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100 年 - 新北市100學年度國民小學暨幼稚園教師甄選-英語類組#5108 

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1.Thanks to the speed and convenience of modern travel, ______ that used to take a long time to travel to can now be reached quickly and easily.
(A) journeys
(B) expeditions
(C) destinations
(D) explorations

2.2. The investigators are still looking into whether the government official is involved in ______ the stock market.
(A) ravaging
(B) prosecuting
(C) investing
(D) manipulating

3.3. In the United States, you can’t buy medicine such as antibiotics over-the-counter. You can only get them with a(n) ______.
(A) prescription
(B) description
(C) subscription
(D) inscription

4.4. The first guiding principle of Newman’s Own is that its food products are all- natural, with no added ______.
(A) artificial
(B) preservatives
(C) recipes
(D) process

5.5. The movie was criticized for containing ______ images of women in that country; they appeared to be stupid and greedy.
(A) positive
(B) universal
(C) flattering
(D) stereotypical

6.6. The euro is widely used to conduct international ______ and is an important national reserve currency.
(A) commercial
(B) revenues
(C) transaction
(D) transport

7.7. A massive 9.0-magnitude earthquake has wreaked havoc on Japan, setting off a powerful and ______ 10-meter tsunami and causing explosions at four nuclear power plants.
(A) accelerating
(B) booming
(C) devastating
(D) territorial

8.8. Research shows that trained therapists can help survivors of torture, but that ______ efforts to treat them can backfire.
(A) inept
(B) inpatient
(C) interior
(D) inclusive

9.9. Her seemingly cool, ______ demeanor is admired by her community, who expect their members to stay calm and sedate.
(A) unsecured
(B) unaffected
(C) unfamiliar
(D) unnatural

10.10. As you ride past in a train, you have the unique feeling that houses and trees are ______.
(A) receding
(B) retracing
(C) proceeding
(D) progressing

11.11. He has a unique talent to inspire and ______ each person to recognize his or her own personal uniqueness and value.
(A) compile
(B) compute
(C) comply
(D) compel

12.12. Many educators ______ rewarding children for their good behaviors.
(A) advocate
(B) adhere
(C) adapt
(D) advice

13.13. Pollution of the atmosphere is an ______ price to pay for so-called progress; we must take every precaution not to pollute the air.
(A) extract
(B) embrace
(C) excessive
(D) exotic

14.14. The full-time teachers are ______ to participate in extensive teacher training program, which takes effect on the first day of this month.
(A) evolved
(B) elevated
(C) elicited
(D) eligible

15.15. The bank has arranged for card members to receive one thousand dollars of ______ life insurance.
(A) compliant
(B) complimentary
(C) comprehensible
(D) compromise


16. Many plants can grow in water, without any soil, ______ nutrients are added.
(A) as long as
(B) as far as
(C) above all
(D) of necessity

17.17. The relative size of an insect’s wing is much greater than ______.
(A) of a bird’s wing
(B) a wing of a bird is
(C) that of a bird’s wing
(D) that wing of a bird

18.18. In Japan, the natural and nuclear disaster ______ on March 11 have exposed the fragility of its postwar economic order, and a recovery will not be a return to the status quo.
(A) unleashed
(B) unleashing
(C) had unleashed
(D) was unleashing

19.19. Looking through picture ______ picture, Miss Wang does not find a match for anyone she knows.
(A) of
(B) for
(C) after
(D) with

20.20. Staying in a hotel costs _____ renting a room in a dormitory for a month.
(A) twice more than
(B) twice as much as
(C) as much twice as
(D) as much as twice

21.21. Decaying matter on the forest floor is a _______ source of the acidity in mountain lakes than _____ that falls on the lakes.
(A) far great...the acid rain is
(B) far greater…is the acid rain
(C) much great…the acid rain is
(D) more great…is the acid rain

22.22. The power company is not ______ the damage ______ the 8-scale earthquake which is beyond its control.
(A) liable to…results in
(B) reliable with…resulting in
(C) reliable on…results from
(D) liable for…resulting from

23.23. There is evidence that solar energy either is now economically competitive with conventional sources of heat ______ so within a few years.
(A) will be or
(B) but will be
(C) or will be
(D) and will be

24.24. When a cell becomes too large, it splits in half and forms two new ones, ______its own cell wall and protoplasm.
(A) each has
(B) with each
(C) has each
(D) each with

25.25. ______ the meaning and symbolism of Anthurium with its open, heart- shaped flowers and tropical disposition, it's no wonder that Anthuriums have come to symbolize hospitality.
(A) In addition to
(B) Owing to
(C) Instead of
(D) Concerning

26.重新載圖III. Error Correction: Identify the underlined word(s) or phrase that should be corrected or rewritten. 

