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1.On the Chinese calendar, each year is marked by the symbol of an animal. It is the Year of the Sheep this year. A person born in a “sheep year” is said to share characteristics 1 to those of the sheep. According to some legends, the gods 2 all animals of the world for a visit to heaven. Only twelve accepted the offer; they were the rat, ox, tiger, rabbit, dragon, snake, horse, sheep, monkey, rooster, dog and pig. To 3 the twelve, the gods expressed their gratitude by naming a year after each of their guests. The Chinese New Year holiday is a time when families and friends come together with a 4 for health, happiness and prosperity. On New Year’s Eve there is an old tradition. The whole family will gather around the table to eat and 5 each other’s company. Some families leave one chair 6 to represent a member who is absent from the dinner gathering. After dinner, the elders give children red envelopes containing money for good fortune and everyone 7 the coming of the New Year when it is midnight. The custom of waiting for the New Year to 8 is called shou shui, and children sleep late in the hope that their parents will 9 to a ripe old age. Celebration of the New Year 10 until the fifteenth day of the first month.
【題組】 1.
(A) different
(B) equal
(C) same
(D) similar

(A) hunted
(B) invited
(C) killed
(D) shot

(A) advertise
(B) punish
(C) recall
(D) reward

(A) fun
(B) group
(C) habit
(D) wish

(A) enjoy
(B) relax
(C) laugh
(D) talk

(A) home
(B) blank
(C) empty
(D) useless

(A) delights
(B) celebrates
(C) prepares
(D) waits

(A) arrive
(B) admit
(C) pray
(D) report

(A) grow
(B) last
(C) live
(D) raise

(A) continues
(B) ends
(C) enjoys
(D) stops

11.11. The school year in Taiwan universities usually _______________.
(A) begins in September and ends in June
(B) from September to June
(C) last for ten months beginning in September
(D) starting in September and ending in June

12.12. Some studies show that birds find their way home _______________.
(A) guide by sun
(B) guided by sun
(C) guided by the sun
(D) guiding by the sun

13.13. The baseball team will travel to the United States _______________.
(A) compete in the finals
(B) for compete in the finals
(C) to compete in the finals
(D) will compete in the finals

14.14. Three robbers _______________ took cash and five cell phones from the home of a policeman in the early morning of the New Year.
(A) covered their faces
(B) had covered their faces
(C) whose faces had covered
(D) who had their faces covered

15.15. He is one of the oldest men in the country. _______________.
(A) He was born at midnight on the 1st of May in 1905
(B) He was born in midnight on the 1st of May in 1905
(C) He was born on midnight in the 1st of May at 1905
(D) He was born when midnight on the 1st of May in 1905

16.16. In the writing class, the teacher encouraged students _______________.
(A) to take part active in group discussion
(B) to take act part in group discussion
(C) to actively take part in group discussion
(D) to take part activity in group discussion

17.17. A survey showed that in Taiwan, _______________ were worried that they could not compete with students in neighboring countries.
(A) close to 50 percent college students
(B) close to 50 percent of college students
(C) college students closed to 50 percent
(D) of college students close 50 percent

18.18. The government announced that after 2005, _______________.
(A) English will be taught the elementary school on the third grade
(B) English will be taught from the third grade in the elementary school
(C) the elementary school will be taught in the third grade from English
(D) the third grade will be taught in the elementary school from English

19.19. English is written from left to right _______________.
(A) since Chinese writes from right to left
(B) so Chinese is written from right to left
(C) though Chinese writing right to left
(D) while Chinese is written from right to left

20.20. Earthquakes frequently hit the island, _______________.
(A) usually after causing little or no damage
(B) because they usually cause little or no damage
(C) but usually cause little or no damage
(D) and usually causes little or no damage

21.下面四則廣告,摘錄自報紙,請依其文意作答 ( A ) BETTY ENGLISH SERVICE We are looking for Highly reliable, sensible English teachers for company classes to work in Taipei and Hsin Chu. Office Time: (02)2313-2577 Night Time: 0936-209-666 Betty ( B ) AMERICAN ENGLISH TEACHERS WANTED Teaching children subjects such as Math, Science, Phonics in English only. If you enjoy teaching, learning and spending time with children in Taiwan, come and join us. College/University graduate, responsible, creative, patient. St. James School TEL: 0917-519-333 ( C ) HOUSE FOR RENT Nice environment, good security, million new decoration, all fully furnished, pool in summer. Suitable for a family. Near MRT station. Call 0921-305-667 ( D ) ROOM FOR RENT Independent. Newly decorated room. NT$15,000/semester, or pay by month. Near the university. Call 0928-932-782
【題組】21. Of the four advertisements, which two offer teaching positions?
(A) A and B
(B) C and D
(C) B and C
(D) A and D

