Arthur Lin>试卷(2013/07/31)

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1.The cheap cost of labor in developing countries _________ as a motive for companies to move production overseas.
(A) is seen
(B) has seen
(C) see
(D) seeing

2.The reason _________ were so many people in the office yesterday was because the CEO held interviews for a new assistant.
(A) it
(B) they
(C) that
(D) there

3.Management was informed that the shipment from the branch office in Paris _________ the following Thursday.
(A) arriving
(B) would arrive
(C) have arrived
(D) has arrived

4.The stylish new mobile phones are the best-selling products the company has designed in the _________ year.
(B) past
(C) following
(D) future

5.A new printer for the faculty room _________ purchased as soon as the requisition slip is signed.
(A) will be
(B) would be
(C) had been
(D) has been

6._________ the mailing of the package, you will need to add five dollars more to the shipping fee.
(A) To expedite
(B) Expedited
(C) To be expedited
(D) Will expedite

7.After consulting with a systems analyst, they were able to pinpoint what office procedures should be _________ .
(A) streamlining
(B) streamlined
(C) streamline
(D) to streamline

8.If the client had come on time , these negotiations _________ completed by now.
(A) would be
(B) would have been
(C) would not be
(D) wouldn't have been

9.If plans _________ made sooner, Gilbert & Sons would be conducting the feasibility study for the Safeway Water Project by now.
(A) were being
(B) was being
(C) had been
(D) have been

10.The internet service provider requests that subscribers _________ certain that their systems are protected with a reliable anti-virus.
(A) made
(B) making
(C) make
(D) to make