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103 年 - 師大教育學程 校內徵選 中等學校師資類科 英文#19529 

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1.31. Problems like this __________ every day in our team.
(A) rise
(B) arise
(C) arouse
(D) raise

2.32. To make an apple pie, apple, cinnamon, brown sugar and flour are essential _____________.
(A) elements
(B) ingredients
(C) components
(D) fragments

3.33. In recent years there has been a significant ________ in the cost of life expanse.
(A) advance
(B) growth
(C) increase
(D) expansion

4.34. With the same consumption of fuel, this car goes ______ that car.
(A) as twice fast as
(B) twice fast as
(C) as fast as twice of
(D) twice as fast as

5.35. The familiar view from the window ________ happy memories for the old woman.
(A) relived
(B) revived
(C) remembered
(D) recalled

6.Part II: Please fill in appropriate transitions. 2% each. (每題 2 分) 
(36) a referee's immediate judgment is correct, he is still got to face the resentment that continues long after a game. (37) that resentment takes on overtones of hostility. (38), Umpire Larry Barnett's 1975 World Series ruling brought him a threatening letter stating that (39) he did not pay for a $10,000 bet loss, the sender would "put a .38-caliber bullet in your head." (40), as one official states, a(n) (41) is really in trouble--not in making poor calls--(42) when his decisions bring happy mail and smiles.

(A) Then
(B) Often
(C) Until now
(D) Even when

(A) Sometimes
(B) However
(C) Similarly
(D) Rarely

(A) Similarly
(B) Nevertheless
(C) For example
(D) On the other hand

(A) if
(B) since
(C) although
(D) even after

(A) Earlier
(B) However
(C) Consequently
(D) More than that

(A) player
(B) umpire
(C) coach
(D) audience

(A) then
(B) even
(C) but
(D) unless

13.Part III: Reaching comprehension. Please choose the best answer to each question. 2% each. (每題 2 分) Until two years ago, Clearing, Illinois was a tranquil suburb of Chicago. But residents grew alarmed when they noticed armed teenagers on the streets, giving gang signals and shouting at passing cars. Then came a series of burglaries and graffiti messages on storefronts. By the time local authorities realized they had a gang problem, it was too late. Last December, two 13-year-old girls were shot outside their school as they sat in a car with two members of a local gang. Nearly all 50 states have recently passed laws that allow youths aged 14-17 to be tried in court as adults. In about 25 states they have passed laws to punish parents for their children's behavior. And in 146 of the nation's largest cities, they have imposed curfews to reduce juvenile violence. When you look at the spectacular rise of violent crime among young people recently, it's easy to understand the concern. Over the past decade, there has been a decline in adult murders in the US, while murder rates have surged for youths between 14-17.
【題組】43. What could be the best title for this passage?
(A) Problems of Burglaries and Graffiti
(B) Problems of Parental Education
(C) Youth Crime
(D) Chicago Delinquency

14.【題組】44. What could best replace “spectacular” in the passage?
(A) amazing
(B) magnificent
(C) wondrous
(D) startling

15.【題組】45. What is true according to this passage?
(A) Some teenaged criminals could be tried as adults in the court.
(B) There are more youth murders than adult murders in the US.
(C) Curfews are banned to decrease city violence.
(D) Teenagers in Clearing all carry arms.

16.The cyber black market is now more profitable than the illegal drug trade, with a wide range of cyber criminals setting up virtual storefronts on the web to buy and sell data records and malware. This market has evolved from a varied landscape of discrete, ad hoc individuals into a network of highly organized groups, often connected with traditional crime groups – such as drug cartels, mafias, terrorist cells, and nation-states. It resembles a traditional market, in the sense that participants communicate through various channels, place their orders, and get products, and its evolution mirrors the normal evolution of markets with both innovation and growth. As well as “goods”, criminal services are available for purchase. These tools, sold on the black market as traditional software or leased like any other managed service, can help enable the most unskilled hackers to launch fairly elaborate and advanced attacks. Transactions in the cyber black markets are often conducted using digital currencies such as Bitcoin, Pecunix, AlertPay, PPcoin, Litecoin and Feathercoin. Many criminal sites are starting to accept only digital crypto currencies due to their anonymity and security characteristics. There is also an element of “honor among thieves”. Many parts of the cyber black market are policed, and have rules like a constitution, so those who scam others are regularly banned or otherwise pushed off the market. In response to that, law enforcement efforts are improving as cyber criminals go after bigger targets and attracting more attention. Security companies are also developing more proactive approaches to dealing with cyber criminals, using new techniques to identify potential threats and block them before an attack is carried out.
【題組】46. What could not be the “goods” in the cyber black market?
(A) illegal drugs
(B) data record
(C) malicious software
(D) banking details

17.【題組】47. What is not true about the similarity between cyber black market and traditional market?
(A) They are both run by crime groups.
(B) The deals are done in different channels.
(C) People would first place orders and then get products.
(D) They develop from small scale to larger one.

18.【題組】48. What does the word “currencies” mean in this passage?
(A) recent issues
(B) vogues
(C) money
(D) currents

19.【題組】49. What is true about “honor among thieves”?
(A) The cyber black market is controlled by policeman.
(B) The cyber black market is ruled by inside principles.
(C) The cyber black market practices cyber scams.
(D) The cyber black market respects thieves.

20.【題組】50. What is not a reason why law enforcement should go after cyber black market?
(A) It helps hackers to execute internet attacks.
(B) It makes admirable profits.
(C) It attracts participation of drug gangs.
(D) It involves potential threats to national security.