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1.The recent oil spill from the Greek cargo ship Amorgos has seriously damaged the precious natural environment of southern Taiwan. The event is considered the most serious “natural disaster” 1 in Taiwan’s environmental history. Almost a month after the spill, when most people thought that it was too 2 , the government started to take action to clean up the spill. At that time, a large 3 of soldiers and volunteer workers were sent to the disaster area to collect the spilt oil along the seashore. 4 most people agree that the government made an effort to remove the oil, some environmental experts believe the government’s action may have done more harm than good. They 5 that too many workers collecting the spilt oil in the area will cause more damage to the already-polluted area. The reason is that there are some endangered fish in the polluted area, and working in the area brings 6 serious damage to them. It is suggested that more careful consideration must be taken in order to prevent further harm to the natural 7 in southern Taiwan. People in Taiwan can’t afford any more damage now.
【題組】 1.
(A) never
(B) however
(C) ever
(D) forever

(A) late
(B) far
(C) long
(D) away

(A) measure
(B) number
(C) figure
(D) total

(A) After
(B) Because
(C) If
(D) While

(A) allow
(B) talk
(C) deny
(D) warn

(A) more
(B) less
(C) better
(D) fewer

(A) pollution
(B) earth
(C) resources
(D) government

8. It all started with our science project last semester. All students were required to turn in a report on any animal that they wished to observe. In the report, there were questions 8 : How does the animal move? What does the animal eat? What does it sound like? All of the questions reminded me of my limited 9 of animals. It was, 10 , hard for me to complete my report. So I decided to keep a pet in our tiny apartment. “It should not take up too much space,” my mom warned, “ 11 should it take too much of our time to take care of it.” So, the pet had to be one that was easy for all of us to take care of 12 it would remain basically my pet. My father’s dislike for animals’ cries left dogs, cats, or even birds off our list. The only living creature that 13 all of us was fish. On a rainy evening, we walked to the nearest pet shop and bought one. Interestingly, the fish cost 14 less than its container. The little fish lives happily now in our apartment. My mother takes care of it every morning and I 15 change the water. We don’t know how I did on my report, but I know we all enjoy having another family member.
(A) like that
(B) such as
(C) for sure
(D) as if

(A) knowledge
(B) wisdom
(C) data
(D) feeling

(A) never
(B) otherwise
(C) whatever
(D) therefore

(A) or
(B) also
(C) nor
(D) and

(A) though
(B) which
(C) until
(D) rather

(A) enjoyed
(B) announced
(C) interested
(D) directed

(A) too
(B) very
(C) such
(D) far

(A) extremely
(B) occasionally
(C) wonderfully
(D) magnificently

16.Generally speaking, telling stories in video is more complicated than telling them in words. When you write a story, you can give the readers a lot of background information about the characters and the location. When people watch a video, they can get some of this information from dialogue, but much of it comes from the types of shots that you choose to include. Different types of shots can give very different messages. For example, a character can appear powerful or weak, depending on the type of shot you use. Similarly, one type of shot might make a situation seem dangerous. There are several other types of shots including reverse angle, point-of-view, and reaction shot, etc. A reverse angle is a shot taken from the opposite angle of the previous shot. A point-of-view shot is taken from a character’s point of view. A reaction shot is a close-up view of the character reacting to what she or he has just seen, felt, or heard.
【題組】16. In this paragraph the word “shots” can be replaced by .
(A) a sequence of dialogues
(B) a series of pictures
(C) a number of stories
(D) a lot of cameras

17.【題組】17. In line 4 the word “it” refers to .
(A) dialogue
(B) character
(C) location
(D) information

18.【題組】18. According to the passage, telling stories in words makes use of .
(A) video cameras
(B) paper and pens
(C) different types of shots
(D) different types of dialogues

19.【題組】19. According to the passage, which of the following is true?
(A) Background information helps readers understand stories.
(B) Telling stories in video is easier than telling them in words.
(C) Different kinds of shots always offer the same information.
(D) Different types of shots do not help people understand dialogues.

