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1.1. Some studies suggest that the most powerful __________of longevity is exercise.
(A) quandary
(B) subtlety
(C) protestation
(D) determinant

2.2. Since Taiwan is situated in the subtropics, its climates range from topical to temperate to _____.
(A) frigid
(B) poignant
(C) meritorious
(D) contagious

3.3. When you are at an intersection of life, you must _______choose which road to follow in the coming year.
(A) ceremonialy
(B) sanely
(C) ephemerally
(D) luridly

4.4. These years, if you ask Taiwanese about their worst collective experience, people will reply: “Telephone ________!”
(A) discrepancies
(B) plagiarisms
(C) frauds
(D) perjury

5.5. Global warming might not only lessen the elephant’s range________ within Africa, but may also wreak with the animal’s love life.
(A) aquiver
(B) havoc
(C) affluent
(D) scrutiny

6.7. Economic growth slowed down sharply after three months of _____.
(A) acceleration
(B) contiguity
(C) illumination
(D) ambiguity

7.8. Women who often _____ their cravings for hamburgers, steaks and other red meat may have a slightly higher risk of breast cancer.
(A) instigate
(B) indulge
(C) zealous
(D) entice

8.9. During the economic recession, small companies were often forced to _____ with larger ones to survive.
(A) plead
(B) verify
(C) subsidize
(D) merge

9.10. Experts have long suspected that sunlight has powerful and perhaps conflicting effects on the body’s _____ to develop a variety of diseases, including cancer.
(A) tendency
(B) hazard
(C) prospect
(D) construct

10.11. The Chinese system of writing operates wholly _____ of the spoken language, and you can learn one without any knowledge of the other.
(A) competitively
(B) independently
(C) indispensably
(D) connectedly

11.12. It is required that a sample piece of writing should be included with your _____ along with a recent updated resume.
(A) application
(B) applicant
(C) applicability
(D) appliance

12.13. Not all of the faculty members come from the same backgrounds and have similar experiences that they tend to adopt _____ teaching methods.
(A) congruent
(B) ample
(C) dissimilar
(D) individual

13.14. The White House press secretary said that the US would oppose anything other than peaceful means to _____ the dispute between China and Taiwan.
(A) resolve
(B) claim
(C) strengthen
(D) protract

14.15. It is hard for us to tell which product is _____ and which is a fake copy.
(A) official
(B) genuine
(C) accessible
(D) tentative II. Grammar: Based on the context, choose the best one to complete the sentence.

15.16. People can live in paradise and still be unhappy because they screw_______ everything in their lives.
(A) around
(B) into
(C) of
(D) up

16.17. Most 11- to 16-year-olds in England and Wales are not expecting life to be bette_______r for them than it for their parents, research suggests.
(A) is
(B) was
(C) has been
(D) had been

17.18. Much of the world has become aware that Taiwan is a democracy. The collateral benefit, ________the freedom of Taiwan’s 23 million people, has been the potential for that democracy to set an example that would spread to its giant neighbor—The PRC.
(A) aside from
(B) such as
(C) because of
(D) thanks to

18.19. A majority of people in Taiwan can get all the calcium their bodies ____ from the food they eat.
(A) require
(B) required
(C) requiring
(D) to require

19.20. It is impossible to achieve peace ____ every single action is taken with a possible future conflict in view.
(A) in order that
(B) as long as
(C) so that
(D) even though

20.21. Advertising is distinguished from other forms of communication ____ the advertiser pays for the message to be delivered.
(A) what
(B) in that
(C) which
(D) whereas

21.22. Some economists maintain that fluctuations in the economy ____ from political events.
(A) those result
(B) which result
(C) result
(D) resulting

22.23. In all conservation, the first effective step is to decide and define ____.
(A) that its protection is worthy
(B) it is worthy of protection
(C) its protection is worthy
(D) what is worthy of protection

23.24. Most legislators are insisting that changes in the national health insurance policy _____ made.
(A) are
(B) be
(C) being
(D) will be

24.25. Because he did not speak the language fluently, he had a hard time making himself _____.
(A) understanding
(B) to understand
(C) understood
(D) understand

25.26. To receive a degree from an American university, one must take many courses besides _____ in one’s major field.
(A) those
(B) that
(C) it
(D) which

26.27. A quarter of the students in this class _____ passed the GEPT Intermediate Level.
(A) has been
(B) have
(C) has
(D) have been