22.【題組】22. As a student, you are looking for a place to stay alone. Which advertisement should you respond to?
(A) A
(B) B
(C) C
(D) D

23.【題組】23. According to the advertisements, a good teacher should be _______________.
(A) sensible
(B) creative
(C) responsible
(D) all of the above

24.【題組】24. What is a similar condition between advertisements C and D?
(A) They are both well furnished.
(B) They are both newly decorated.
(C) They both have a swimming pool.
(D) They both provide parking space.

25.【題組】25. According to the four advertisements, which of the following statements is true?
(A) Both advertisements C and D offer good security.
(B) Betty English School offers English classes for children.
(C) St. James School offers business English for companies.
(D) Both advertisements C and D offer convenience in transportation.

26.Japan is a country rich in history, customs and traditions. Take bowing as an example. Bowing in Japan represents humility. Japanese honor and respect other people by humbling themselves or lowering themselves. The lower one bows, the more one respects the other party. Usually, the person with lower status initiates the bow, bows the lowest, and is the last one to rise. The most frequently used bow is a rather informal bow of about 15 degrees and is held for one or two seconds. A deeper bow is used for one’s superior, or on a formal occasion such as the first meeting. This bow is usually about 30 degrees and is held for about three seconds. Men usually leave their hands by their sides while bowing, but women usually place them together with their fingertips overlapping or touching. Heels should be together. If you rise from your bow and the other person has not risen yet, you should bow again. On most occasions, especially when saying good-bye, there are several bows by all parties. Not to bow in return is similar to refusing a handshake.
【題組】26. The passage is mainly about _______________.
(A) Japanese honor
(B) Japanese history
(C) Japanese custom
(D) Japanese social status

27.【題組】27. According to the passage, what does the word “initiates” mean?
(A) Starts.
(B) Honors.
(C) Informs.
(D) Respects.

28.【題組】28. According to the passage, what does the word “them” refer to?
(A) Sides.
(B) Hands.
(C) Heels.
(D) Fingertips.

29.【題組】29. According to the passage, which of the following statements is true?
(A) A woman is required to bow to a man.
(B) On a formal occasion, a bow should be about 30 degrees.
(C) When saying good-bye, all parties have to bow to each other for three seconds and once.
(D) While bowing, men usually put their hands on both sides with their hands touching.

30.【題組】30. According to the passage, what can be inferred from the last sentence “Not to bow in return is similar to refusing a hand-shake”?
(A) Japanese should bow to each other, not shake hands.
(B) Bowing is more polite than hand-shaking.
(C) Bowing back is socially polite.
(D) Men should not bow if they refuse to shake hands.

31.Come and celebrate with us one of the most wonderful sites in the world. We are proud to offer reservations on the HARBOR QUEEN for the 2003 New Year’s Eve celebrations. The HARBOR QUEEN is a charming vessel. Because of her unique and wide decks, large windows and outdoor areas, she is chartered mostly for private parties, weddings and celebrations. Our six-hour cruise includes dinner, drinks and dancing. Our chef has prepared the most popular cocktail menu, so you can choose from a wide selection with reasonable fare throughout the evening. The HARBOR QUEEN bar will be serving champagne, wine, beer and soft drinks for the cruise. Our resident DJ will be playing Sydney Harbor’s favorite party tunes to keep you dancing all night long. Our experience will ensure that the HARBOR QUEEN is the best spot for you to enjoy the fireworks in the special celebrations. The cost is $195.00 per person. Discounts available for group bookings of 12 or more. To book for the biggest night of nights, please call 96005987.
【題組】31. According to the passage, what is the HARBOR QUEEN?
(A) A ship.
(B) A king’s wife.
(C) A restaurant.
(D) A computer game.

32.【題組】32. What does the word “she” refer to?
(A) The DJ.
(B) Sydney.
(C) Outdoor areas.

33.【題組】33. According to the passage, what does the word “tunes” mean?
(A) Wine.
(B) Food.
(C) Music.
(D) Fireworks.

34.【題組】34. Which of the following is NOT mentioned in the passage among the activities on the HARBOR QUEEN?
(A) Swimming.
(B) Dining and dancing.
(C) Watching fireworks.
(D) Attending a wedding.

