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1.Rocky shores that__________beaches are eventually destroyed by the sea.
(A) lack
(B) without
(C) do not
(D) no

2.Some metals are malleable,__________ others are so brittle that they break easily when bent quickly.
(A) but
(B) like
(C) there
(D) which

3.Washington D.C., __________broad tree-shade thoroughfares, has many imposing buildings.
(A) its
(B) with its
(C) to have its
(D) has

4.Throughout the state of Maine,__________ summer music camps, where young people and adults may study in beautiful rural settings.
(A) there are
(B) is where
(C) located
(D) to be found

5. __________ exerted by tornadoes that they have been known to lift railroad locomotives off their tracks.
(A) The great force is
(B) The force is great
(C) How great the force is
(D) So great is the force

6.Her short stay in Kentucky in the mid-nineteen hundreds was very important to author Mary Holmes,__________ provided the background to several of her novels.
(A) it was
(B) for it
(C) much of
(D) by then

7.As an atom absorbs energy,_______ increases, and the atom is said to be excited.
(A) its energy level
(B) as its energy level
(C) it is energy level
(D) the energy level of its

8._______ are prepared from flour or meal derived from some form of grain.
(A) With bakery products
(B) While bakery products
(C) Bakery products
(D) They are bakery products

9.Legumes take nitrogen into their root______the air.
(A) except
(B) however
(C) but
(D) from

10.Perhaps the oldest theories of business cycles are _______that link their cause to fluctuations of the harvest.
(A) whatever
(B) everything
(C) those
(D) them