20.【題組】20. Which of the following is the best title for this passage?
(A) Taking Different Shots
(B) Watching Stories in Video
(C) Telling Stories in Video
(D) Writing Short Stories

21.On every bottle of milk that we buy, we see the word pasteurized. It is the process invented by Louis Pasteur, to make milk free from germs and safe to drink. In 1850, life was very difficult, especially for the poor. The streets in the cities were full of garbage, and there were rats everywhere. These conditions helped diseases to spread and many people died. Louis Pasteur began studying microbes. Everyone knew that meat went bad if you left it in the open air. With the help of a microscope, you could see the microbes in the meat. But no one was sure where they came from. Old-fashioned scientists believed they were already there. Mr. Pasteur believed they were in the air. He thought: “If I boil meat juice, I’ll kill the microbes. So, if I put the juice in a bottle while it’s still very hot, and keep out the air, the microbes won’t get in, and the juice won’t go bad.” Mr. Pasteur had the answer. Louis Pasteur also wanted to kill the microbes in people. He could not boil people; he had to find a way.
【題組】21. There are three occurrences of “they” in the paragraph. What does it refer to?
(A) diseases
(B) scientists
(C) microbes
(D) conditions

22.【題組】22. According to the passage, in 1850 there were diseases because .
(A) the living conditions were poor
(B) people then didn’t believe in doctors
(C) there were no microbes in the milk
(D) milk was not made safe to drink

23.【題組】23. Mr. Pasteur believed that .
(A) the water made the meat go bad
(B) the air made the meat go bad
(C) the microbes were already in the meat
(D) the microbes were already in the juice

24.【題組】24. According to the passage, which of the following is true?
(A) Microbes were very small but could be seen without a microscope.
(B) Traditional scientists believed that microbes existed in the air.
(C) Mr. Pasteur began studying microbes before the year 1850.
(D) Louis Pasteur studied microbes to save people’s lives.

25.【題組】25. After this paragraph, the author will most likely continue to write about .
(A) how microbes existed and developed in our body
(B) how Louis Pasteur helped people clean the streets then
(C) how microbes in people were killed by Louis Pasteur’s method
(D) how microbes affected the environment and people’s health in 1850

26.The human brain is divided into two sides, called the right brain and the left brain. The two sides work together, but each side has its own way of using information to help us think, understand, and process information. The left side is more verbal and logical. It names things and puts them into groups. It uses rules and likes ideas to be clear, logical and orderly. It is best at speech, reading, writing, and math. You use this side of the brain when you memorize spelling and grammar rules or when you do a math problem. The right side is more visual and creative. It specializes in using information it receives from the senses--sight, sound, smell, touch, and taste. This side of the brain likes to dream and experiment. It controls your appreciation of music, color, and art. You use this side when you draw a picture or listen to music. Although we all use both sides of the brain, one side is usually dominant. Some people are more “left-brained,” and others are more “right-brained.” Our dominant side influences the kinds of jobs and hobbies we have.
【題組】26. This passage discusses .
(A) the jobs and hobbies influence the human brain
(B) the organization and growth of the human brain
(C) the part of the human brain that controls speech ability
(D) the two parts of the human brain and their functions

27.【題組】27. According to this passage, which kind of people can be considered “right- brained?”
(A) musicians
(B) accountants
(C) engineers
(D) lawyers

28.【題組】28. The word “verbal” has something to do with .
(A) music
(B) color
(C) language
(D) picture

29.【題組】29. From the passage we may infer that .
(A) we rely on the right side of the brain to solve a math problem
(B) speech ability is controlled by the right side of the brain
(C) the left side of the brain tends to be more imaginative
(D) the governing side of our brain influences our choice of jobs

