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101 年 - 新北市101學年國小教甄英語試題#8585 

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1.He made a(n) ________ decision to sell the house without telling his wife

2.The steel industry in America was _____ because of the growth of railroads, which required thousands of miles of steel track.
(A) booming
(B) blooming
(C) glooming
(D) grooming

3.The teaching and learning methods may play a relevant role in the acquisition of a new language because it can _____ lexical processing.
(A) modulate
(B) moderate
(C) modify
(D) magnify

4.The law makes it ______ for children to go to school until they reach the age of 16.
(A) rigid
(B) mandatory
(C) exquisite
(D) predominating

5.Scientists often use the literal meanings of words because they need to be very clear and precise. Poets often use ______ language to stir our emotions or to help our imaginations see things in new ways.
(A) figure
(B) frugal
(C) figural
(D) figurative

6.When doctors attempt to diagnose an illness, they look for ways in which the patient's symptoms _____ those of one disease and differ from those of others.
(B) resemble
(C) compose
(D) represent

7.Loyalty, friendliness, and attention to details are some of the most prized _____ in an employee.
(A) culprits
(B) codes
(C) contributions
(D) attributes

8.The process of becoming ______ can be conceptualized as a series of qualitatively different stages through which learners progress as they become increasingly proficient with print.
(A) literal
(B) literary
(C) literate
(D) literati

9.Reflecting the interest of the community in preserving historical buildings, the council _______ seven thousand dollars for the restoration of courthouse.
(A) allocated
(B) diverged
(C) allowed
(D) divided

10.After hours of discussion, the committee members finally reached a ______ on the issue.
(A) venture
(B) consensus
(C) legacy
(D) ambiguity