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1.1. Buying out the dominant local newspaper is a chance of a lifetime that most media moguls _____ to exploit.
(A) perish
(B) demolish
(C) relish
(D) relinquish

2.2. Disconnect anxiety, a malady for the 21st century, is a serious issue that needs to be _______. The afflicted are heavily dependent on the Internet.
(A) conflicted
(B) addressed
(C) evaded
(D) affiliated

3.3. With great conditions for swimming, snorkeling, and more things to do, the beach provides ample _______ for all kinds of beach-goers.
(A) diversions
(B) divisions
(C) distortions
(D) divergences

4.4. My brother vowed to eat only one Creo a day, but I’m afraid he’ll go back4. back to his old habit of eating the entire bag of cookies.
(A) retain
(B) reminisce
(C) refrain
(D) revert

5.5. Why does Joan look so haggard?
(A) angry
(B) pale
(C) tired
(D) elated

6.6. The police made the large crowd ______ because people are easier to manage in small groups.
(A) coerce
(B) disperse
(C) comply
(D) forfeit

7.7. Blues songs _____ loneliness, sadness, and the hardships of life, rather than celebrating happy situations.
(A) lament
(B) elapse
(C) propel
(D) retrieve

8.8. Quincy holds the _____ that money is everything. Sadly, in seeking financial success, he neglects what is truly important, such as family and friends.
(A) delusion
(B) patron
(C) novice
(D) antidote

9.9. The results of the questionnaire will be analyzed and published; however, all individual responses will be kept completely _____.
(A) forthcoming
(B) confidential
(C) imposing
(D) hysterical

10.10. If you purchase a salvage car, you can always _____ the vehicle, use the workable parts, and scrap the rest.
(A) manipulate
(B) massacre
(C) dismantle
(D) dissuade