35.【題組】35. According to the passage, which of the following statement is NOT true?
(A) People pay less if they go with a group of 20 than if they go individually.
(B) The cruise is 8 hours, including dinner, drinks and dancing.
(C) People can hold birthday parties on the HARBOR QUEEN.
(D) The biggest night of the nights refers to the 2003 New Year’s Eve.

36.Social anxiety is the third largest psychological problem in the United States today. This type of anxiety affects 15 million Americans every year. Unlike some other psychological problems, social anxiety is not well understood by the public. Even when they are in familiar company, people with social anxiety have the feeling that others are taking note of their every movement and criticizing their every thought. They feel like they are being observed negatively and that other people are making negative judgments about them. The socially anxious people cannot relax, “take it easy,” or enjoy themselves in public. Because anxiety is very painful, it is much easier just to stay away from social situations and avoid other people altogether. However, few socially-anxious people have heard of their own problem, and have never seen it discussed by the media, such as television talk shows. They always think they are the only ones in the whole world who have those terrible symptoms. Therefore, they must keep quiet about their problems. It would be awful, they think, if everyone realized how much anxiety they experience in daily life. Then what would the world think of them? In fact, without proper education, sufficient knowledge, and appropriate treatment, they continue to be disturbed by social anxiety throughout their lives. Adding to this difficult situation, when a person with social anxiety finally gets the courage to seek help, the chances of finding help are very, very slim.
【題組】36. This passage is mainly about _______________.
(A) how to educate socially-anxious people
(B) how talk shows treat socially-anxious people
(C) the symptoms that socially-anxious people have
(D) a new type of medicine to treat socially-anxious people

37.【題組】37. What does the word “slim” mean?
(A) Small.
(B) Good.
(C) Careful.
(D) Serious.

38.【題組】38. According to the passage, socially-anxious people _______________.
(A) are well-understood by the public
(B) like going to the talk shows
(C) enjoy themselves very much in social gatherings
(D) feel that they are being negatively watched by the public

39.【題組】39. According to the passage, we may infer that _______________.
(A) parents should send socially-anxious children to the hospital
(B) doctors should give new medicine to treat socially-anxious people
(C) talk shows should discuss more about the problem of social anxiety
(D) socially-anxious people should be encouraged to stay home more

40.【題組】40. According to the passage, after the second paragraph, the author probably continues to write about _______________.
(A) what the public think of socially-anxious people
(B) why socially-anxious people cannot obtain help easily
(C) how everyone realizes the problems of socially-anxious people in daily life
(D) what kind of medicine could cure socially-anxious people

41.說明:第 41 題至 50 題共分為四種題型,其作答方式,請詳讀各題型前之說明。 題型一:(第 41、42 題) 下面兩篇段落各少一個主題句,請依各段文意選出一個最恰當的選項。
【題組】41. Which of the following is the most appropriate topic sentence for the paragraph below?
(A) A nickname is a name used informally instead of one’s given name.
(B) Almost everyone has a nickname and a given name.
(C) A nickname to a person is like the image to a company.
(D) A nickname is more important than a given name to a person. _______________ It is often simply a shortened version of a person’s given name, for example, “Joe” for Josephine or “Bill” for William. Sometimes, a nickname is given because of someone’s appearance or other characteristics. A very thin person may be called “Stick” and a very fat one, “Roly-poly.” It is common to use nicknames among family members and close friends.

42.【題組】42. Which of the following is the most appropriate topic sentence for the paragraph below?
(A) The Chinese writing system is the only existing system that consists of only picture words.
(B) The Chinese writing system developed from ancient picture writing.
(C) In learning the Chinese writing system, we have to draw pictures for words.
(D) The Chinese writing system is difficult to learn, especially picture writing. _______________ At the very beginning, the picture words resembled closely the objects they were referring to. Examples are the words eye, mouth, human, mountain, sun, and moon. Over time, the words have changed in form; the picture signs became characters. The Chinese character for moon, for instance, first took the shape of a crescent moon before developing to its present form, and the word sun today no longer shows heat radiating from a sun.

43.題型二:(第 43 至 45 題) 下面三篇段落各少了一個句子,請依各段文意選出一個最恰當的選項。
【題組】43. Which of the following can best fit into the blank in the paragraph below?
(A) who have laid off large numbers of workers and kept production below normal capacity
(B) who make up the sector with the biggest recovery
(C) whose orders from overseas markets showed the worst decline last year
(D) whose recovery led to general economic recovery Manufacturers, _______________, have been the weakest link in the economy’s ability to recover fully from the effects of the 2001 recession. For all of 2002, orders to U.S. factories dropped by 0.8 percent. Still, that was an improvement over the sharp 7.4 percent decline for 2001. Shipments – a measure of demand – fell 1.1 percent last year, compared with a deeper 5.5 percent drop for all of 2001.

