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1.1. For more information, please call Paul Stanley at (02) 2422-8769 or __________ http://uoftaichung.edu.tw.
(A) see
(B) visit
(C) seek
(D) look at

2.2.We __________ you to join us in supporting the Hope Scholarship program.
(A) suggest
(B) hope
(C) urge
(D) warn

3.3.Mayor Ting’s plan about the city will have the __________ for the betterment of our life in the near future.
(A) potential
(B) power
(C) ability
(D) vision

4.4.He is not an __________ person. He simply wants to live a simple life and does not want to compete with others.
(A) obese
(B) accustomed
(C) itchy
(D) ambitious

5.5.Only when you’re well-prepared will you be able to make the best use of every __________ for success when it comes.
(A) result
(B) method
(C) way
(D) opportunity

6.6.These trainings will __________ you to find a job in one of the banks.
(A) enable
(B) cause
(C) offer
(D) equip

7.7.Only the members with a gold pass will have full __________ to this club.
(A) chance
(B) access
(C) strength
(D) value

8.8.The child was in __________ condition with over 85% of her body seriously burnt.
(A) liberal
(B) central
(C) precise
(D) critical

9.9.The tax cut program will __________ most of the lower income families in the country.
(A) improve
(B) promote
(C) benefit
(D) increase

10.10.This novel was mainly __________ by a stranger he met on his last trip to London.
(A) inspired
(B) impressed
(C) input
(D) informed

11.11.Wild Wadi Water Park is an __________ playground for both adults and children in the summer.
(A) idea
(B) idle
(C) ideal
(D) idol

12.12.At our hotel your butler will __________ that your requests are satisfactorily fulfilled.
(A) suppose
(B) ensure
(C) insure
(D) propose

13.13.In order to provide __________ comfort, our service even allows you to check in in the privacy of your suite.
(A) maximum
(B) momentum
(C) mortal
(D) monetary

14.14.Our restaurant offers an __________ international array of fine dishes and treats.
(A) extensive
(B) obedient
(C) defensive
(D) intolerant

15.15.These facilities in the playroom are for children aged between 1–12 __________.
(A) years of age
(B) years
(C) months of year
(D) ages

16.16.Our well-trained and caring employees are present __________ to provide the best services for every guest.
(A) a few times
(B) many times
(C) at all times
(D) often times

17.17.Hsin-chu Science Park __________ at the eastern suburb of Hsin-chu City.
(A) is located
(B) occurs
(C) appears
(D) takes place

18.18.Younger children can enjoy __________ programs from the Disney Channel or play games on one of the computers in this library.
(A) observing
(B) watching
(C) looking at
(D) seeing

19.19.This city __________ 300 days of warm sunshine, with cooler evenings and occasional showers in the months between December and March.
(A) hastens
(B) obtains
(C) enjoys
(D) contains

20.20.Kaohsiung’s temperatures __________ from a low of 14 degrees (Celsius) to a high of 28 degrees in the winter.
(A) range
(B) cross
(C) grow
(D) separate

21.21.Taichung City is home to a little more than 700 thousand residents with 64% of the __________ employed.
(A) consumers
(B) business
(C) visitors
(D) population

22.22.Taipei offers cheap and efficient public __________ , e.g., its MRT and bus systems.
(A) traffic
(B) transportation
(C) vehicles
(D) supplies

23.23.While English is the __________ language in the US, Spanish is very widely spoken, especially in the south-western states.
(A) official
(B) only
(C) unusual
(D) first

24.24.You can choose from __________ activities while staying at Taipei.
(A) a very different
(B) a variety of
(C) as many as
(D) a large sum of

25.25.The newly built gym has __________ equipments with qualified trainers to provide personal services.
(A) the much latter
(B) the updating
(C) the most used
(D) the latest

26.26.Our cell phones use one of the most __________ technologies in the electronic business. No one beats us.
(A) difficult
(B) complete
(C) advanced
(D) progressed

27.27.The company __________ a 46% rise in earnings per share in the final quarter of 2007.
(A) reported
(B) released
(C) reordered
(D) relieved

28.28.The candidates' challenge in the 2008 election was __________: to get supporters out to the meetings and to win over the large numbers of undecided voters.
(A) two sides
(B) twofold
(C) both ways
(D) duet

