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1.Firefighters searched for survivors, combing the remains of houses and neighborhood ______ by the nation’s deadliest tornado outbreak in almost four decades.
(A) deviated
(B) advocated
(C) pulverized
(D) mollified

2.The board of directors has agreed on a 10 percent _____ in salary for all the employees in the next year.
(A) increment
(B) indictment
(C) infringement
(D) integument

3.We had not realized how much people appreciated the library’s old borrowing policy until we received complaints once it had been _____.
(A) administered
(B) superseded
(C) reprimanded
(D) germinated

4.His life was solely devoted to _____ pleasures, like food, wine, women, and so on, before he met the Stewart family, who taught him to seek true spiritual values.
(A) discreet
(B) fervid
(C) precocious
(D) temporal

5.Whatever its final contours, the expected electoral _______ is all but certain to reshape the remaining two years of Obama’s term.
(A) outpost
(B) retribution
(C) inauguration
(D) upheaval

6.Surrounded by a host of besiegers and unable to _____ their supplies, the defenders of the castle feared their food would soon be exhausted.
(A) relish
(B) refurbish
(C) replenish
(D) relinquish

7.He was so _____ about table manners that he lost his equanimity when his son reached for the bread.
(A) precarious
(B) fastidious
(C) commodious
(D) presumptuous

8.The fire marshals spend many hours seeking the cause of the _____ in which so many people were killed and so many others hospitalized with major burns.
(A) avalanche
(B) conflagration
(C) labyrinth
(D) maelstrom

9.She spent the day doing all the _______tasks that had to be done, cooking, washing, ironing and cleaning.
(A) surveillance
(B) humdrum
(C) premium
(D) breach

10.For all the hardships involved in the study of seals, the Arctic researchers have occasional moments of pure _____ over some new discovery.
(A) exhilaration
(B) indignation
(C) abomination
(D) hallucination

11.The lawyer was going to ______ the plaintiff until her client was proven innocent.
(A) refute
(B) subdue
(C) eschew
(D) delineate

12.Torn between loving her parents one minute and hating them the next, she was confused by the _____ of her feelings.
(A) indolence
(B) effervescence
(C) benevolence
(D) ambivalence

13.We do not yet have the theory of everything, but most physical phenomena are readily _______.
(A) frivolous
(B) palatable
(C) terse
(D) explicable

14.This well-documented history is of importance because it carefully _____ the considerable accomplishments of Indian artists who are all too little known to the public at large.
(A) emancipates
(B) manipulates
(C) rehabilitates
(D) substantiates

15.The _____ of Queen Elizabeth I impressed her contemporaries: she seemed to know what dignitaries and foreign leaders were thinking.
(A) symbiosis
(B) malevolence
(C) perspicacity
(D) consternation

16.She was accused of plagiarism in a dispute over a short story, and, though _____, she never recovered from the accusation and the scandal.
(A) verified
(B) designated
(C) exonerated
(D) retaliated

17.His _______ smile clearly conveyed that he was not going to take anything we said seriously.
(A) belligerent
(B) imposing
(C) mundane
(D) supercilious

18.Archaeologists are involved in _____ Mayan temples in Central America, uncovering the old ruins in order to learn more about the civilization they represent.
(A) penetrating
(B) excavating
(C) demolishing
(D) rectifying

19.The law _______ that steel furnace slag could only be used for road paving, not on farmlands.
(A) stipulates
(B) aggravates
(C) decelerates
(D) extorts

20.Although he had spent many hours at the computer trying to solve the problem, he was the first to admit that the final solution was _____ and not the result of his labor.
(A) schematic
(B) reminiscent
(C) fortuitous
(D) peripheral