44.【題組】44. Which of the following can best fit into the blank in the paragraph below?
(A) two capsules per meal per day are suggested
(B) effects have on immune function and learning disabilities
(C) we must acquire them from our diet
(D) the best therapeutic levels for you based on lifestyle and general health There are about 50 essential elements our bodies require for everyday health and for longevity. They are considered “essential” because our bodies cannot produce them; _______________. Most of these essential elements are vitamins, minerals and amino acids, but two are the essential fatty acids known as omega 3 and omega 6.

45.【題組】45. Which of the following can best fit into the blank in the paragraph below?
(A) Shopping for a low-rated company might save you a lot of money.
(B) So do not drop your policy if it costs you a penalty.
(C) Insurers with profit problems will probably raise premiums for its existing policyholders.
(D) But if it promises years of stable premiums, it is actually cheap. When you are shopping for a new insurance policy, one from a high-rated company might look more expensive. _______________ Good insurance policies generally cover home care and some pay a family member to look after you. To hold your premium down, consider funding for NT$2000 a day and absorbing the rest of the cost yourself. Plan to pay for the first 90 days out of your pocket, before the coverage kicks in.

46.題型三:(第 46 至 48 題) 下面三篇段落各有四個劃底線的句子,每個句子前有選項代碼,分 別為
(D)。請依各段落內容,選出一個文意最不連貫的句子,並將該句子之 選項代碼劃在答案卡上。

(A) When you finish vocational high school and start college, making your own decisions and taking responsibilities for your actions, you realize there is life after adolescence.
(B) There is hardly any pressure. But then, look back and think harder. If I had the means, I would give out stickers to all junior and senior high school students.
(C) These would carry the statement: “I may be getting older, but I refuse to grow up.” Adolescence is not without its problems and confusions.
(D) Yet, it permits you to keep some of the spontaneity of childhood.

47.【題組】47. We take our smoothly paved highways and streets for granted as products of technology and engineering. They are made of concrete, a building material composed of cement, sand or gravel, and water.
(A) The huge concrete channel supplied drinking water to ancient Rome.
(B) The cement in concrete has a long history. The Egyptians burned chips from the Great Pyramid and used the resulting ash as mortar.
(C) The Romans made a cement out of volcanic ash, which they turned into concrete by mixing it with water, lime, and rock; they used cement in the Great Aqueduct about 2000 years ago.
(D) Today, concrete mix containing sand is used for smooth applications; gravel mix is used where a stronger concrete is required.

(A) Generally speaking, the life science industry does not respond very much to economic changes. For some time, it has been enjoying a rather stable demand. Now, however, the sector is affected by pessimism in business expectations.
(B) It has suffered from severe losses made by some companies and wrong decisions made in the development of new drugs in recent years.
(C) Business performance remains strong as the elderly people in the aging population continue to buy healthcare goods and services.
(D) The industry is faced with a great challenge. How to survive and prosper despite the bad times?

49.題型四:(第 49、50 題) 重組題。下面兩題各有若干句子,請組成文意連貫之段落,選出 正確之選項,並將答案劃在答案卡上。
【題組】49. (1) Admitted to a hospital, he began to feel worse. (2) A little boy whom doctors suspect was bitten by a mosquito suffered terrifying injuries. (3) Doctors believe that his infection was so severe that his body fought it at the expense of blood circulation to his limbs; eventually, his arms and legs had to be amputated. (4) During his stay, he developed toxic shock syndrome. (5) His right leg was covered by a rash and was swollen, and he had symptoms similar to the flu.
(A) 23451
(B) 15423
(C) 14523
(D) 25143 語文類英文組 專業科目(二) 第 11 頁 共 12 頁

50.【題組】50. (1) Then, I drive to the old neighborhood where I lived when I was a child. (2) I cruise the main street in the small town and then drive to visit my junior high school. (3) Longing for things to stay as they are, I look at every view of the farms as a work of art. (4) My chemistry teacher is still gentle, outspoken, and optimistic. (5) I drop in on my first chemistry teacher, with whom I have always kept in touch.
(A) 31254
(B) 24315
(C) 21345
(D) 34125