29.29.Jennifer __________ Bill about his work as a lawyer. She asked him how many people were in his firm.
(A) commented on
(B) discussed over
(C) reported to
(D) chatted with

30.30.No matter where you are, staying __________ your family, friends and business partners is very important.
(A) happy in
(B) connected with
(C) available at
(D) barred from

31.(一)Kyoto is a city in the central part of the island of Honshu, Japan and a major part of the Osaka-Kobe-Kyoto 【metropolitan area (31)】 with its population close to 1.5 million today. Kyoto is 310 miles away from Tokyo and 31 miles away from Osaka. The Kyoto Basin is surrounded on three sides by mountains. Central Kyoto City is situated mostly on the flat area, with its 【prime (32)】 sightseeing spots 【scattered (33)】 along the base of the mountains. 
     Kyoto’s winters, like its summers, are 【moist (34)】, thus making it feel colder than it really is. There is little snowfall in Kyoto City, while northern Kyoto sees snowfall. There is nothing quite like the 【breathtaking (35)】 sight of Kyoto’s finest temples and shrines under a thin blanket of snow. Be sure to dress warmly in a jacket or an overcoat. However, all major 【facilities (36)】, such as museums, hotels, and department stores use heating, so include these stops in your 【itinerary (37)】 for a break from the cold as needed. Kyoto in winter has a 【unique (38)】, nostalgic feel. But winters here are cold, so you’ll need to make sure you bring the 【proper (39)】 clothing. Good preparation will help you make the most of your trip! If you arrive from Tokyo, you can 【board (40)】 the Shinkansen Nozomi at Tokyo Station. It will go directly to Kyoto Station. We wish you an enjoyable stay in Kyoto.

(A) downtown of a big city
(B) separated cities
(C) business area of a city
(D) area of or relating to a major city

(A) main
(B) lower
(C) photogenic
(D) funny

(A) moved
(B) continued
(C) circled
(D) spread

(A) foggy
(B) warm
(C) humid
(D) cool

(A) tall; giant
(B) inspiring; exciting
(C) confident; encouraging
(D) before; foregoing

(A) sources
(B) buildings
(C) companies
(D) markets

(A) route of a journey
(B) hotel room
(C) short visit
(D) scenic spot

(A) chilly; cool
(B) cold; uncomfortable
(C) unusual; singular
(D) enjoyable; comfortable

(A) formal
(B) casual
(C) suitable
(D) beautiful

(A) arrive at
(B) visit
(C) choose
(D) get on

41.【題組】 The Great Barrier Reef is the largest reef structure in the world and 【stretches (41)】 over 2,000 kilometers. It can even be seen from the Moon! Protected by the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park, this area is larger than Great Britain and 【harbors (42)】 400 types of hard and soft coral, sea creatures, brightly colored fish and turtles. The colored coral 【expanses (43)】 just below the surface of the warm, crystal clear tropical waters are home to an unbelievable number of sea life. Do a day tour and snorkel or dive. Or stay dry and view the coral and fish through an underwater observatory, a structure overlooking a far view. Take a sailboat, a fast wavepiercer or a more private 【vessel (44)】. Meet naturalist and marine biologists who can share their 【insights (45)】 on this incredible natural place. Or get a bird’s eye view as you could fly above it. Of course you can join a dive trip or stay on an island. Some islands have resorts, ranging from 'family friendly' to unique hide-aways. Others are paradises where you can 【pitch (46)】 a tent under the stars on the beach and hike through rainforest hills. The local beef, seafood and tropical farm produce provide the basis for magic dishes. From fine 【cuisine (47)】 to the simplest outdoor menu, Queensland serves it up fresh, day and night. This is one of the great holiday 【destinations (48)】 of the world - partly because of its natural beauty and partly because it 【hugs (49)】 the coast of one of the world's friendliest places: sunny, tropical Queensland. Enjoy! It is the only living 【organism (50)】 that can be seen from outer space. It is the only natural wonder of the world that is underwater.
(A) completes
(B) continues
(C) covers
(D) contains

