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100 年 - 師大教育學程校內徵選 -英文#23131 

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1.1. Tony was raised by a 1 family when his own parents died.
(A) host
(B) guest
(C) foster
(D) roster

2.2. For many teachers, one of the challenges nowadays is to get 2 students to speak more.
(A) reticent
(B) recumbent
(C) eloquent
(D) efficient

3.3. Our bills will be less if we 3 from gas to electricity.
(A) expand
(B) transform
(C) switch
(D) exchange

4.4. 4 -prone kids have trouble controlling their emotions, which results in an inability to control their anger.
(A) Pendulum
(B) Tantrum
(C) Conundrum
(D) Sanctum

5.5. In Hollywood magazines, yoga is usually associated with a woman twisting her lithe body into a ...............-def/ing pretzel.
(A) relativity
(B) captivity
(C) nativity
(D) gravity

6.6. The vessel may be determined as 6 if it has been submerged or abandoned in or on coastal wetlands in excess of 30 days.
(A) derelict
(B) lingo
(C) residue
(D) wager

7.7. Jennifer’s 7 response discouraged John to take the engagement ring out of his pocket.
(A) hearty
(B) spiritual
(C) pat
(D) curt

8.8. The fortress was 8 by enemies for months and desperately needed provisions.
(A) besieged
(B) befuddled
(C) exterminated
(D) emancipated

9.9. Space-faring nations are well aware of the dangers caused by space — 9 —from inactive satellites to discarded rocket stages to nuts and bolts left in orbit.
(A) shuttles
(B) debris
(C) inertia
(D) alluvia

10.11 opened many eyes around the globe regarding the prevalence of bullying. It was,— 12 , not until the late 1990s that the first systematic and large-scale studies of bullying prevalence were conducted in the United States. In 1998,the National Institute of Child Health and Human Development (NICHD) sponsored a nationally representative survey on bullying of 15,686 students in grades 6 through 10. Overall,30 percent of young people all over the country at the time of the survey were involved in 13 to frequent bullying during the previous couple of months, as perpetrators, victims,or both. Based on these survey data, it was estimated that as many as 3.2 million students 14 were victims of bullying and 3.7 million were bullies. That there were more bullies than victims reflects the common 15 whereby several children gang up on one. Finally, these estimates included 1.2 million who both bullied others and were themselves victims of bullying.
(A) delineation
(B) measurement
(C) research
(D) surgery

(A) therefore
(B) however
(C) moreover
(D) before

(A) reluctant
(B) circular
(C) innocent
(D) moderate

(A) schoolwide
(B) citywide
(C) nationwide
(D) worldwide

(A) sense
(B) ground
(C) law
(D) pattern m.閱讀測驗:請依文意每題選出最適當的一個選項。每題2分。共20分。 Truman Capote’s In Cold Blood (1966) is a well-known example of the “nonfiction novel,” a popular type of writing based upon factual events in which the author attempts to describe the underlying forces, thoughts, and emotions that lead to actual events. In Capote’s book, the author describes the sadistic murder of a family on a Kansas farm, often showing the point of view of the killers. To research the book, Capote interviewed the murderers, and he maintains that his book presents a faithful reconstruction of the incident.

16.16. What is the main idea of this passage?
(A) To discuss an example of a particular literary genre
(B) To tell the story of In Cold Blood
(C) To explain Truman Capote,s reasons for writing In Cold Blood
(D) To describe how Truman Capote researched his nonfiction novel

17.17. Which of the following best describe the tone of the passage?
(A) Cold
(B) Sadistic
(C) Emotional
(D) Descriptive

18.1955. The African bees were brought into Brazil because their aggression was considered an advantage: they were far more productive than their European counterparts in that they spent a higher percentage of their time working and continued working longer in inclement weather than did the European bees. These killer bees have been known to attack humans and animals, and some fatalities have occurred. Experts point out, however,that the mixed breed known as the killer bee is actually not at all as aggressive as the pure African bee. They also point out that the attacks have a chemical cause. A killer bee stings only when it has been disturbed; it is not aggressive by nature. However, after a disturbed bee stings and flies away,it leaves its stinger embedded in the victim. In the vicera attached to the embedded stinger is the chemical isoamy夏 acetate, which has an odor that attracts other bees. As other bees approach the victim of the original sting, the victim tends to panic, thus disturbing other bees and causing them to sting. The new stings create more of the chemical isoamyl acetate, which attracts more bees and increases the panic level of the victim. Killer bees tend to travel in large clusters or swarms and thus respond in large numbers to the production of isoamyl acetate.
19.19. The subject of the preceding paragraph was most likely
(A) ways of producing honey
(B) stories in the media about killer bees
(C) the chemical nature of killer bee attacks
(D) the creation of the killer bee

20.20. The main idea of this passage is that killer bees
(A) have been in the news a lot recently
(B) have been moving unexpectedly rapidly through the Americas
(C) are not as aggressive as their reputation suggests
(D) are a hybrid rather than a pure breed

21.21. It can be inferred from the passage that the killer bee
(A) traveled from Brazil to Africa in 1955
(B) was a predecessor of the African bee
(C) was carried from Africa to Brazil in 1955
(D) did not exist early in the twentieth century

22.22. Why were African bees considered beneficial?
(A) They produced as unusual type of honey.
(B) They spent their time traveling.
(C) They were very aggressive.
(D) They hid from inclement weather.

23.23 • It is stated in the passage that killer bees
(A) are more deadly than African bees
(B) are less aggressive than African bees
(C) never attack animals
(D) always attack African bees

24.24, Look at the word They in paragraph 3. It refers to
(A) killer bees
(B) experts
(C) animals
(D) attacks

25.25. What is NOT mentioned in the passage as a contributing factor in an attack by killer bees?
(A)Panic by the victim
(B)An odorous chemical
(C)Disturbance of the bees
(D) Inclement weather