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1.I sing the praise of the Unknown Teacher Great Generals win campaign, (1)_it is the Unknown Soldier who wins the war. Famous educators plan new systems of pedagogy, but it is the Unknown Teacher who delivers and guides (2)_young. He lives in obscurity and contends (3)_hardship. For him no trumpets blare, no chariots wait, no golden decorations (4)_. He knows the watch along the borders of darkness, and makes the attack on the trenches of ignorance and folly. Patient in his duty, he strives to conquer the evil powers which are the enemies of youth. He awakens (5)_spirits.
【題組】 1.



(B)to decree
(C)are decreed

(D)to sleep

6.Feng shui has become very popular, (6)_in the United States. Many of its principles sound like common sense, but some of its ideas seem (7)_. For example, some experts have written that a house pointing northeast will cause stomach problems and (8)_a house pointing northwest will cause (9)_. There is certainly no evidence to prove this and no reason why it should be true. If you are building or (10)_your house, it is certainly worthwhile finding out more about feng shui, but remember to follow your own instincts, too.

(A)highly unlike
(B)highly like
(C)high likely
(D)highly unlikely



(D)to remodel

11.The morning promised a hot day, (11)_already well warm by half past eight. As my cab journeyed down from Highgate hill, London dimly glinting in the distance through its own dust, I considered (12)_richly unpredictable life could be. Never in my wildest dreams (13)_have imagined, even a few months previously, that I might find myself in (14)_a situation as this: my life wholly revolutionized, parish duties exchanged, for hurried preparations (15)_-now only ten days away-an epic journey of discovery.


(A)I could
(B)I would
(C)did I
(D)would I



16.According (16)_recent statistics, US motorists have responded to record-high prices at the pump by driving (17)_. Any hope that this cutback will (18)_restrain global oil prices is misplaced, however: fundamental factors of supply and (19)_will keep oil costly for years to come. Although US drivers (20)_ for around 13 million barrels a day (mbd) out of 85 mbd of worldwide demand, the growth in driving in China, India and other developing countries will easily outstrip any cutback in US demand.


(B) simultaneously
(C) sincerely
(D) significantly



21.Why is marking up a book indispensable (21)_reading? First, it keeps you awake. (And I don,t mean merely (22)_; I mean wide awake) In the second place, reading, (23)_it is active, is thinking, and thinking tends to express (24)_in words spoken or written. The marked book is usually the (25)_book. Finally, writing helps you remember the thoughts you had, or the thoughts the author expressed.


(B) even



26.Photocopying machines are typically (26)_at various sites in the library, as (27)_computer terminals that give access to the central catalog and other databases and to the Internet. Your school may also permit students (28)_laptop computers, with Internet connections, for use in the library. Some schools have computer centers in the library and in other locations (29)_campus as well. Such centers provide, for student use, a (30)_of software applications for tasks such as word processing, spreadsheet analysis, database management, drawing, image processing, and drafting.


(C)to borrow



31.It seems (31)_that Confucius was a religious man, to the extent he hoped that somewhere in the universe, there is a power which is on the side of the right. But as a basis for his philosophy he sought a foundation more concrete and definite (32)_this hope. He tried to develop a system of ethics (33)_upon man’s nature as a social being, which stood in little (34)_conflict with the traditional religion, but was not dependent upon it. This divorcing of morality from metaphysis was perhaps Confucius,(35)_achievement.



(A)if no
(B)if any
(C)if not
(D)if without

(B)the greatest
(C)more great
(D)most greatest

36.Genetically modified (GM) food could be dangerous in several different ways. First of all, it could (36)_ our health. Some people believe that (37)_genes might be dangerous. There is so much we don’t understand (38)_no amount of short-term testing can ensure that GN crops are completely safe for humans. Strange effects might only appear after many years of (39)_the food. Second, there is a danger that the genes from the (40)_plant will spread to other plants or animals. This could create new super weeds and super bugs which we cannot control.



(D)to eat

(D)to engineer

41.41. We brought a clown to_the children at the party but none of them laughed at his tricks.
(A) entertain
(B) encourage
(C) educate
(D) influence

42.42. Sophia has a_of playing with her hair when she gets nervous.
(A) custom
(B) tradition
(C) habit
(D) need

43.43. This vacation will give Jackie the_to get some rest.
(A) mood
(B) moment
(C) purpose
(D) opportunity

44.44. The reason our team is so successful is because all the members_with each other.
(A) cooperate
(B) confuse
(C) understand
(D) combine

45.45. As we_the waterfall, we could hear a loud noise.
(A) approached
(B) arrived
(C) headed
(D) moved

46.46. Liza has great_for her teaching job and that,s why her students did so well in the exam.
(A) enthusiasm
(B) bravery
(C) strength
(D) intelligence