30.【題組】30. This passage presents the main idea by .
(A) indicating how confusing it is to have two sides of the brain
(B) describing the natural characteristics of the human brain
(C) showing that the right brain is superior to the left brain
(D) arguing against the over-reliance on the left brain in speech

31.31. Left-handed people have many problems .
(A) live in a world for right-handed people
(B) living in a world for right-handed people
(C) for right-handed people living in a world
(D) to live for right-handed people in a world

32.32. at midnight when there is nothing in sight.
(A) You are possible to hit a car or a person
(B) You will hit a car or a person is possible
(C) It is possible for hitting a car or a person
(D) It is possible to hit a car or a person

33.33. On Venus, , there is no water and thus no life.
(A) which the closest planet to the earth
(B) that is the closest planet to the earth
(C) is the closest planet to the earth
(D) the closest planet to the earth

34.34. The police officer told the woman that .
(A) I want to see your driver’s license
(B) he wants to see her driver’s license
(C) he wanted to see her driver’s license
(D) I want to see her driver’s license

35.35. , Sonia Sanchez has also written a number of books and plays.
(A) Considered one of the leading poets in the U. S. today
(B) He is one of the leading poets in the U. S. today
(C) People consider him as one of the leading poets in the U. S. today
(D) Considering him as one of the leading poets in the U. S. today

36.36. , so it is now banned in Taiwan.
(A) Because DDT is dangerous to animals and humans
(B) Because of DDT dangerous to animals and humans
(C) DDT is dangerous to animals and humans
(D) DDT very dangerous to animals and humans

37.37. In the southern part of Taiwan , a major shipping and manufacturing center.
(A) the city of Kaohsiung
(B) lies the city of Kaohsiung
(C) the city of Kaohsiung there
(D) being the city of Kaohsiung

38.38. There is a growing concern in the U. S. .
(A) is the concern campus shooting tragedies should be prevented
(B) worries that campus shooting tragedies will happen again
(C) that campus shooting tragedies should be prevented
(D) the worry is campus shooting tragedies will happen again

39.39. You are said to have interpersonal intelligence _____________the moods, intentions and feelings of other people.
(A) you are sensitive to
(B) to which you are sensitive
(C) and very sensitive to
(D) if you are sensitive to

40.40. Believe it or not, English proficiency is as important for a military career in the Philippines .
(A) as it is for bankers and computer engineers
(B) as important and necessary as possible
(C) learning computer programming skills as well
(D) to be able to speak as well as to write

41.41. Which of the following is the most appropriate topic sentence for the paragraph below?
(A) It is very likely that a North American will run away when a Saudi Arabian tries to talk.
(B) People from different cultures have different ideas about many things.
(C) People from North America and Saudi Arabia have different ideas about distance.
(D) It is impossible for North Americans and Saudi Arabians to understand each other. North Americans like to stand about 18 to 20 inches apart from each other when they talk. People from Saudi Arabia like to stand 12 to 14 inches apart when they talk. As a result, when a North American talks to someone from Saudi Arabia, everyone is uncomfortable. The North American feels that the Saudi Arabian is trying to be too close, and so the American moves away as they talk. On the other hand, the Saudi Arabian feels that the North American is too unfriendly and too distant.

42.42. Which of the following is the most appropriate topic sentence for the paragraph below?
(A) I hope I can spend next year’s Thanksgiving Day holiday in San Diego.
(B) San Diego is a beautiful city and has many things for a tourist to see.
(C) What I like most about San Diego is the museum and the zoo.
(D) The vacation that I took in San Diego at Thanksgiving was enjoyable. When I arrived in San Diego on the first day of the Thanksgiving Day holiday, I visited the museum. I saw American Indian costumes, paintings of the wars between the Indians and the Mexicans, and weapons used by both the Indians and the Mexicans. Next I visited the zoo. I saw many kinds of animals and birds like deer, elephants, monkeys, foxes, and snakes. It was fun to see their movements and colors. The next day I took a bus tour of the city and looked at the tall buildings, the open markets, and the many restaurants. That evening I returned to the airport. Finally I climbed onto the plane, sat down, and felt very happy. My trip had been peaceful and interesting, and it had left me with a pleasant feeling. 題型二:(第 43、44 題)下面兩篇段落各少了一個句子,請依各段文意選出一個最恰當的選項。

