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100 年 - 家齊女中100 學年度第1 次專任及代理教師甄選考試#4862 

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1.Despite the initial _______, the two political heavyweights, after a long negotiation, still shook hands and agreed to work in alliance for the party.
(A) requisite
(B) reluctance
(C) reference
(D) rejuvenation

2.Major automobile _______, including Honda and Toyota, suspended production at plants in Japan after the catastrophic earthquake. It was estimated that Japanese cars would be soon out of stock in the market.
(A) subordinations
(B) subscribers
(C) millineries
(D) manufacturers

3.The death of Osama bin Laden, the mastermind of 9/11 terrorist attacks, may act as a _______ for retaliation from al-Qaida. Terrorism experts warned that Osama’s followers were likely to take revenge over his death and launch retaliatory attacks on the U.S.
(A) catalyst
(B) casualty
(C) circumference
(D) commemoration

4.The theory of cosmic evolution proposes that the university, with the beginning in a state of simplicity and _______, has differentiated into great variety.
(A) equilibrium
(B) homogeneity
(C) proportion
(D) dogmatism

5.Scholars and specialists were deeply concerned that some media would spread false news to _______ or even mislead people’s thoughts.
(A) manipulate
(B) reconcile
(C) collaborate
(D) enumerate

6.Individual liberty is _______ in totalitarian countries, such as the former Russia and Iraq. Freedom is highly restricted in those countries.
(A) transcribed
(B) subscribed
(C) inscribed
(D) circumscribed

7.The CEO’s mismanagement of the company _______ the loss of thousands of jobs. Many employees lost their jobs due to his wrong decision on expanding the business too fast.
(A) assimilated
(B) advocated
(C) occasioned
(D) overwhelmed

8.In the so-called “Jasmine Revolution,” or “Twitter Revolution,” people in Tunisia _______ a protest against the government’s oppressive rule in order to voice their fury over the regime’s corruption and the poor economic conditions.
(A) launched
(B) impugned
(C) discredited
(D) pertained

9.Everyone of us should try hard to create a more caring and _______ society. In other words, we should be more sympathetic towards minority groups, such as the poor and the disadvantaged.
(A) apathetic
(B) pernicious
(C) benevolent
(D) incongruous

10._______ animals, such as lions, tigers and bears, often have well-developed canine teeth.
(A) Compulsive
(B) Cognitive
(C) Herbivorous
(D) Carnivorous

11.Investors have become more _______ after the recent stock-market crash; they tend to be more cautious of their investment.
(A) circumspect
(B) compulsory
(C) colloquial
(D) casual

12.Osama bin Laden, the al-Qaida chief, was found and killed by an elite U.S. force in a luxury compound in Pakistan, rather than in the _______ regions of the country where he was thought to be hiding.
(A) presumptuous
(B) inquisitive
(C) explosive
(D) secluded

13.About one million spectators flocked to London and gathered along the wedding processional route to see how _______ and splendid Prince William and Kate Middleton were at the royal wedding.
(A) lackluster
(B) diminutive
(C) glamorous
(D) plausible

14.In some Native American cultures, an article used in religious ritual is composed with extraordinary attention to and richness of detail: it is decorated more _______ than a similar article intended for daily use.
(A) alternately
(B) lavishly
(C) intuitively
(D) equivocally

15.The government dare not crack down on the demonstration in fear that an all-out revolution might _______.
(A) ensue
(B) evict
(C) edict
(D) expel