47.47. The tourists were at the bottom of the_when it erupted.
(A) earthquake
(B) avalanche
(C) hurricane
(D) volcano

48.48. Mary has a strong_to visit Japan because her parents were born there.
(A) determination
(B) desire
(C) hope
(D) feeling

49.49. Some people use facial_rather than words to express how they feel.
(A) gestures
(B) movements
(C) expressions
(D) appearance

50.50. The thief was_to two years in prison.
(A) ordered
(B) charged
(C) encountered
(D) sentenced

51.51. The man handed me the envelope and then he_into the fog.
(A) vanished
(B) murmured
(C) scattered
(D) swallowed

52.52. Can you tell me how much_for those boots? I think I,d like to buy a pair for my daughter.
(A) you pay
(B) did you pay
(C) you paid
(D) you did pay

53.53. We started the engine and drove slowly but_picked up speed when we reached the highway.
(A) entirely
(B) absolutely
(C) mainly
(D) gradually

54.54. If John hadn,t seen that car coming towards us, we_killed!
(A) were
(B) might be
(C) should have been
(D) might have been

55.55. Nothing this big_before.
(A) has ever been built
(B) has ever built
(C) has ever been building
(D) has ever had built

56.56. Effective teaching materials may reflect the following statements. Which statement is WRONG?
(A)Materials must contextualize the language they present.
(B)The language used should be realistic and authentic.
(C)An audiovisual component is usually included.
(D)Whether the materials cater to individual differences is not essential.

57.57.Choose the features of project work. (1)Content-based (2)Potentially motivating (3)Competitive (4)Teacher-centered (5)Process-oriented (6)Product-oriented
(A) 1256
(C) 2356
(D) 1346

58.58._assessment is the process of evaluating a learner’s performance by ranking the learner against the performance of his/her peers.
(B) Proficiency
(C) Norm-referenced
(D) Criterion-referenced

59.59.What is the characteristic of the spoon-feeding education?
(A)Students care about acquiring knowledge rather than getting good results.
(B)The teacher only gives a brief talk about the topics.
(C)The teacher tries to explain as in detail as possible.
(D) Students are not required to take notes and do homework.

60.60.Levelt (1989) proposed that speech production involves four major processes. Which process draws on background knowledge, knowledge about the topic, about the speech situation and on knowledge of patterns of discourse?
(B) Formulation
(D) Self-monitoring

61.61.Saliency is regarded as one of the factors which affect how items pass from input to intake in second language learning. Choose the statement that best defines saliency.
(A)Items should be at an appropriate level of difficulty.
(B)Items must be noticed or attended to in some way.
(C)Items must be experienced with sufficient frequency.
(D)The item must fulfill a communicative need.

62.62.Which of the following best describes “Formal grammars”?
(A)The production of rule-governed sentences is the means to coherent communication.
(B)Grammar is the resource for making and exchanging meaning.
(C)The explanation for various grammatical structures is sought at the level of discourse.
(D)Little or no attention is given to semantics or context.

63.63.What is a major source of incidental vocabulary learning?
(A)Extensive reading
(B) Setting vocabulary-acquisition targets
(C) Inferring words from context
(D) Strategy training

64.64.What is an MOO environment?
(A) A teaching approach in which second language learners are required to follow models while writing compositions
(B) A computer application that presents material and then tests in multiple-choice formats
(C) A type of triangulation which uses multiple methods to collect data
(D) A software that allows multiple users to interact in real time on the Internet An effective lesson plan starts with appropriate and clearly written objectives. In

65.65.which way(s) do objectives help teachers ? (1)Stating what teachers want their students to learn (2)Monitoring the tempo of activities (3)Providing overall lesson focus and direction (4)Giving individual tasks and assignments

66.66. A word is defined as including several elements. Which one is WRONG?
(A)The base form

67.67. Responding to student writing by the teacher has a central role to play in the successful implementation of process writing. Which description of the stage is WRONG?
(A)It is the teacher’s quick initial reaction to students’ drafts.
(B)Response can be oral or in writing.
(C)Responding is always done in the final stage when the teacher simultaneously evaluates.
(D)Text-specific responses in the form of helpful suggestions and questions are preferred.

