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101 年 - 101年外交領事人員特考三等外國文(英文)#20638 

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1.1 The villagers held a feast to celebrate the _____ harvest that they enjoyed.
(A) abundant
(B) elaborate
(C) inclusive
(D) outrageous

2.2 The farmers are encouraged to provide recreational or educational experiences on farms as one way to_____ and revive the agricultural industry.
(A) innovate
(B) annotate
(C) isolate
(D) alienate

3.3 Around 5 or 6, children experience a change in their body that_____ them toward the ability to control impulses, to reason, to focus, and to plan for the future.
(A) appalls
(B) propels
(C) contends
(D) indulges

4.4 Pauline’s parents grew more and more_____ as they awaited her arrival because they had no idea where she was and who she was with.
(A) responsive
(B) incredulous
(C) conscientious
(D) apprehensive

5.5 Generous money and food donations from around the world helped a great deal to_____ the situation in the earthquake areas in Japan.
(A) alleviate
(B) decipher
(C) expedite
(D) stultify

6.6 Higher education institutions in the United States are faced with the_____ challenge of assisting large numbers of underprepared students to succeed in postsecondary education.
(A) unforgivable
(B) formidable
(C) omissible
(D) remedial

7.7 A vegetarian diet is a healthy choice if you pay attention to_____ requirements and follow a balanced eating plan.
(A) accidental
(B) editorial
(C) nutritional
(D) potential

8.8 Movies move us both emotionally and physically. Locations depicted on screen often see a_____ in tourism.
(A) boost
(B) crush
(C) ditch
(D) grain

9.9 The literature of Ireland is filled with _____that are either identified as giants or who have abilities far beyond most humans.
(A) plots
(B) complexities
(C) settings
(D) characters

10.10 When gas is leaking, don’t panic! Open the window immediately and the gas will_____ quickly after a few minutes.
(A) dissipate
(B) hesitate
(C) mitigate
(D) evacuate

11.11 The village had most of the usual _____: a pub, a library, a post office, village hall, medical center, and school.
(A) amenities
(B) instruments
(C) lodges
(D) utilities

12.12 Plants use color and smell to lure insects that spread their pollen or repel hungry_____ .
(A) predictors
(B) precipice
(C) prodigies
(D) predators

13.13 My friends and I enjoy tasting foods of different cultures so much that we’ve been to most of the_____ restaurants in town.
(A) optional
(B) inherent
(C) assessible
(D) ethnic

14.14 Unlike their American_____ ,French women are not obsessed with their kids. They don’t lose themselves in parenting.
(A) counterparts
(B) dissidents
(C) opponents
(D) possessors

15.15 Sometimes who you know seems to carry more weight than who you are.
(A) Sometimes it seems to be more important to find out who you know rather than who you are.
(B) Sometimes the backgrounds of your friends seem more important than where you come from.
(C) Sometimes your connections with the right people seem to outweigh your abilities and talents.
(D) Sometimes knowing what other people can do for you seems to outweigh knowing your own self.

16.16 Jane’s survival was remarkable, given the more than two feet of snow in the area and temperatures that dipped to near zero.
(A) The task of saving Jane was impossible because of the heavy snow and low temperatures in the area.
(B) Everyone thought Jane would be rescued, although the weather conditions were severely unfavorable.
(C) Jane said that she would stay alive even though she was buried under 2 feet of snow with a temperature near zero.
(D) It is incredible that Jane stayed alive considering the extremely adverse weather conditions in the area.

17.17 Until recently the growth of the tourism industry has gone unchallenged. But now, questions are being asked and people are expressing reservations about certain aspects of tourism.
(A) The tourism industry is growing despite all oppositions.
(B) There are questions going unchallenged regarding the tourism industry.
(C) The public is uncertain about some aspects of tourism and their growth.
(D) Questions are raised to boost the tourism industry.

