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1.The tornado is coming! If we aren't leaving right now,then we will have a ___ danger!

2.If we don't ___ experiment's step, it will be bomb right away!!!
(A) mobile
(B) modify
(C) modal
(D) modern

3.I really hate the ___ meeting, because it's boring and killing my brain cell.
(A) peracute
(B) periodic
(C) percale
(D) percent

4.Our experiment ability ___ Mcchen's mouth.
(A) outdoor
(B) outstrip
(C) outback
(D) outbuild

5.Do you ___ that she never do something good for you!!?
(A) peracute
(B) perceive
(C) percale
(D) percent

6.she is come from a ___ area of Taipei city, we call she is a dragon people.
(A) metronome
(B) metropolitan
(C) metroscope
(D) metrology

7.Mcchen hope to ___ Mary's date for as long as she can.
(A) probe
(C) procedure
(D) process

8.Boss gives us a lot of chemical ___, because he wants us to learn more about chemical information.
(A) peracute
(B) periodical
(C) percale
(D) percent

9.The ___ of a businessman is really important in this culture.
(A) integral
(B) integrity
(C) integer
(D) integrant