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1.1. The plane developed engine trouble shortly after take-off and had to make an emergency ____________.
(A) landing
(B) helping
(C) waiting
(D) boarding

2.2. To the great ____________ of many readers, a considerable portion of the space in any newspaper is occupied by advertisements.
(A) hindrance
(B) ignorance
(C) negligence
(D) annoyance

3.3. When a thirsty traveler sees a non-existing pool of water in the desert, he is having an optical ____________.
(A) allusion
(B) illusion
(C) elusion
(D) delusion

4.4. It was so dark that we could only see the ____________ of the mountains against the sky.
(A) statue
(B) measure
(C) outline
(D) impact

5.5. David spent all his money on his new apartment; he had no more for the ____________ of a new car.
(A) devotion
(B) account
(C) source
(D) purchase

6.6. The archeologist had bad luck after he opened the tomb. He received the mummy’s ____________.
(A) curse
(B) omen
(C) fame
(D) belief

7.7. Now that Jack enjoys the English class, his scores are ____________ every week.
(A) saving
(B) reducing
(C) accepting
(D) improving

8.8. Bill Gates almost has a ____________ on computer operating systems. Most people use Windows on their computer.
(A) revenue
(B) monopoly
(C) bankrupt
(D) deposit

9.9. I don’t have enough ____________ with me. Can I pay by credit card?
(A) message
(B) cash
(C) receipt
(D) password

10.10.No matter how the mother tries to stop it, the child still ____________ his thumb.
(A) vows
(B) tunes
(C) winks
(D) sucks

11.11.Many people love to ride bicycles. It’s a popular form of ____________.
(A) transportation
(B) environment
(C) business
(D) system

12.12.It is not easy to keep your ____________ on the deck of a violent boat.
(A) summary
(B) balance
(C) fertility
(D) constancy

13.13.John’s car was at the mechanic’s, so he asked his wife to ____________ the children at school.
(A) take on
(B) hand in
(C) drop off
(D) give away

14.14.Tina had not studied Spanish in many years, so she decided to take a class to ____________ her language skills.
(A) set up
(B) brush up
(C) give up
(D) fill up

15.15.After the baseball team won the national championship, the town quickly ____________ a parade to greet the returning heroes.
(A) dealt with
(B) put together
(C) made up
(D) looked after

16.二、填空式閱讀(第 16–30 題) Many parents worry that if their child struggles with mathematics, he or she will never be able to make a decent income. Many occupations 16 a high level of numerical skill, but it is possible to become highly successful without 17 the ins and outs of mathematics. Many people who don’t 18 the standard mould, and struggle with formal education, 19 to become very wealthy business owners. If your child seems to be struggling at school, it is even more important to build his or her 20 with some real world accomplishments, for example in their part-time jobs.
(A) release
(B) recruit
(C) reject
(D) require

(A) mastering
(B) distilling
(C) transforming
(D) converting

(A) cut
(B) try
(C) fit
(D) get

(A) go in
(B) go on
(C) go over
(D) go under

(A) self-esteem
(B) self-arrogance
(C) self-destruction
(D) self-company

21.All human beings are born with the power of health and healing within our own bodies. Finding the root cause of the illness and maintaining a healthy immune system is essential to21 good health. Because our bodies have an amazing ability to adapt and get by, chronic22 happens overnight unless some unusual event pushes you over the edge— the proverbial 23 that breaks the camel’s back. Instead, it happens over time and we don’t feel 24 until it’s too late. Once our body is overwhelmed and falls into this downward spiral, it usually takes 25 efforts to begin to “spiral up.”
(A) enjoying
(B) enjoy
(C) be enjoyed
(D) have enjoyed