18.18 Our natural tendency to avoid those who disagree with us can easily lead to organizational groupthink, which may blind us into extreme or irrational group decisions.
(A) Hanging around with those who agree with us, we tend to agree with one another in our group and support any group decisions without a doubt.
(B) Prefering to stay away from those who disagree with us, we may easily end up thinking alike and making outrageous group decisions blindly.
(C) We should not always stay away from people who disagree with us; otherwise, we may be in danger of making outrageous group decisions blindly.
(D) We’d prefer to hang around with those who agree with us, which makes people in our group see things eye to eye and reach unanimous decisions.

19.19 One higher purpose in the coming year will be rescuing strapped companies and government bodies from the brink of financial ruin.
(A) One higher purpose next is to prevent strapped companies and government bodies from ruining us.
(B) Saving companies and government bodies on the edge of bankrupting will be our higher future goal.
(C) To rescue companies and government bodies that need money, our next goal is to stop the corruption.
(D) Our coming higher purpose is to stop companies and government bodies from extending their finance aid.

20.20 Cowards die many times before their deaths; the valiant never taste of death but once.
(A) Cowards die many times and revive again but the brave never die without tasting life.
(B) Cowards die many times and revive again but the brave die once they taste valiance.
(C) Cowards fail to live meaningful lives but the brave live their lives to the fullest.
(D) Cowards cease to live long before they die but unless the brave taste death, they’ll never die.

21.21 Taiwanese companies have operated manufacturing bases in mainland China for several decades, which has given them extensive experience with markets there.
(A) Taiwanese companies have built production bases in mainland China for many years because they want to understand the market there.
(B) Taiwanese companies understand the Chinese market because they have had production bases there for many years.
(C) With a good knowledge of the Chinese market, it is easy for Taiwanese companies to build production bases there.
(D) In order to gain experience with the Chinese market, Taiwanese companies need to build production bases there.

22.請依下文回答第 22 題至第 26 題 How good is a hospital? Many criteria come into play―the reputation of the physicians, or how well 22 a facility is, or the quality of food and patient services. As health care becomes more a global enterprise, 23 patients going farther afield in pursuit of the best care, the need for an objective measure of hospital performance has become more pressing. Fortunately there is a yardstick that applies equally well to the most luxurious tourist hospital in Thailand and the most basic NGO-run facility in Africa, and everything 24 . Most countries are required by law to keep track of how many patients live and how many die. Once these 25 statistics are adjusted for factors such as the age of the patients, the diagnoses, and the severity of the illnesses, they can provide a measure in black and white of how well a hospital is managing the performance of its physicians. 26 the medical profession has put up some resistance to efforts to measure, and publicize, hospital performance in this way, in recent years doctors have been collecting these data on a growing list of hospitals around the world.
【題組】 22
(A) disposed
(B) trained
(C) defined
(D) equipped

(A) with
(B) for
(C) under
(D) despite

(A) in deed
(B) in between
(C) as well
(D) as usual

(A) morality
(B) mobility
(C) mortality
(D) modality

(A) If
(B) When
(C) Because
(D) Although

27.請依下文回答第 27 題至第 31 題 Marco Polo literally changed the Western view of the world. European maps in his time were 27 on Biblical interpretations and classical mythology. Jerusalem was at the center. At the margins the map-makers drew monsters and savages, because there, 28 the Christian center, Nature herself was believed to be monstrous. Then 29 Polo’s book Travels, describing great civilizations in the East, and a world not centered on Jerusalem, politically or geographically. This recasting of the world into a more dynamic and multi-centered geographical space was the first step toward 30 we now call globalization. Travels appeared in popular anthologies circulating in Europe in the 15th and 16th centuries. Christopher Columbus had an early copy, and made notes in the margins. He later 31 America while searching out a western route to Polo’s Cathay.
【題組】 27
(A) based
(B) placed
(C) situated
(D) supported