27.28. Chocolate is made from the crushed beans of the cacao tree, _____ are gathered in piles, dried in the sun, and ground into small pieces.
(A) that
(B) which
(C) they
(D) those

28.29. The deadline for illustrations for the new series of teenager’s books, Eagles, has been brought forward to July 31 _____ August 7 as originally planned.
(A) in addition to
(B) and
(C) instead of
(D) regardless of

29.30. Football teams don’t play in the Super Bowl championship _____ either the National or the American Conference.
(A) but they win
(B) unless they win
(C) unless they will win
(D) but to have won

30.III. Cloze: Choose the best answer for each blank. Botany, the study of plants, occupies a peculiar position in the history of human knowledge. For many thousands of years it was the one field of (31) about which humans had anything (32) the vaguest of insights. It is impossible to know today just what our Stone Age ancestors knew about plants, (33) from what we can observe of preindustrial societies that still exist, a (34) of plants and their properties must be extremely ancient. This is logical. Plants are the basis of the food pyramid for all living things, even for other plants. They have always been enormously important to the welfare of people, not only for food, but also for clothing, weapons, tools, dyes, medicines, shelter, and a great many other purposes. Tribes living today in the jungles of the Amazon recognize (35) hundreds of plants and know many properties of each. To them botany, as such, has no name and is probable not even recognized as a special branch of “knowledge” at all.
(A) aware
(B) awarely
(C) awareness
(D) awarenesses

(A) than
(B) more than
(C) much than
(D) inferior to

(A) and
(B) or
(C) neither
(D) but

(A) detailed learning
(B) detailed learn
(C) detail learning
(D) detailed learn

(A) literate
(B) literary
(C) literal
(D) literally Stretching is a very important part of your exercise routine. Many fitness experts say that stretching after you exercise is actually

35.36) before exercise. However, many people do not bother stretching after their workout. They say they are too tired after their workout, (37) they just forget. Stretching has many benefits, though. For example, it helps you avoid painful cramps in your muscles. If you don’t stretch, you could have tight and sore muscles the next day. It helps to (38) your flexibility as well. Finally, it is also a good way to relax and wind down after (39) exercise. So be sure to (40) 10 minutes of stretching as part of the start and end of your exercise routine.
【題組】 36.
(A) no more important than
(B) more important than
(C) similar to
(D) so important that

(A) but
(B) or
(C) also
(D) nor

(A) improve
(B) make
(C) practice
(D) stimulate

(A) more strenuous
(B) strenuousness
(C) strenuous
(D) strenuously

(A) infect
(B) indicate
(C) increase
(D) include

40.IV. Reading Comprehension: Based on the content of the passage, choose the best answer to each question. From Water Lilies to Moonflowers In 1751, Swedish botanist Carolus Linnaeus came up with the novel idea of using flowers as clocks. Morning glories open their trumpetlike petals around 10 a.m., water lilies at 11 and so on through evening primroses and moonflowers. A full array of these blossoms, planted in a circle, could indicate the time. It was a whimsical notion. But some 360 years later, scientists are seriously interested in the timekeeping mechanisms of nature. “They’re so ubiquitous, they’re almost a signature of life,” says molecular neuroscientist Russell Foster of Imperial College in London. From cockroaches to humans, Foster explores these internal clocks in a fascinating new book, “Rhythms of Life,” coauthored with British science writer Leon Kreitzman. The authors show how the daily patterns known as circadian rhythms—from the Latin circa diem (“about a day”)—influence far more than our sleep. Heart attacks are more common in the morning. Women tend to go into labor in the evening. Severe asthma attacks prevail at night. The book traces the century-long quest to unravel circadian mechanisms, with some startling outcomes. Even our response to medicines may depend on when we take them. Nature has devised internal clocks for a simple reason: they aid survival. “The early bird really does get the worm,” says Foster—thanks to a silent wake-up call before the last of the wigglers burrow underground around dawn. A mimosa plant spreads its fernlike leaves during the day to create the maximum surface area for photosynthesis, then folds them up at night to reduce water-vapor loss. It’s not a mere response to light. “They do this even when kept in the dark,” says biologist Eugene Maurakis of the Science Museum of Virginia. In humans, the master clock in the brain orchestrates a series of biological events that unfolds in sequence. In the hours before breakfast, the body ramps up digestive enzymes to be ready for the first meal. Temperature and blood pressure rise in preparation for the day’s demands (which helps explain the morning increase in heart attacks). Cells reproduce at set times. Hormones rise and fall—many of them according to a predetermined schedule. The implications for medicine are profound. By timing treatments to complement daily changes in biochemistry, doctors may boost efficacy and reduce side effects. In one seminal trial, medical oncologist William Hrushesky of the Dorn V.A. Medical Center in Columbia, South Carolina, found that by simply reversing the times when he administered two chemotherapeutic drugs, he could extent survival in women with advance ovarian cancer from 11 percent at five years to 44 percent. In all, says Michael Smolensky, editor of the journal Chronobiology International, more than a dozen ailments can currently benefit from carefully timed treatments. In one recent study, he notes, a simple low-dose aspirin at bedtime reduce the rate of preterm delivery in pregnant women at risk for hypertension from 14 percent to zero. Aspirin in the morning had little effect. Surprise? Not to Foster and Kreitzman As they show, timing is everything.
【題組】41. What is the main topic of this passage?
(A) Timing treatments are boost efficacy and lower the effect sides .
(B) Scientists devoted themselves to study human’s circadian rhythms and have some findings.
(C) Certain flowers open and close on schedule, a gardener could use them to build a flower clock.
(D) Creatures have their circadian rhythms, humans can benefit greatly from applying them.

