Ying-Shan Che>试卷(2011/10/27)

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1.It ______ me two hours to find your new house.

2.Three fourths of the earth's surface ______ water.
(A)has being

3.He wasn't going to the movies, ______?
(A)wasn't he
(B)was he
(C)wouldn't he
(D)didn't he

4.Of all the patients in intensive care units who are at ______ of dying, some 20 percent present difficult ethical choices-whether to keep trying to save the life.

5.This machine could pull up trees as if they ______ weeds.
(C)have been
(D)had been

6.By the time we meet again, summer ______.
(A)has arrived
(B)had arrived
(C)is arriving
(D)will have arrived

7.I will go ______ how long it will take me to get there.
(B)no matter
(D)never mind

8.He finds it easy ______ English as a foreign language.
(A)to learn

9.We will ______ these great tree before the typhoon comes.

10.______ of this house has been removed by the servants.
(A)The furnitures
(B)The furniture
(D)A furniture

11.Mr. Meyer knows ______.
(A)what does that word mean
(B)what means that word
(C)what that word means
(D)what meaning has that word

12.______ you please tell me your address?

13.To our surprise, he escaped ______ in the accident.
(A)to be hurt
(B)to have been hurt
(C)being hurt
(D)from hurting

14.If only I ______ to ski then.
(C)have learned
(D)had learned

15.If you ______ with George yesterday morning, you would not be so angry now.
(B)were talking
(C)could talk
(D)had talked

16.The boy is too young ______.
(A)not to be able to go to school
(B)to go to school
(C)that he cannot go to school
(D)for himself to go to school

17.I am sorry I cannot find ______ of the two books you lent me.

18.All of his friends were opposed to ______ a party because of cost.
(D)be having

19.The minister will ______ at the meeting.

20.Your tent blew in the storm, but theirs ______.

21.I cannot find my ticket;I ______ it.
(B)maybe lose
(C)must have lost
(D)need have lost

22.They drove to the farm in the afternoon and spent the night there, ______ they could start out early the next morning.
(A)so that
(C)so long as
(D)provided that

23.Mr. Johnson will ______ go.
(B)unable to
(C)be unable
(D)be unable to

24.The teachers were ______ with the student's progress.