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100 年 - 教育部受託辦理100學年度國立高級中等學校教師甄選 英語(1-15單字題)#5071 

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1.1. The villagers were _____ that they wouldn’t allow a nuclear power plant in the village and that they would stop its construction at any price.
(A) adamant
(B) anhydrous
(C) adjacent
(D) adroit

2.2. At the sight of the __________ rascal, the villagers fled in a fright, afraid to fall prey to his villainy.
(A) banal
(B) heinous
(C) austere
(D) offhand

3.3.The Chaplin films that she watched when young left a(n) ____ impression on Suzie, and she now has a ____ appetite for reading anything remotely related to Chaplin’s life and works.
(A) overwhelming – blunted
(B)forcible – terrible
(C) negative – sharpened
(D) indelible – voracious

4.4. Without a doubt Peter is rather __________ when it comes to work; however, he is not that particular about food and clothing.
(A) agile
(B) fastidious
(C) gregarious
(D) incipient

5.5. The old shepherd had a reputation for being ____, and it came as no surprise to us that he had a ____ attitude to us strangers, shouting and waving his fists to warn us off his land.
(A) misanthropic – belligerent
(B)xenophobic – equivocal
(C) philosophic – bellicose
(D) philanthropic – benign

6.6. It was with considerable ____ that my mother revealed the results of her ____ studies to my grandfather as she had learned that my great-grandfather had been notorious criminal, a fact that grandfather had been at pains to hide.
(A) pride – hereditary
(B) anxiety – anthropological
(C) trepidation – genealogical
(D) excitement –philosophical

7.7. Though Mary and Allen tried hard to keep their romance a secret, their love was almost _______ and obvious. Everyone in the company had a suspicion that they were more than close friends from their intimate movements.
(A) palpable
(B) paranoid
(C) pastoral
(D) paunchy

8.8. Far from being a man of his word, he is a __________ guy;someone not trustworthy at all.
(A) lucid
(B) righteous
(C) mendacious
(D) personable

9.9. Prompted by ______ motives, Mr. White put all his money in the stock market. Unfortunately, it proved to be a bad investment.
(A) monochromatic
(B) mercenary
(C) methodical
(D) metrical

10.10. It is true that ageing is an ____ process, yet there no need to ____ despair: there is much that we can do to delay the worst effects of old age.
(A) upsetting – refuse to
(B) interminable – agree to
(C) inexorable – wallow in
(D) inevitable – gloss over

11.11. The philosopher argues that far from being dead, ____ is a feature of human behavior in modern times: his ____ lists articles containing many instances of people sacrificing themselves for the good of others.
(A) cognition –cosmology
(B) altruism – bibliography
(C) pugilism – appendix
(D) parricide – epigram

12.12. The passage of the luxury tax bill in Taiwan is to address claims that the country’s tax system encourages real estate speculation and ___________ spending.
(A) ostentatious
(B) frugal
(C) parsimonious
(D) provident

13.13. Even though he is now ____, my uncle continues to give the doctors cause for concern: they say the ____ is not good and, in all probability, uncle will be confined to bed once again before the week is out.
(A) improving –chronology
(B) optimistic – therapy
(C) morbid – outlook
(D) ambulant – prognosis

14.14. The author’s works had fallen into a state of _________; no one bothered to read them any longer.
(A) vivacity
(B) fervor
(C) ardor
(D) oblivion

15.15. Some people tend to __________ themselves with too much luggage when they go travelling.
(A) hallucinate
(B) ingratiate
(C) encumber
(D) infringe