43.43. Which of the following can best fit into the blank in the paragraph below?
(A) However, during the three years I worked in a school in Milan,
(B) I started to enjoy teaching when working in a school in Milan;
(C) I arrived the above conclusion when I worked in a school in Milan;
(D) Moreover, during the three years I volunteered to teach in Milan, All young children, whatever their culture, are alike in their charm and pure nature. I learned that American and Italian children are different in several ways. For example, young American children tend to be active, independent and enthusiastic. Italian children, on the other hand, tend to be passive, dependent and quiet.

44.44. Which of the following can best fit into the blank in the paragraph below?
(A) In addition, most hotels are more expensive than motels.
(B) In addition, motels as well as hotels require a reservation in advance.
(C) In addition, most hotels are located in downtown areas.
(D) In addition, motels usually have no restaurants and cafeterias. Both hotels and motels provide their guests housing and a variety of services, but they do differ in some ways. First, hotels are usually larger than motels; some have over thirty floors. Motels, however, have only one or two floors. Motels are, on the other hand, found along highways, frequently at exits to highways. Perhaps the main difference between hotels and motels is the way you can get to your room. In a hotel, you have to go through a lobby to reach your room. However, in a motel, you can drive your car up to the door of your room.

45.45. In the United States orange juice is one of the most popular cold drinks.
(A) It is very popular because it is a good source of Vitamin C.
(B) Most of the oranges for juice grow in Florida.
(C) In many homes around the country, orange juice is always served at breakfast time.
(D) It is also a favorite drink at any time of a day.

46.46. Diamonds are very expensive for several reasons.
(A) First, they are difficult to find; they are only found in a few places in the world.
(B) You can find a lot of advertisements for diamonds these days in Taiwan.
(C) In addition, they are useful; people use diamonds to cut other stones. Finally, diamonds do not change and they are very beautiful.
(D) They stay shining for millions of years.

47.47. La Cuisine serves French food, and Luigi’s serves Italian food; however, the two restaurants have many things in common.
(A) Both their dining rooms are clean and comfortable, and their meals are carefully prepared and reasonably priced.
(B) Italian food is as delicious as French food.
(C) In addition, the service is excellent at both restaurants.
(D) Their waiters are friendly and polite. Finally, both La Cuisine and Luigi’s are open until very late at night.

48.48. Emily Dickinson was a nineteenth-century American woman who lived her life completely unknown to anyone except her family and a few friends.
(A) Her parents were not really rich, but they were certainly not poor.
(B) Less than a dozen of her poems were published during her lifetime.
(C) In spite of this, she is regarded as a great poet, perhaps the greatest poet the United States has produced.
(D) Along with the Greek poet Sappho, she may be one of the two greatest woman poets who have ever lived.

49.49. (1) Some of the neighbors became so afraid that they called the police. (2) The man and the woman began to fight around six o’clock. (3) When the police came, they found the couple struggling in the kitchen. (4) The neighbors heard the man’s voice shouting angrily. (5) The police did not bring them back to the police station, but warned them not to disturb the peace again.
(A) 43251
(B) 21354
(C) 41523
(D) 24135

50.50. (1) For most of my life I have been fascinated with coins. (2) To this day, when I have time, I go to the bank and buy rolls of pennies, nickels, or dimes, and search for rare coins. (3) I started collecting coins when I turned seven, and I have been collecting them ever since. (4) With each purchase, I wrote down the name of the coin, its date, condition, and type. (5) As a teenager, I saved my lunch money so that I could buy more coins. (6) Eventually I hope to pass along my interest and collection to my own children.
(A) 135426
(B) 163542
(C) 132564
(D) 162435