Ying-Shan Che>试卷(2011/10/22)

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1.He worked hard but failed. = He worked hard ______ fail.
(B)only to
(C)so as to
(D)in order to
2.The book ______ to Mary is lost.
(C)is belonging
3.He was greatly surprised at it. ______.
(A)So I was
(B)So was I
(C)I wasn't also
(D)I either wasn't
4.I remember ______ the house about an hour ago.
(A)to see him leave
(B)to see him to leave
(C)to see him leaving
(D)seeing him leave
5.I would have told you the truth if you ______ me about it.
(C)have asked
(D)had asked
6.The campers gathered some wood and ______ a fire to keep off wild animals at night.
7.Of all the patients in intensive care units who are at ______ of dying, some 20 percent present difficult ethical choices-whether to keep trying to save the life.
8.Mr. Johnson will ______ go.
(B)unable to
(C)be unable
(D)be unable to
9.My bookshelves were destroyed in the flood. I need to find a ______ to fix them.
10.Mary made ______ mistakes in her last examination.
(A)lot of
(B)a lot of
(D)as much
11.We gave them ______.
(A)many milk
(B)much things
(C)a few knifes
(D)several bottles of wine
12.Bill would have taken more photographs if he ______ more film.
(A)had had
(B)has had
(C)should have
(D)would have
13.There aren't many people ______ in that village.
(B)are living
14.______ yourself to some more fruit.
15.In the number 198,700,504,000 there are six ______.
16.Before he came, I'd finished ______ the whole book.
(A)to read
(B)to have read
17.The blue whale and sperm whale are the largest mammals ______ the aquatic animals.
18.He finds it easy ______ English as a foreign language.
(A)to learn
19.Our teacher ______ that lesson to us last time.
(C)has explained
(D)hasn't explained
20.Jane and Lucy have not talked ______ since they quarreled.
(A)each other
(B)to each other
(C)one another
(D)to one another
21.In summertime, higher standards of personal ______ are necessary to prevent disease.
22.I have two houses. One is located in the country, and ______ in the town.
(D)the other
23.I have ______ things to do, so I have plenty time.
(A)a few
24.Carbon, together ______ hydrogen and oxygen, forms the body's fats and sugars.
(C)as well
25.Only fifty new students ______ into the department in 1985.
(B)were admitted
(D)had admitted