27.重新載圖III. Error Correction: Identify the underlined word(s) or phrase that should be corrected or rewritten. 

28.重新載圖III. Error Correction: Identify the underlined word(s) or phrase that should be corrected or rewritten. 

29.重新載圖III. Error Correction: Identify the underlined word(s) or phrase that should be corrected or rewritten. 

30.重新載圖 III. Error Correction: Identify the underlined word(s) or phrase that should be corrected or rewritten.

IV. Reading Cloze: Select the best answer to complete the texts.
Passage 1
        The butterfly effect is a hallmark of chaotic systems. Simple systems are described by linearequations 31 , for example, increasing a cause produces a proportional increase in an effect. 32 ,chaotic systems are described by nonlinear equations, which allow for subtler and more intricateinteractions. For example, the economy is nonlinear because a rise in interest rates does not automatically produce a corresponding change in consumer spending. Weather is nonlinear 33 a change in the wind speed in one location does not automatically produce a corresponding change in another location.
            34 their name, chaotic systems are not necessarily random. In fact, many chaotic systemshave a kind of underlying order that explains the general features of their behavior 35 details at any particular moment remain unpredictable. In a sense, many chaotic systems--like the weather--are "predictably unpredictable." Our understanding of chaotic systems is increasing at a tremendous rate, butmuch remains to be learned about them.

(A) in which
(B) among them
(C) therefore
(D) nevertheless

(A) Meanwhile
(B) Because
(C) In contrast
(D) No matter what

(A) when
(B) if
(C) because
(D) how

(A) Regarding
(B) Despite
(C) Because
(D) Due to

(A) with respect to
(B) what if
(C) even
(D) even while

Passage 2
        Blogging is beginning to replace dialogue journals as a tool due to its ease of use and the ability to    36 multiple users. Blogging is the process by which the user creates a Web site with entries made in a  journal  style  and   37 in  a  reverse  chronological  order.  In  the  classroom,  blogging  allows  for students to post and for teachers to respond in real time and at any location with internet   38 . As a constantly available writing space that can be created in mere minutes, a blog can be a great way to simply get students writing. English learners will gain fluency as writers when they 39 to keep on writing.
        However, educational blogs should be set up     40 issues of safety and protecting personal identity in mind. When a blog is established, school names and students’ last names should be avoided. Check with your school district on acceptable use policies.

(A) accommodate
(B) comprise
(C) integrate
(D) cooperate

(A) developed
(B) decided
(C) disconnected
(D) displayed

(A) combination
(B) connectivity
(C) installment
(D) instrumentality

(A) are motivated
(B) motivated
(C) are motivating
(D) motivating

(A) by
(B) at
(C) with
(D) for

V. Reading Comprehension
Passage 1
        As the job market has become more competitive these past few years, job seekers have to know how to present themselves at a job interview. To increase the chance of obtaining employment, it is necessary for job seekers to do some research before the interview. If a position requires excellent sales skills, give one or more specific examples of your successful past performance. Keep in mind that you need to convince your prospective employer that you are the person who is most qualified for the vacancy. Demonstrate your enthusiasm, confidence, and commitment to the company you are looking
forward to working for. If challenged by a series of tough questions by the interviewer, do not panic or feel awkward. Respond with an affirmative and positive attitude. Take this opportunity to show the potential employer that you will be valuable to the company. The more you prepare for the interview, the more likely it will be that you will get the job.

【題組】41. Who may be interested in this article?
(A) Those who are looking for an employee.
(B) Those who are looking for a job.
(C) Those who plan to set up a new business.
(D) Those who want to work abroad.

