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100 年 - 國立台中一中100 學年度 第一次教師甄選 英文科試題#4452 

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1. Local authorities claimed that investment was needed not only to build new homes and replace ______ housing, but also to renovate deteriorating buildings, and thus improve the existing housing stock.
(A) impeccable
(B) dilapidated
(C) sullen
(D) austere

2.For the first time in my life, my hair behaved itself and curled round my face in a manner which I considered most flattering, and my make-up went on well on a skin which didn't have one spot or ______.
(A) blemish
(B) stigma
(C) sludge
(D) feces

3.Whatever view I decide to take, I will be indicating in a clear and ______ way.
(A) ambivalent
(B) superfluous
(C) unequivocal
(D) ambiguous

4.For so long I resisted any change to my hairstyle — I thought I knew what suited me — I was ______ in an image that I had held from years gone by.
(A) intrepid
(B) retrospective
(C) reminiscent
(D) entrenched

5.When I was younger I was often upset by criticism and ______ but I learnt that if you become involved with this kind of thing, it will end up gnawing you away.
(A) innuendo
(B) clemency
(C) inertia
(D) bliss

6.Cuba secured their second victory in two nights over South Korea with a ______ 10-0 win in Tokyo.
(A) sumptuous
(B) precarious
(C) tenuous
(D) lopsided

7. The relation between time and change is a(n) ______ one: without change time could not be recognized, whereas without time change could not occur.
(A) intact
(B) reciprocal
(C) ubiquitous
(D) inadvertent

8. In spite of being well fed and cared for, some dogs will steal food and ______ through trash cans at every opportunity.
(A) trudge
(B) nudge
(C) scavenge
(D) foil

9.Generally speaking, compared with being ______ (sitting watching TV, working at a desk), you will burn around three times more calories walking at 3 miles an hour.
(A) sedentary
(B) nonchalant
(C) submissive
(D) complacent

10.Economic difficulty and political dissatisfaction are ______, as evidenced by the plummeting approval rating for Barack Obama.
(A) inexorable
(B) inextricable
(C) insatiable
(D) invulnerable