68.68. Which activity is NOT appropriate for teachers to use if they hope to lower inhibitions in class?
(A)Playing guessing games
(B)Doing role-plays and singing songs
(C)Laughing with students
(D)Making list of students’ errors

69.69. _ is adopted in a classroom where language skills are taught in the order of listening, speaking, reading, and writing.
(A)Total Physical Response
(B)The Audiolingual Method
(C)The Silent Way
(D)The Grammar-Translation Method

70.70. If a teacher helps the communication process and acts as an independent participant within the learning-teaching group, what teaching method does he/she adopt?
(A)Communicative Language Teaching
(B) Counseling-Learning
(C) Situational Language Teaching
(D) Suggestopedia

71. Punctuality. Every businessperson knows that time is valuable. “Don’t waste my time!” snaps a manager at a slow colleague. When you work productively, you can make more money for your company; nonproductive workers are not money makers. Deadlines must be met. Business meetings must start on time, and end on time. Indeed, every office is full of instalments that accurately keep track of time: clocks and watches remind everybody of the inevitable passing of the minutes and seconds.
【題組】71. What does it mean by ‘punctuality,?
(A)Time is money.
(B) Being on time
(C)Making money easily
(D) Time is valuable.

72.【題組】72. What does it mean by the ‘snap,?
(A)to speak sharply
(B)to speak happily
(C)to say nicely
(D)to pull someone

73.【題組】73. Why do people become nonproductive?
(A)Because they are easy-going
(B)Because they are hardworking
(C)Because they keep good time
(D)Because they don’t make money

74.【題組】74. Why do people hang clocks on the wall?
(A)Because they would like to show off
(B)Because they use them to decorate
(C)Because they would like to keep track of time
(D)Because they like to watch them

75.【題組】75. Why do people have to meet the deadlines?
(A)Because everything must be on time
(B)Because deadlines are valuable
(C)Because deadlines make people confident
(D)Because deadlines make easy money

76.If you would like to live in Manhattan - the most famous part of New York City, where most of the tourist attractions are located - do some mathematical calculations first. Calculate your after-tax income. Expect to pay approximately 35 percent of your net salary toward housing. In Manhattan, the rental cost of a two-bedroom apartment will range from US$1,200 to US$7,000 a month. The apartments at the low end of the scale are located in the more dangerous parts of town. The most expensive apartments are the luxury apartments, located in the most exclusive parts of Manhattan. (In a two-bedroom apartment, be prepared to live with three people, in order to share the cost of rent.) Big Apple residents also must pay many different expenses. Residents shell out over 8 percent sales tax on most items they buy. Getting around town can be expensive, too. Most New Yorkers will buy a MetroCard for unlimited subway and bus use; this card costs US$63.00 a month.
【題組】76. Why do people have to do mathematical calculations first if they would like to live in Manhattan?
(A) Because Math is a required course to take
(B) Because it is expensive to live there
(C) Because people do this all the time
(D) Because it takes a long time to be there

77.【題組】77. How can one calculate the after-tax income?
(A) Subtracting the income tax from one,s net income
(B) Adding one’s net income with his living allowances
(C) Deducting all of the taxes from the total income
(D) Multiplying the expenses with income tax rate

78.【題組】78. The phrase 'shell out5 means
(A)pick up the salary
(B)pay the taxes
(C)pay the bill
(D)give the tips

79.【題組】79. The phrase 'Big Apple5 means
(A) Adam’s Apple
(B)the New York City
(C)the Big Brother
(D) A kind of fruit

80.【題組】80. With the MetroCard, which of the following cannot be done?
(A)Taking a bus
(B) taking a trolley
(C)Taking the subway
(D) drawing lots

81.Laser eye surgery is very popular. Each year, more than one million Americans have this type of surgery performed. In the United Kingdom, more than eight thousand people per week undergo the procedure. This is what happens: a very thin layer of the cornea is cut and lifted up. (Its thickness is approximately that of a human hair.) The cornea is never completely severed from the rest of the eye; it remains attached to the remaining cornea, just like a hinge. The exposed tissue is then lasered. When the lasering is completed - and it usually takes no longer than 30 to 90 seconds per eye - the cornea is placed back in its original position. The surgeon then replaces the flap in exactly the same position. No stitching is needed. Nothing is ever inserted directly into the eye. All these advanced techniques result in a very short, post-surgical recuperation period. The patient will experience minimal discomfort during and after the surgery, and, most often, the patient’s eyesight will be dramatically improved. No wonder this procedure is so popular!
【題組】81. What is a ‘cornea,? It is
(A) a pair of classes.
(B)a piece of cake.
(C) a softener
(D) a piece of transparent tissue over the front of the eyeball.

82.【題組】82. What is a ‘hinge,? It is
(A) a surgeon.
(B) a natural joint.
(C)a natural resource.
(D)a spanner

83.【題組】83. How long does the laser eye surgery usually take?
(A) Longer than two minutes per eye.
(B) Less than 30-90 seconds per eye.
(C) No less than three minutes both eyes.
(D) About three minutes per eye.

84.【題組】84. What does ‘stitching’ mean?
(A) stinting
(B) hammering
(C) sewing
(D) beating

85.【題組】85. According to this passage, why is laser eye surgery very popular?
(A) Because it is very interesting.
(B) Because it is very expensive.
(C) Because it is highly demanding.
(D) Because no stitching is necessary.

