs.
(A) relieved
(B) accounted
(C) projected
(D) eliminated

10.10. Jennie’s part-time experience at the restaurant is good _____ for running her own business.
(A) formation
(B) recognition
(C) preparation
(D) calculation

11.11. Women’s fashions are _____ changing: One season they may favor pantsuits, but the next season they may prefer miniskirts.
(A) lately
(B) constantly
(C) occasionally
(D) relatively

12.12. The book is not only informative but also _____, making Jason laugh and feel relaxed while reading it.
(A) entertaining
(B) infecting
(C) annoying
(D) understanding

13.13. Getting a flu shot before the start of flu season gives our body a chance to build up protection against the _____ that could make us sick.
(A) poison
(B) virus
(C) leak
(D) misery

14.14. Though Alec failed in last year’s speech contest, he did not feel _____. This year he practiced day and night and finally won the championship in the competition.
(A) exhausted
(B) suspected
(C) frustrated
(D) discounted

15.15. Traveling is a good way for us to _____ different cultures and broaden our horizons.
(A) assume
(B) inspire
(C) occupy
(D) explore

16. 16. Mr. Chen’s doctor asked him to consider _____ smoking after the operation.
(A) quitting
(B) to quit
(C) quit
(D) should quit

17.17. Some people have a purpose in life, but _____ just drift.
(A) the others
(B) another
(C) others
(D) any other

18.18. Have you ever wondered how _____ in the human body?
(A) much bone is there
(B) many bones are there
(C) much bone there is
(D) many bones there are

19.19. Egyptians invented the twenty-four hour day long ago, and people _____ it since then.
(A) used
(B) are using
(C) have used
(D) will be using

20.20. If the Earth _____ the size of an egg, the hard outer crust would be about the thickness of the egg’s shell.
(A) is
(B) be
(C) were
(D) would be

21.21. _____ the diagnosis of breast cancer, _____ the possibility for successful treatment.
(A) The earlier; the greater
(B) The more early; the more great
(C) The later; the greater
(D) The late; the less

22.22. Go Tell It on the Mountain, James Baldwin’s first book and first novel, published in 1953, _____
(A) wide was praised
(B) was widely praised
(C) praised was widely
(D) was praised wide

23.23. Researchers found that the number of best friends boys and girls have _____ different. It is common for girls of school age to have one best friend, but boys usually have several good friends.
(A) is
(B) has been
(C) are
(D) have been

24.24. Bob went to a dentist _____ he did not have a toothache. She just wanted a checkup.
(A) because
(B) even though
(C) since
(D) therefore

25.25. A large crowd _____ for Kaohsiung City Mayor when she finally arrived.
(A) has waited
(B) was waiting
(C) had been waited
(D) would have been waited

26.26. According to a report released last year, students in private universities pay _____ students in public universities.
(A) more tuition as
(B) much more than
(C) much expensive as
(D) more expensive than

27.27. Our company is looking for a sale representative. To apply, you need to be a college graduate in a business-related field. All male applicants _____ military service.
(A) must completed
(B) must be completed
(C) must have completed
(D) must be completing

28.28. _____ sound asleep we are, our senses are still at work gathering information about our environment. This is why sometimes we are awakened by a strange noise.
(A) Whatever
(B) Whoever
(C) Whomever
(D) However

29. 29-32 為題組 If you look around and observe other people’s posture carefully, you may notice something disturbing. Most adults stand or walk incorrectly, usually without knowing it. In fact, they may be causing themselves to develop muscle or back problems in later years. Too many people slouch, with their shoulders hunched and their chests inwards. It seems they are not aware of the benefits of having good posture. When the body is in good balance, a person is able to maintain good posture with little effort. That is because all the muscles are working together in harmony. A person whose body is out of balance, on the other hand, will get tired quickly when exercising or doing strenuous activities. Maintaining good posture prevents some of the effects of aging on the body. Actually, not much effort is required to keep good posture and avoid many of the problems with feet, knees, hips, back, shoulders and the neck that result from bad posture over many years. By having good posture, you strengthen your body to achieve better health. Even simply sitting and standing correctly is good for you. It is worth spending time to learn about methods of good body posture and to recognize the right and wrong body positions. After a while, you will naturally adopt good posture without thinking, just as you may have bad posture now. Adding certain exercises, such as those practiced in yoga or pilates, to your daily routine is the best way to begin your journey to better health.
【題組】 29. What is the main idea of this passage?
(A) People don’t have time to exercise properly.
(B) Good posture leads to good health.
(C) People injure themselves during different activities.
(D) People are too lazy to adopt the correct posture.

30.【題組】30. Which of the following is a sign of bad posture?
(A) Your chest is pushed out.
(B) Your head is held up.
(C) Your back is straight.
(D) Your shoulders are bent forward.