22.【題組】 22.
(A) ever
(B) often
(C) rarely
(D) always

(A) food
(B) water
(C) straw
(D) cargo

(A) sick
(B) warm
(C) fine
(D) thirsty

(A) limited
(B) enormous
(C) frivolous
(D) pitiful

26.TV talent shows have long entertained and inspired American audiences, zooming in on 26 performers from across the country and, nowadays, around the globe. These shows aren’t just generic talent searches; the competition is its 27 entertainment. The 28 is fame, fortune and constant snapshots by tabloid reporters. Talent shows are a long-standing tradition, demonstrating how life can 29 in a few heart-racing weeks. One day you’re selling vacuum cleaners in a small town, and a year later you might be 30 the rewards of a double-platinum album.
【題組】 26.
(A) infeasible
(B) inconsistent
(C) undiscovered
(D) unresolved

(A) bland
(B) self
(C) rare
(D) own

(A) prize
(B) name
(C) label
(D) winner

(A) sink
(B) change
(C) end
(D) flee

(A) paying
(B) weeping
(C) buying
(D) reaping

31.三、段落閱讀(第 31–40 題) Time management is one of those skills no one teaches you in school but you have to learn. It doesn’t matter how smart you are if you can’t organize information well enough to take it in. And it doesn’t matter how skilled you are if procrastination keeps you from getting your work done. In today’s workplace, you can differentiate yourself by your ability to handle information and manage your time. “Careers are made or broken by the soft skills that make you able to handle a very large workload,” says Merlin Mann, editor of a well-known productivity blog.
【題組】31.What’s the main idea of the passage?
(A) Anyone can learn a lot of information if they want to.
(B) Learning how to manage time is essential.
(C) Being smart is very important in today’s workplace.
(D) Procrastination is a good habit that will help you succeed.

32.【題組】32.Which of the following will the author most likely agree with?
(A) Writing blogs is a good way to manage time.
(B) Schools should teach students how to use blogs.
(C) Merlin Mann should be teaching in a school rather than being a blog editor.
(D) People who can take in information efficiently are likely to succeed.

33.【題組】33.According to the passage, the “soft skills” most probably include which of the following?
(A) having good computer skills
(B) knowing how to make yourself known to a lot of people
(C) being able to deal with a lot of information in a very short time
(D) developing the habit of taking things slowly at work

34.【題組】34.The paragraph following the passage will probably talk about _______________.
(A) some jobs that people like
(B) some tips for time management
(C) some schools that teach time management
(D) some famous blog editors

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【題組】35.According to the passage, who is the most possible author?
(A) a specialist of airlines
(B) a travel agent
(C) a train conductor
(D) a weather reporter

36.【題組】36.What does it mean by a “quote” in the last paragraph?
(A) complaint
(B) quotation
(C) quota
(D) estimation

37.【題組】37.As an early bird, what will happen to you about your booking?
(A) You make booking more complicated.
(B) You spend about 7 days booking your ticket.
(C) You may find something valuable but cheaper.
(D) You spend more money booking the last-minute cruise.

38.A sociologist on an African jungle expedition held up her camera to take pictures of the native children at play. Suddenly the youngsters began to yell in protest. Turning red, the sociologist apologized to the chief for her insensitivity and told him she had forgotten that certain tribes believed a person would lose his soul if his picture was taken. She explained to him, in detail, the operation of a camera. Several times the chief tried to get a word in, but to no avail. The sociologist thought she had put all the chief’s fears to rest, and then she allowed him to speak. Smiling, he said, “The children were trying to tell you that you forgot to take off the lens cap!”
【題組】38.Just as the sociologist was to take pictures of the native children, they shouted because _______________.
(A) she didn’t take off the lens cap
(B) they didn’t want their pictures taken
(C) they were afraid of losing their souls
(D) she didn’t ask for the children’s permission

39.【題組】39.The sociologist could have avoided explaining the operation of a camera if she had _______________.
(A) apologized first
(B) known the dialect of the tribe
(C) allowed the chief to interrupt
(D) promised the children wouldn’t lose their souls

40.【題組】40.The expression “to no avail” used in the text means _______________.
(A) in vain
(B) of great help
(C) very successfully
(D) without any difficulty

