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100 年 - 新北市立金山高級中學國中部100學年度自辦正式教師甄選試題#9965 

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1.If the government ___ an import fee as it has threatened to do for years, prices of consumer goods will increase by at least 10%.
(A) imposes
(B) has imposed
(C) will impose
(D) is imposing

2.It is mandatory to ___ all potential hazards before marketing your product.
(A) look into
(B) look away
(C)look from
(D) look to

3.In summertime, higher standards of personal ___ are necessary to prevent dieses.
(A) belongings
(D) medicine

4.He was a ___ player and never gave his opponent even the smallest chance.
(B) virtuous
(C) curious
(D) ruthless

5.The sheep grazing in a green meadow often represents the peace of a ___ life.
(A) picture
(B) hectic
(C) barren
(D) bucolic

6.Legislator is floating ___ to test public opinion on the bill.
(A) a poll
(B) trial balloons
(D) investigation

7.John worked in all areas of newspaper and broadcast __ _.
(A) journal
(B) journalism
(C) journalist
(D) journalese

8.He saw physics as a ___ essentially concerned with fundamental laws.
(A) disciple
(C) discipline
(D) fundamental

9.It is an excellent plan on p aper, but from a practical point of view, it isn’t ___.
(A) feasible
(C) feasibility
(D) vulnerable

10.Because of high expectation and low achievement, some people suffer from ___.
(A) oppression
(B) depression
(D) suppression