31.【題組】31. The passage says that maintaining good posture _____.
(A) takes a lot of practice
(B) is not difficult to do
(C) can be very tiring
(D) causes back problems

32.【題組】32. What does the passage suggest for maintaining good posture?
(A) Doing certain types of exercise.
(B) Standing rather than sitting.
(C) Going on long journeys.
(D) Lifting heavy weights.

33.33-36 為題組 Online education opportunities have been growing in recent years. It is possible to get a high school diploma or a degree through online study, or supplement your existing knowledge without having to take time off to attend regular classes at an educational institution. Online study is not suitable for everyone, however, and has both advantages and disadvantages. Unlike traditional studies, online learning offers great flexibilities and convenience. To begin with, you don’t have to waste time and money traveling to the campus. You can also select a program that entirely fits with your interests and needs because you are not restricted to the classes that are offered in your area. Furthermore, online programs usually cost less than those on campus. In addition, if you lack self-confidence, or have language difficulties, participating in an online course will be much less challenging than attending live classes. Above all, you can study at your pace. The biggest drawback to online education could be the fact that you are studying on your own. You don’t have many opportunities to interact with your course tutors or other students. It is sometimes possible to participate in video conferences, but the time may not always be convenient. The importance of interaction will depend on the course you are taking, but it is a key factor to consider when deciding whether online education is right for you. At present, probably the biggest disadvantage to online learning is that a degree or other qualification achieved by this method is not regarded as highly as one gained in the traditional way.
【題組】 33. What is the main purpose of the passage?
(A) To explain why online courses are increasing quickly.
(B) To discuss good and bad points about online education.
(C) To describe the various types of online education.
(D) To persuade people that online education is good.

34.【題組】34. What does the passage say about online study?
(A) It is not as popular as it used to be.
(B) It is not worth spending money on.
(C) It is more popular than traditional learning.
(D) It is becoming more and more popular.

35.【題組】35. One advantage of online education discussed in the passage is that _____.
(A) it doesn’t require much study time
(B) it can be completed in a short time
(C) students don’t need to pay for tuition
(D) students don’t need to go to school

36.【題組】36. What might be a problem with diplomas earned by taking online courses?
(A) They can be extremely expensive.
(B) It may be hard to pass the course.
(C) People do not rate them very highly.
(D) Too much people are getting them.

37.37-40 為題組 The Swiss army knife is a popular device that is recognized all over the world. In Switzerland, there is a saying that every Swiss citizen has one in his or her pocket. But the knife had humble beginnings. In the late nineteenth century, the Swiss army issued its soldiers a gun that required a special screwdriver to dismantle and clean it. At the same time, canned food was becoming common in the army. Swiss generals decided to issue each soldier a standard knife to serve both as a screwdriver and a can opener. It was a lifesaver for Swiss knife makers, who were struggling to compete with cheaper German imports. In 1884, Carl Elsener, head of the Swiss knife manufacturer Victorinox, seized that opportunity with both hands, and designed a soldier’s knife that the army loved. It was a simple knife with one big blade, can opener, and a screwdriver. A few years after the soldier’s knife was issued, the “Schweizer Officer Messer,” or Swiss Officer’s Knife, came on the market. Interestingly, the Officer’s Knife was never given to those serving in the army. The Swiss military purchasers considered the new model with corkscrew for opening wine not “essential for survival,” so officers had to buy this new model by themselves. But its special muti-functional design later launched the knife as a global brand. After the Second World War, a great number of American soldiers were stationed in Europe. And as they could buy the Swiss army knife at shops on military bases, they bought huge quantities of them. However, it seems that “Schweizer Officer Messer” was too difficult for them to say, so they just called it the Swiss army knife, and that is the name now known by all over the world.
【題組】 37. What is the main purpose of the passage?
(A) To explain the origin of the Swiss army knife.
(B) To introduce the functions of the Swiss army knife.
(C) To emphasize the importance of the Swiss army knife.
(D) To tell a story about the designer of the Swiss army knife.

38.【題組】38. What does “It” at the beginning of the third paragraph refer to?
(A) Every Swiss citizen had a knife in his pocket.
(B) The Swiss army needed a knife for every soldier.
(C) Swiss knives were competing with imported knives.
(D) Canned food was becoming popular in the Swiss army.

39.【題組】39. Why didn’t the Swiss army buy the Swiss Officer’s Knife?
(A) The design of the knife was too simple.
(B) The knife was sold out to American soldiers.
(C) The army had no budget to make the purchase.
(D) The new design was not considered necessary for officers to own.

40.【題組】40. Who gave the name “the Swiss army knife” to the knife discussed in the passage?
(A) Carl Elsener.
(B) Swiss generals
(C) American soldiers.
(D) German businessmen.