41.【題組】42. In the first paragraph, what is the meaning of the phrase “whimsical notion”?
(A) Greatly creative opinion
(B) Slightly incredible idea
(C) Very common concept
(D) old-fashioned thought

42.【題組】43. In the second paragraph, what is the meaning of the phrase “go into labor”?
(A) Have childbirth
(B) Own endless energy
(C) Work very late
(D) Have smart brain

43.【題組】44. Based on the passage, what does the book “Rhythm of Life” mainly talk about?
(A) Creatures have their unique internal clocks.
(B) Timing treatments are effective for patients.
(C) Certain flower will open and close on schedule.
(D) For health, people should get up in the early morning.

44.【題組】45. Why does mimosa plant fold its leaves at night?
(A) For photosynthesis
(B) For sleep
(C) For saving water
(D) For no light

45.Speech and Writing It is a widely held misconception that writing is more perfect than speech. To many people, writing somehow seems more correct and more stable, whereas speech can be careless, corrupted, and susceptible to change. Some people even go so far as to identify language with writing and to regard speech as a secondary form of language used imperfectly to approximate the ideals of the written language. One of the basic assumptions of modern linguistics, however, is that speech is primary and writing is secondary. The most immediate manifestation of language is speech and not writing. Writing is simply the representation of speech in another physical medium. Spoken language encodes thought into a physically transmittable form. Writing is a two-stage process. All units of writing, whether letter or characters, are based on units of speech, i.e. words, sounds, or syllables. When linguists study language, they take the spoken language as their best source of data and their object of description (except in instances of languages like Latin for which there are no longer any speakers). What gives rise to the misconception that writing is more perfect than speech? There are several reasons. For one thing, the product of writing is usually more aptly worded and better organized, containing fewer errors, hesitations, and incomplete sentences than are found in speech. This perfection of writing can be explained by the fact that writing is the result of deliberation, correction, and revision while speech is the spontaneous and simultaneous formulation of ideas; writing is therefore less subject to the constraint of time than speech is. In addition, writing is ultimately associated with education and educated speech.
【題組】46. The word “approximate” is closest in meaning to _____.
(A) make better than.
(B) come close to
(C) take out of
(D) get on with

46.【題組】47. How do most people view speech and writing?
(A) Speech is more correct than writing.
(B) Writing tends to be careless and easy to change.
(C) Speech is not as reliable as writing.
(D) Writing is the secondary form of language.

47.【題組】48. According to paragraph 2, what can be inferred about linguistic research?
(A) Linguists do not usually study Latin.
(B) Research on writing is much easier.
(C) Studies always require several sources.
(D) Researchers prefer speech samples.

48.【題組】49. How are speech and writing related?
(A) All speech comes from units of writing.
(B) They are a two-stage process in which speech comes first.
(C) Writing is another demonstration of speech through a different mode.
(D) Written language turns speech into a concrete form.

49.【題組】50. Which of the following statements about speech and writing is correct?
(A) Speech is more restricted than writing in terms of time.
(B) Writing is the immediate expression of ideas.
(C) There are more errors in writing than in speech.
(D) Speech is related to education one has received

50.6. More and more Chinese young people turn towards online video and away from domestic TV offerings they consider _____.
(A) bourgeois
(B) lackluster
(C) fervent
(D) renegade