86.Because a play presents its action before an audience, the experience it creates is a communal experience, and its impact is intensified. Reading a short story or a novel is a private transaction between the reader and a book, but the performance of a play is public. The spectator’s response is affected by the presence of other spectators. A comedy becomes funnier when one hears others laughing, a tragedy more moving when others are present to carry the current of feeling. A dramatic experience, in fact, becomes more intense almost exactly to the extent that it is shared and the individual spectator becomes aware that others are having the same experience. This intensification is partly dependent on the size of the audience, but more on their sense of community with each other. A play will be more successful performed before a small audience in a packed auditorium than before a larger audience in a half-filled one.
【題組】86. What is this passage mainly about?
(A) Education
(B) Drama
(C) Novel
(D) Community

87.【題組】87. In the passage, what does “communal experience” mean?
(A)Communist experience
(B)Shared experience
(C)Tragic experience
(D)Comic experience

88.【題組】88. Which of the following statements is NOT true?
(A) A play presents its action in front of an audience.
(B)A comedy becomes more enjoyable when one hears others laughing.
(C) A play will be more successful performed before a large audience in a half-filled auditorium.
(D) A tragedy becomes more touching when others are present to carry the current of feeling.

89.【題組】89. The phrase “a packed auditorium” means_.
(A)a crowded theater
(B)a panic audience
(C)an empty theater
(D)a modem theater

90.【題組】90. According to the author, which of the following statements is Right?
(A)Watching a play is similar to reading a novel.
(B)The intensification of drama is wholly dependent on the size of the audience.
(C)The individual spectator becomes aware that others are having the same experience.
(D) A play will be successfully performed in a modern rather than an old theater

91.To this point, we have been concerned primarily with the factive aspect of language and cognition. However, much of what has been said applies as well to the emotive aspect of language use. Nonetheless there are contrasts in the coding of the two types of information. While factive information is coded primarily in distinctly verbal sequences, emotive information is coded primarily in gestures, tone of voice, facial expression, and the like. Whereas verbal sequences consist of a finite set of distinctive sounds (or features of sounds), syllables, words, idioms, and collocations, and generally of discrete and countable sequences of elements, the emotive coding devices are typically non-discrete and are more or less continuously variable.
【題組】91. The passage is probably taken from a book on_.
(A) politics
(B) finance
(C) language

92.【題組】92. The passage is mainly about_.
(A) similarities between two types of information
(B) differences between two types of information
(C)the fact that factive information is better understood than emotive information
(D)the fact that both types of information are difficult to know

93.【題組】93. What might have been mainly discussed in the preceding passage?
(A)Emotive information
(C)Factive information

94.【題組】94. Which is NOT the characteristic of emotive information?
(A)Facial expression
(B)Tone of voice
(C) Gestures
(D) Words

95.【題組】95. Which of the following statements is NOT true?
(A)Factive information is coded primarily in distinctly verbal sequences.
(B)Fective information consists of a finite set of distinctive sounds.
(C)Emotive information consists of a finite set of distinctive sounds as well.
(D)Emotive coding devices are more or less continuously variable.

96.All of us have in our minds certain images of the way in which “typical” citizens of the major western European nations behave politically. We probably think of a Frenchman as intelligent and volatile, individualistic, disliking authority and regimentation, cynical about sweeping statements of principle, passionately patriotic, but hating his political opponents because they do not share his assumptions about the framework within which the country’s destinies are to be worked out. He has become inured to unstable government. We probably think of an Englishman as sensible and calm, feeling the need to act out principle, devoted to political freedom, law-abiding, content with social inequality, and willing to work in harness with even his bitterest political enemy since all agree on the basic assumptions about the country. He is accustomed to a political stability that is unparalleled elsewhere, and takes it entirely for granted. ... Such standard mental pictures are called stereotypes, and of course they are altogether unscientific.
【題組】96. Which of the following is the best title for this passage?
(A)A Frenchman
(B) Stereotypes
(C)An Englishman

97.【題組】97. Our standard mental pictures about different peoples are mainly_.
(D) unscientific

98.【題組】98. What does the word “inured” in the passage mean?
(A) accustomed
(B) satisfied
(C) desperate
(D) dangerous

99.【題組】99. This passage might be taken from a book on_.
(B)social welfare
(C)European history
(D)political revolution

100.【題組】100.Which statement is NOT true?
(A)We think of a Frenchman as intelligent and volatile.
(B)We think of a Frenchman as passionately patriotic, but hating his political opponents.
(C)We think of an Englishman as sensible and calm.
(D)We think of an Englishman as individualistic, disliking authority and regimentation.