(A) in the vicinity of
(B) far from
(C) in lieu of
(D) close to

(A) came
(B) existed
(C) lied
(D) stood

(A) which
(B) what
(C) that
(D) where

(A) jumped into
(B) took after
(C) bungled into
(D) diverged from

32.請依下文回答第 32 題至第 36 題 Educational researchers have identified four distinctive learning styles used by students who are attempting to master new information and concepts. First, some students prefer 32 learning. They learn best form lectures, tapes recordings, and class discussions. The second of these styles is 33 learning. This is a learning-by-doing approach, which 34 such things as dissecting animals to handle their internal organs rather than reading about them. Still other students are best 35 to experiential learning. Making use of all their senses, such as a field trip to a forest when studying botany, is the best way for these learners to understand new material fully. The last of these styles is visual learning. The student who favors this style relies heavily on what can be seen―books and charts, 36 ― to acquire knowledge. Of these four learning styles, none is considered best; but rather they are descriptive of techniques individuals use to learn effectively.
【題組】 32
(A) olfactory
(B) auditory
(C) visionary
(D) imaginary

(A) tacit
(B) tactical
(C) taciturn
(D) tactile

(A) imposes
(B) explains
(C) involves
(D) excludes

(A) suited
(B) admitted
(C) attributed
(D) ascribed

(A) in vain
(B) after all
(C) by chance
(D) for instance

37.37.請依下文回答第 37 題至第 40 題 Feeling as if you are being watched? You probably are. The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) in the United States recently began rolling out a new security program, Screening Passengers by Observation Techniques (SPOT), at dozens of airports around the country. Using behavioral profiling, SPOT aims to identify “high-risk individuals” by monitoring passengers’ body language. Under this initiative, “behavior detection officers” are trained to recognize involuntary gestures, subtle facial twitches, and changes in vocal pitch that signal stress or deceit. A passenger displaying suspicious behavior is taken aside for additional screening. But do such programs work? In Israel, where officers get nine weeks of training, behavioral screening is considered effective. But most TSA screeners receive only four days’ instruction; the idea that they will be able to master the art of behavior recognition with such meager training is “preposterous.” Meanwhile, the Department of Homeland Security just finished testing an automated version of SPOT using a device called Cogito, which works in a manner similar to a polygraph device. Passengers answer a set of simple questions displayed on a touch screen while inserting one hand into a sensor that measures biometric responses, such as sweat levels and blood pressure.
【題組】 37 According to the passage, which of the following statements is true?
(A) SPOT is a system that was developed by Cogito.
(B) Subtle facial twitches and changes in vocal pitch can arouse suspicion.
(C) The Department of Homeland Security is an airport security system.
(D) Polygraph is a graphic design software.

38.【題組】38 According to the passage, how long is a US screener trained before starting to work?
(A) 4 days.
(B) 40 days.
(C) 9 weeks.
(D) 9 months.

39.【題組】39 What is the synonym of the word “preposterous”?
(A) Absurd.
(B) Exciting.
(C) Severe.
(D) Manageable.

40.【題組】40 According to the passage, what can Cogito do?
(A) It can measure a person’s blood pressure and weight.
(B) It can measure a person’s sweat level and heart beat rate.
(C) It can measure a person’s blood pressure and sweat level.
(D) It can measure a person’s weight and heart beat rate.


【題組】 (1)The government coalition collapsed amid budget bickering, so the Prime Minister tendered his resignation, but he’ll stay on to head a caretaker government.(8 分)

42.【題組】(2) Globalization is conducive to the exchange of information, but with the ubiquity of3C products, personal communication has also irrevocably changed.(7 分)

【題組】 (1)油價飆漲而經濟停滯。經濟不景氣的問題歸咎於高風險借貸和不動產泡沫化。(7 分)

44.【題組】(2)敘利亞持續動盪不安,2011 年二月聯合國秘書長介入斡旋提出停火協議要求敘利 亞政府與反政府軍隊於四月十日起停火,然而該日過後雙方仍有交火發生。(8 分)
45.三、英文作文:(20 分) Write an English essay of NO MORE THAN 250 words on the following topic: Some Tips on How to Promote the Image of Taiwan