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1.1.Reading to children is easy, affordable and ___ for parents no matter what their level of education or economic station in life.
(A) feasible
(B) profitable
(C) incompatible
(D) scrutable

2.2.The qualities of heroism and______, combined with their mercantile skills, made the Vikings a powerful and dangerous race.
(A) onslaught
(B) virility
(C) reconnaissance
(D) myriad

3.3.He was ________ enough not to take the job when there was the possibility of getting a better one a few months later.
(A) shrewd
(B) shallow
(C) undiscerning
(D) instantaneous

4.4.The speaker ____ our interest in mammoths. His vivid description of them impressed all of us.
(A) impeded
(B) inoculated
(C) kindled
(D) implored

5.5.Presenters and recipients at the next Academy Awards would be advised to _____ from rambling thank-yous and unentertaining political proclamations.
(A) render
(B) refrain
(C) rebuke
(D) restrict

6.6.Government surveillance against _______ advertising of cosmetics continues to increase.
(A) ethereal
(B) euphonious
(C) fraudulent
(D) extemporaneous

7.7.As it was his first offense, the offender was not sent to prison, but put on _______ for six months.
(A) scrutiny
(B) remnant
(C) ostentation
(D) probation

8.8.Some analysts were saying Netscape had a(n) ___ lead in the browser business, even against Microsoft.
(A) invincible
(B) unscrupulous
(C) enigmatic
(D) nascent

9.9.The woman was praised for her ______ because she sent the money she found in the park back to the owner.
(A) ingenuity
(B) imbibitions
(C) imbecility
(D) integrity

10.10.When asked whether she had enjoyed her stay in Taiwan, the superstar smiled and her answer was a(n) _______ yes.
(A) imminent
(B) random
(C) unequivocal
(D) indignant

11.        A wunderkind University of Pennsylvania professor, Glenn McGee, published a book on genetics field. The bioethicist    11   a time when we’ll do genetic testing at home with a device the size of an iPod. The machine will offer daily downloads, he says, about our changing cells and the tendencies we not only     12     but also develop. This precise map of our genes will tell us what to eat and what things to avoid, and will allow us to have drugs     13     for us. McGee sees a future in which     14    genetic material will allow us to create everything from custom wonder drugs to engineered foods to designer babies. What he hopes the book will     15     are the questions we need to start asking fast: Are these things desirable? Who will have oversight? Who will own the knowledge gained from our genes?
(A) despises
(B) agitates
(C) panders
(D) envisions

(A) inherit
(B) bolster
(C) dispose
(D) incriminate

(A) spin-off
(B) tailor-made
(C) cutting-edge
(D) head-on

(A) squandering
(B) accumulating
(C) garnering
(D) manipulating

(A) provoke
(B) constitute
(C) enthrall
(D) ruminate

        From the sharp quills of the porcupine to the poisonous skin of some kinds of frogs, animals rely on a variety of different means for protection. One of the most interesting methods for “disguise” and refers to an animal’s ability to mask itself from the eyes of predators by blending into the surrounding environment. Although the body shapes of a small number of insects do contribute to the camouflage effect, most animals depend on coloration of skin, fur, or feathers to help them “disappear” into the backdrop of their local environments. 
         Various types of birds use camouflage as their primary means of defense. The woodcock, for example, when on the ground, is quite vulnerable to attack. Although woodcocks have strong running legs, they require several seconds to take flight. However, the color of their feathers—brown, black, gray and russet—keeps them from being spotted on the forest floor. The Whip-poor-will uses camouflage in the same manner; it is practically invisible when perched motionless on a branch. 

【題組】16.It can be inferred from paragraph 1 that a porcupine is ___.
(A) a kind of animal
(B) a type of poison
(C) a method of protection
(D) a species of frog

17.【題組】17.According to the passage, why do some animals use camouflage?
(A) To hunt for food
(B) To poison predators
(C) To select a suitable mate
(D) To hide from other animals

18.【題組】18.All of the following may contribute to an animal’s camouflage EXCEPT ___.
(A) size
(B) feathers
(C) fur
(D) shape

19.【題組】19.According to the author, why are woodcocks in danger while on the ground?
(A) They run too slowly.
(B) They can’t see their predators.
(C) They get buried under snow.
(D) They need time to become airborne.

20.【題組】20.The word practically in the passage is closest in meaning to ___.
(A) hardly
(B) recent
(C) universally
(D) almost

 At 5’7” and 110 lbs. for most of her adult life, Audrey Hepburn was ______21______ thin, and she often complained about her “funny” nose and size-10 feet. Her self-doubt, her lack of vanity only heightened 
her ______22______ . In the ‘50s, an age of showy ______23______ , she established a refined brunette ideal. And indeed, this joyous gamine, with her pixie haircut, swan neck and boyish body that ______24______ everything she wore, set the fashion standard for the next decade. To millions of moviegoers, Hepburn was high style. Designers all over the world ______25______ their career choice to 1957’s Funny Face. Hepburn’s own 
sleek, modern look, though, owed much to her 40-year ______26______ with Paris designer Hubert de Givenchy. To the end, she ______27______ her status as a fashion icon. “My look is ______28______ ,” she told reporters in  1989. “Women can look like Audrey Hepburn by flipping out their hair, buying the large glasses and the little sleeveless dresses.” In truth, though, it was not all that easy to capture the 
 ______29________ of Audrey. Just ask the millions of her _____30_____public who tried. 