42.【題組】42. The paragraph tells job seekers ______.
(A) how to present themselves at a job interview
(B) how to dress properly at a job interview
(C) how to do research after a job interview
(D) how to convince the prospective employer that they are smart

43.【題組】43. Which statement is TRUE about the current job market?
(A) Most jobs do not pay well.
(B) It is easy to find a well-paid job.
(C) There are no opportunities for graduates.
(D) The competition is fierce.

44.【題組】44. According to the paragraph, what should a candidate do at a job interview?
(A) Present successful performances in previous jobs.
(B) Negotiate for a higher salary and better benefits.
(C) Ask about the financial condition of the company.
(D) Explain the reason for leaving the previous job.

45.【題組】45. According to the paragraph, who is more likely to get a job offer?
(A) A person who has just graduated from college.
(B) A person who has many years of work experience.
(C) A person who shows enthusiasm for the position.
(D) A person who has a good educational background.

Passage 2
        Lighthouses are towers with strong lights that help mariners plot their position, inform them that land is near, and warn them of dangerous rocks and reefs. They are placed at prominent points on the coast and on islands, reefs, and sandbars.
        Every lighthouse has a distinctive pattern of light known as its characteristic. There are five basic characteristics: fixed, flashing, occulting, group flashing, and group occulting. A fixed signal is a steady beam. A flashing signal has periods of darkness longer than periods of light, while an occulting signal’s periods of light are longer. A group-flashing light gives off two or more flashes at regular intervals, and a group-occulting signal consists of a fixed light with two or more periods of darkness at regular intervals.
Some lighthouses use lights of different colors as well, and today, most lighthouses are also equipped with radio beacons. The three types of apparatus used to produce the signals are the catoptric, in which metal is used to reflect the light; the dioptric, in which glass is used; and the catadioptric, in which both glass and metal are used.
        In  the daytime, lighthouses can  usually be identified  by their structure alone. The most  typical structure is a tower tapering at the top, but some are shaped like pyramids, and others look like wooden houses sitting on high platforms. Still others are skeletal towers of steel. Where lighthouses might be confused in daylight, they can be distinguished by day-marker patterns—designs of checks and stripes painted in vivid colors on lighthouses walls.
        In the past, the job of lighthouse keeper was lonely and difficult, if somewhat romantic. Lighthouse keepers  put  in  hours  of  tedious  work  maintaining  the  lights.  Today,  lighthouses  are  almost  entirely automated with human supplying only occasional maintenance. Because of improvements in navigational technology,  the  importance  of  lighthouses  has  diminished.  There  are  only  about  340  functioning lighthouses in existence in the United States today, compared with about 1,500 in 1900, and there are only about 1,400 functioning lighthouses outside the United States. Some decommissioned lighthouses have been preserved as historical monuments.

【題組】46. Which of the following is NOT mentioned in the passage as one of the functions of lighthouses?
(A) To help sailors determine their location.
(B) To warn of danger from rocks and reefs.
(C) To notify sailors that bad weather is approaching.
(D) To indicate that land is near.

47.【題組】47. According to the passage, what kind of signal has long periods of light that are regularly broken by two or more periods of darkness?
(A) Group occulting.
(B) Flashing.
(C) Occulting.
(D) Group flashing.

48.【題組】48. It can be concluded from the passage that lighthouses with day-marker patterns would most likely be found in areas where _____.
(A) the weather is frequently bad
(B) the structures themselves cannot be easily seen by passing mariners
(C) there are not many lighthouses
(D) there are a number of lighthouses with similar structures

49.【題組】49. The author implies that, compared with those of the past, contemporary lighthouses _____.
(A) employ more powerful lights
(B) require less maintenance
(C) are more difficult to operate
(D) are more romantic

50.【題組】50. Which of the following is true of the fourth paragraph?
(A) There are more lighthouses in the United States now than there were in 1900.
(B) There are more lighthouses in the United States today than in any other country.
(C) There are more functioning lighthouses in the United States today than there are lighthouses preserved as historical monuments.
(D) There were more lighthouses in the United States in 1900 than there are elsewhere in the world today.