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1.When making a presentation,_________ discussing matters already known to the audience.
(A) to avoid
(B) avoids
(C) avoiding
(D) avoid

2.A notice about the vacancy _________ on the company message board.
(A)were posted
(B) have posted
(C) to post
(D) will be posted

3.My stock broker _________ me about a safe investment plan that would secure my financial future.
(A) gave
(B) told
(C) suggested
(D) recommended

4.The canned chicken soup manufacturer insists that all the cans _________, regardless of losses to the company.
(A) recall
(B) recalling
(C) be recalled
(D) are recalled

5.The value of the dollar _________ yesterday against the Japanese yen after skirmishes in the Middle East died down.
(A) rising
(B) to rise
(C) risen
(D) rose

6.While Harman's used to _________ imported furniture, it is now sticking to local products to avoid the hassles of customs.
(A) have sold
(B) sold
(C) sell
(D) selling

7.The recent meeting between the two companies _________ that a deal is near.
(A) imply
(B) implies
(C) was implied
(D) implied

8.It is _________ that with the glut of digital products coming into the market the electonics industry is entering a challenging phase.
(A) cleared
(B) clearly
(C) clearest
(D) clear

9.The federal government, along with the cooperation of leading industrial companies _________ to create more jobs for skilled workers.
(A) is pushing
(B) are pushing
(C) pushing
(D) have been pushing

10.Real estate values have been _________ from year to year in most parts of the United States.
(A) rise
(B) rose
(C) risen
(D) rising