(A) shelters
(B) arrives
(C) sells
(D) grows

(A) creatures
(B) regions
(C) edges
(D) beaches

(A) vacation
(B) boat
(C) tube
(D) container

(A) power
(B) lectures
(C) understanding
(D) maturity

(A) set up
(B) rent
(C) bring
(D) send out

(A) kitchenware
(B) clothing
(C) weather
(D) food

(A) locations
(B) plans
(C) opportunities
(D) ideas

(A) goes beyond
(B) stays close to
(C) employs
(D) includes

(A) an environment
(B) a building structure
(C) a form of life
(D) a musical instrument

51.The first film of the Harry Potter series is based on J. K. Rowling’s Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone. The story 【51】 Harry Potter (Radcliffe), who goes to a school for young wizards learning witchcraft and wizardry. Before Harry goes back for his second year, he 【52】 a creature named Dobby that if he goes back, terrible things will happen. 【53】 , Harry ignores Dobby’s warning and goes back to school where he hooks back up with his friends Ron (Grint) and Hermione (Watson). Very soon after they arrive, 【54】 begin to happen: people roaming the hallways begin to turn to stone. Harry and his friends have to find out 【55】 and stop it! And then the story continues. The special effects of the film are great and so is the acting.
(A) goes beyond
(B) aims at
(C) shows that
(D) centers around

(A) is warned by
(B) is killed by
(C) is encouraged by
(D) is captured by

(A) Whatever
(B) However
(C) Wherever
(D) Whenever

(A) anything just
(B) common things
(C) terrible things do
(D) something strange

(A) what’s going on
(B) the result
(C) the ending
(D) who Rowling is

56.【題組】 This past Friday my wife and I were invited to New York for a dinner in Manhattan. It was attended by 【56】 fifty very wealthy people. It was organized by a Wall Street group to try 【57】 attract investors to place some of their money with them. My invitation came from a person I met in Los Angeles 【58】 seven months ago. He did this as a token of appreciation 【59】 a connection I made for him. He even 【60) to pay for our flights, hotel, and a Broadway play. The seating for dinner was ten to a table. We each 【61】 going around and introducing ourselves. I was 【62】 the reaction when everyone found out I wasn't a millionaire. 【63】 , people were interested and attentive. 【64】 , quite a few wealthy people look at the Hollywood business as an exciting one that they would like to be a par of. 【65】 they didn't make much money from them, it was a chance to pretend that they were a celebrity. Thus, 【66】 really seemed to care whether they made money or not. To make the long story short, I 【67】 a lot of business cards to those at the table and those that I met 【68】 in the cigar room. A few of them were really eager to talk more about investing in animation, but 【69】 . When my wife and I came back home on Sunday, I was 【70】 some of them had already left voice messages confirming th interest.
(A) roughly
(B) close
(C) as great as
(D) simply

(A) but
(B) if
(C) or
(D) and

(A) even
(B) since
(C) almost
(D) sometimes

(A) for
(B) with
(C) to
(D) after

(A) stayed away
(B) went as far as
(C) dealt out
(D) looked up

(A) went on
(B) went together
(C) took turns
(D) took chances

(A) a little worried about
(B) somewhat good at
(C) busy taking care of
(D) amazed to look for

(A) You know what
(B) I didn’t know
(C) It was said that
(D) Much to my surprise

(A) Frankly speaking
(B) For some reason
(C) Forgetfully
(D) Frequently

(A) However
(B) Although
(C) Otherwise
(D) Because

(A) none of them
(B) some of them
(C) both of them
(D) each of them

(A) devoted myself to
(B) sold out
(C) turned to
(D) handed out

(A) afterwards
(B) wherever
(C) ever since
(D) beforehand

(A) they had left
(B) the time was not much
(C) it was getting late
(D) I was too late

(A) depressed to tell
(B) surprised to find
(C) upset to know
(D) happy to uncover