41.四、長篇閱讀(第 41–50 題) Over time periods of thousands of years, the Earth goes through a natural cycle of warmer and colder periods, driven by changes in heat coming from the Sun. Professor William Ruddiman has now calculated that if the Earth had followed its natural cycle over the last ten thousand years, it ought to have got steadily colder. It hasn’t because, he believes, human activities have been keeping the temperature steady. “What should have happened with the natural climate is it should have cooled substantially. And instead humans just started adding greenhouse gases to the atmosphere at a rate which cancelled most, but not quite all, of that natural cooling; and so it’s a combination of a natural cooling mostly cancelled by a human warming.” Our ancestors started adding the greenhouse gas carbon dioxide principally by cutting down trees for farming; whereas methane production started with wet farming of rice. Professor Ruddiman believes this ten-thousand year warming added almost a degree Celsius to the average temperature.
【題組】41.What is the most appropriate topic of this essay?
(A) Climate Change
(B) Natural Climate
(C) Greenhouse Gas
(D) Wet Farming

42.【題組】42.According to Professor William Ruddiman, _______________.
(A) the Sun has been keeping the temperature steady
(B) the Sun has influenced most of that natural cooling
(C) humans have had a significant influence on the earth’s climate
(D) a human cooling cancelled most of the natural warming

43.【題組】43.If the Earth had followed its natural cycle, what might have happened to the climate?
(A) The temperature should have become higher.
(B) The temperature should have become lower.
(C) The temperature should have become steady.
(D) The temperature should have remained the same.

44.【題組】44.The underlined phrase “wet farming of rice” refers to _______________.
(A) rice grown in earth
(B) rice grown in snow
(C) rice grown in rocks
(D) rice grown in water

45.【題組】45.If the average temperature was twenty degrees Celsius ten thousand years ago in Asia, what is the average temperature of this year?
(A) nineteen degrees Celsius
(B) twenty degrees Celsius
(C) twenty-one degrees Celsius
(D) unchanged

46. Honolulu is the capital of Hawaii. It is on Oahu Island. Oahu formed from material that spewed up from volcanoes on the ocean floor. Diamond Head, the crater, or center, of an old volcano, is one of the best-known landmarks in the Pacific. It got the name Diamond Head when some British sailors found crystals on its slopes and mistakenly thought they were diamonds! Polynesian people from other Pacific islands were probably the first settlers in Honolulu, but Europeans did not arrive until 1794. That is when Captain William Brown of the British ship Butterworth entered the harbor. Today the modern city of Honolulu is a major port. In the Hawaiian language, its name means “protected bay.” It is also called “the crossroads of the Pacific” because of the many ships and airplanes that stop there. Sun, sand, and sea attract many tourists to Waikiki Beach. Most visitors also go to see the USS Arizona, a sunken battleship. It was left in place as a memorial to all the people who died in Japan’s attack on Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941. This attack is what brought the US into World War II.
【題組】46.Which of the following is the most appropriate topic of this essay?
(A) A Diamond in Hawaii
(B) The First Settlers in Honolulu
(C) The Crossroads of the Pacific
(D) The Attack on Pearl Harbor

47.【題組】47.Which of the following means “protected bay”?
(A) Honolulu
(B) Oahu Island
(C) Waikiki Beach
(D) Hawaii

48.【題組】48.According to the passage, it can be inferred that _______________.
(A) British sailors found diamonds in Honolulu
(B) the European people discovered Honolulu before 1794
(C) most US visitors go to Arizona to see the sunken battleship
(D) the US joined World War II by the end of 1941

49.【題組】49.According to the passage, which statement is NOT true?
(A) Diamond Head is the capital of Oahu Island.
(B) Diamond Head is a well-known landmark in the Pacific.
(C) Diamond Head is a hole of an old volcano.
(D) Diamond Head is named by British sailors.

50.【題組】50.What is the synonym of “crystals” in “British sailors found crystals on its slopes”?
(A) landmarks
(B) volcanoes
(C) diamonds
(D) gemstones