(A) collaboration
(B) appeal
(C) enraptured
(D) blondes 

(E) downplayed (AB) strikingly (AC) credit (AD) attainable 
(AE) essence (BC) complemented 


  A wind turbine and a coal-power station stand side by side in Selby, England. Both generate electricity. ___________31________ Many industrial countries have promised to limit the amount of greenhouse gases, including carbon dioxide they produce each year. But in May 2011, Britain became the first nation in the world to take legal steps to cut greenhouse gas emissions beyond 2020. Chris Huhne, Britain's Energy 
Secretary, set a "carbon budget.” __________32_______ And he promised that by 2050, emissions would be down by at least 80%.Such bold steps would change the way Britain produces energy. 
            33     The new rules put the U.K. on a very tough course. It is not known what sacrifices, if any, will be needed to make the changes. The agreement will certainly be good for the environment. ________34______ It seems likely that companies specializing in wind turbines will build in the U.K. Renewable energy, or power that comes from such sources as wind, could bring big business to Britain. _____35___ But, says British Prime Minister David Cameron, it will be worth the cost. "The transition to a low-carbon economy is necessary, real and global," says Cameron. "By stepping up, showing leadership and competing with the world, the U.K. can prove that there need not be a tension between green and growth."

(A) British officials hope it will also boost the economy. 

(B) He pledged that the United Kingdom would cut carbon emissions in half by 2027, compared to what they were in 1990. 

(C) The bad news might be the price of electricity, which will likely rise. 
(D )Burning fossil fuels such as coal and oil sends huge amounts of polluting greenhouse gases into the air. 

(E) An industrial country has never before taken such serious steps to develop a low-carbon economy.


1. Read the following passage and design Three comprehension questions. (15 分) 
The answer to each question should be provided. 

        When the love child of the doughnut and the croissant was created by the Dominique Ansel Bakery in New York, fans queued for hours to sample the tasty hybrid snack. With only 300 cronuts made each day sold at $5 a pop, they are so coveted that they can go for up to $40 on the pastry black market. Even supermodel Heidi Klum had to wait weeks to try one. Though the cronut has gained worldwide attention on social media since its debut in May, few in the UK have had the chance to taste the unique pastry -- until now. "It just went viral because it's new," Dominique Ansel told the press. One British bakery described it as the most exciting pastry launch since the sausage roll. But although they have proved extremely popular with British customers, the intense enthusiasm for cronuts in New York is unlikely to be replicated in London. "Cronuts are called "Yum Yums" in this country and you can buy them in the supermarket Waitrose. We've had them for decades," wrote Richard Turner, the owner of London's Hawksmoor steakhouse, in an email to his business partner. Adalat Hussain, co-owner of the Wild and Wood cafe in Central London says British cronut-eaters are attempting to master the treat with a knife and fork. "I think using your hands is the best way," he says. Back across the pond, a young woman in the queue outside the Dominique Ansel Bakery declared the cronut a typically American invention. "A croissant is a great pastry in the morning; a doughnut is a great pastry in the morning. Really to combine the two is representative of the American way. It's really efficient and delicious and fattening and great." Dominique Ansel has copyrighted the term "cronut," prompting bakeries to come up with alternative names like "doissant", "croissant-doughnut" and "doughssant". The much-loved British bakery chain Gregg's launched the Greggsnut in September. "There's nothing unique about it," says Hussain. "It's just a 
simple thing that's really taken off." Now bakeries in the UK are desperate to create their own viral dessert -- anybody fancy a waggle (waffle meets bagel)? Or a crookie (croissant meets cookie)? How about a townie (tartlet meets brownie)? Whatever your preference, it looks like this particular trend will be with us for a while. 

37.2. Translation: (20 分) 1111人力銀行( manpower agency 1111 Job Bank)所舉辦的調查顯示,百分之 49.1的受訪上班族 後悔他們選擇的大學科系。主要是因為他們選的科系讓他們很難找到好工作。在台灣,許多年輕人 畢業後不久就面臨失業。因此,大學應該在學生畢業前,協助他們做職業規劃,並尋找工作。
3. The following is the script of a recorded dialogue. Suppose you’re going to use this material to give your students English listening practice. How would you present it to your students? Please 
elaborate on the steps or the strategies you might use to help your students sharpen their listening skills. (25分) 

Man: So, what do you want to do tomorrow? 
Woman: Well, let's look at this city guide here. [Okay] Uh, here's something interesting             . [Oh!]Why don't we first visit the art museum in the morning? 
Man: Okay. I like that idea. And where do you want to eat lunch? 
Woman: How about going to an Indian restaurant? [Humm] The guide recommends one             downtown a few blocks from the museum. 
Man: Now that sounds great. After that, what do you think about visiting the zoo?
         [Oh . . umm . . well . . . ] Well, it says here that there are some very unique 
         animals not found anywhere else. 
Woman: Well, to tell you the truth, I'm not really interested in going there. [Really?]. 
              Yeah. Why don't we go shopping instead? 
              There are supposed to be some really nice places to pick up souvenirs. 
Man: Nah, I don't think that's a good idea. We only have few travelers checks left, and           I only have fifty dollars left in cash. 
Woman: No problem. We can use YOUR credit card to pay for MY new clothes. 
Man: Oh, no. I remember the last time you used MY credit card for YOUR purchases. 
Woman: Oh well. Let's take the subway down to the seashore and walk along 
              the beach. 
Man: Now that sounds like a wonderful plan.