71.An ancient Chinese proverb states, "Better to be deprived of food for three days, than tea for one." Tea is, next to water, the world's leading beverage. Although the exact origin of tea growing is uncertain, it is said to have been initiated by a Chinese emperor over 4,500 years ago. Tea from China, along with her silk and porcelain, began to be known all over the world more than a thousand years ago and has since always been an important Chinese export. Tea has been one of the daily necessities in China since time immemorial. Countless numbers of Chinese like to have their after-meal cup of tea. As the Chinese would often say it, after a big meal "Let's drink tea to ‘wash’ the oil away from the system and ease digestion." In general, Chinese do not serve tea at meals. Chinese tea may be classified into three categories according to the different methods by which it is processed. All of them may come from the same variety of tea plant. Depending on the process, the leaves are used to produce black tea (fermented), oolong tea (semi-fermented) or green tea (unfermented). The simplest way to make Chinese tea is the best. Just pour boiling hot water over the leaves, let it steep for 3 to 5 minutes, and you have tea. For medium-strength tea, use . to 1 teaspoon of tea per cup. For stronger tea, add more leaves rather than extending steeping time. After drinking the tea, leaving a small residue, you can pour in more boiling water to make a second or third infusion. It will probably be new to most of you that with good Chinese tea, the second infusion is sometimes better than the first for green tea, and always better for black tea. Expert tea drinkers in China often throw away a quick infusion and only drink the second. The Chinese add neither milk nor sugar to their tea.
【題組】71. What will be the best title for the above passage?
(A) The Chinese love to drink tea
(B) Tea is the second most popular drink in the world
(C) The way Chinese tea is made
(D) An introduction to Chinese tea

72.【題組】72.In addition to tea, what have been the other two important products that were sold to westerners?
(A) Porcelain and silk
(B) Chinese food and beverage
(C) Water and black tea
(D) Fermented and unfermented tea

73.【題組】73.How is Chinese tea classified?
(A) According to how it is drunk
(B) According to how it is prepared
(C) According to when it is drunk
(D) According to where it is grown

74.【題組】74.When is tea generally drunk by the Chinese?
(A) Whenever they feel thirsty
(B) During a meal time
(C) In the morning
(D) After they have meals

75.【題組】75.Which of the following is considered by expert Chinese drinkers to be “the best”?
(A) Black tea with extending steeping time
(B) The simplest tea with . to 1 teaspoon of tea
(C) The second infusion of the tea
(D) Tea with milk and sugar

76.【題組】 The global aviation industry last year went against forecasts of a slowdown with Boeing recording an all-time high of 1,413 net orders. Boeing, which has won more than 1,000 orders three years in a row, also delivered 441 planes, reaching a six-year high. The US manufacturer's success in recovering from the slowdowns of the early part of the decade puts pressure on its European rival, Airbus. By the end of November 2007, Airbus had booked 1,204 orders and delivered 410 planes, suggesting it could fall behind Boeing in orders for a second year. But some analysts expect Airbus, which has been weakened by the rising euro and forced to offer large amount of discounts, to claim it won more orders than its rival. The industry has been growing since the slowdown caused by the terrorist attacks of September 11 2001, with growth supported by huge demand from Asia and the Gulf states. But some experts believe that orders this year will be cut in half, with US airlines putting off plans to renew their ageing planes in the face of a possible recession and soaring fuel prices. Boeing's head of commercial airplanes, Scott Carson, said: "2007 told us that global demand for commercial airplanes remains strong and sustained." Airbus is, like Boeing, speeding up production schedules in an effort to meet demand. The manufacturer, which last month sold several plants as part of a €2bn (£1.5bn) cost-savings plan, is losing 10,000 jobs and is expected to bring out a revised plan because of the euro's continuing strength against the dollar. It is shifting production out of Europe to low-cost countries in the dollar zone. Airbus has already said it will build a plant in China to build A320 single-aisle jets and has suggested it could build more than half of each new plane overseas.
【題組】76. How many deliveries did Boeing make in the year 2007?
(A) 1204
(B) 1413
(C) 410
(D) 441

77.【題組】77.What is the main reason for the aviation industry growth last year?
(A) Demand from Asia and the Gulf states
(B) The increase of fuel prices
(C) Competition between Boeing and Airbus
(D) The companies’ budget cuts

78.【題組】78.What does Boeing think the industry will be like in 2008?
(A) Better than last year
(B) The orders will be cut in half.
(C) It will stay as strong as last year.
(D) The demands will not be met.

79.【題組】79.What is the major problem that Airbus is facing?
(A) They are not able to meet the demands from the Asian market.
(B) The increase of euro value against dollar raises its production cost.
(C) There are no more places in Europe to build new plants.
(D) The company keeps changing its cost-saving plans.

80.【題組】80.How will Airbus solve its problem?
(A) To buy old plants in Europe and build new ones in Asia
(B) To lay off more employees of the plants in Europe
(C) To build new plants outside European countries
(D) To sell the old plants in Europe for cash