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104 年 - 新北市104學年度國民小學暨幼兒園教師甄選-英語科#22108 

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1.21. Games and activities that lead children to attend to the phonemes are shown to significantly _____ children’s grasp of the alphabetic principle.
(A) abolish
(B) accelerate
(C) avert
(D) admonish

2.22. The rise of social networking systems such as Facebook and Bebo has attracted increased _____ from the press and privacy advocates, primarily focused on the safety of school-aged users.
(A) scrutiny
(B) scrub
(C) snide
(D) snort

3.23. The best feature of this device is that it is capable of _____ 2-D shows to 3-D, though images won’t be as impressive as in 3-D ready content.
(A) consenting
(B) committing
(C) couching
(D) converting

4.24. Many experts interpreted ADHD in such a way that it is hard for us to _____ their claims based on what we have found in our real experiences.
(A) conceal
(B) deprive
(C) refute
(D) subscribe

5.25. Advances in transportation and telecommunications, including the rise of the Internet, are major factors in globalization, which was identified four basic aspects: trade and transactions, capital and investment movements, migration and movement of people and the _____of knowledge.
(A) assimilation
(B) dissemination
(C) affiliation
(D) domination

6.26. In the remedial programs, _____ teachers provide instruction for elementary school low achievers in the math, Mandarin, and English subjects.
(A) accessible
(B) accredited
(C) accursed
(D) acerbic

7.27. Learning foreign languages and their corresponding cultures is of great importance to the _____ of communication.
(A) potential
(B) provocation
(C) interchange
(D) facilitation

8.28. Modern theory of the isolation effect emphasizes perceptual_____ and accompanying differential attention to the isolated item as necessary for enhanced memory.
(A) salience
(B) ambiguity
(C) extremity
(D) paradox

9.29. The city’s willingness to support its public schools gave us an _____ to move here with our children.
(A) affection
(B) emission
(C) incentive
(D) omission

10.30. The school _____ was worried about the lack of qualified English teachers in rural schools.
(A) humanoid
(B) prospect
(C) regimen
(D) superintendent

11.Error Correction: Identify the underlined word(s) or phrase that should be corrected or rewritten. Questions 31-35 31.Men are 【( A )airing】 their frustration with the limited roles they face today, 【( B )compared with】 the multiple options that women seem 【( C )to win】, so they are groping to redefine themselves 【( D )on their own terms】.
12.32.In the earliest years of civilization, people began having religious ceremonies as a way 【( A )to worship】 the God. Beliefs, faiths and religions 【( B )changed and developed】 over time. Today, all people 【( C )regardless】 nationality, religion and caste, 【( D )enjoy and celebrate】 together during festive seasons.
13.33.Language acquisition is the process 【( A )by which】 humans acquire the capacity to 【( B )perceive】 and comprehend language, as well as 【( C )produce】 and use words and sentences to 【( D )communicate】.
14.34.【( A )It is presumed】 that 【( B )people】 from different cultures 【( C )maintain】 different beliefs, values, and norms, 【( D )all of them】 contribute to different expressions of reality.
15.35.California residents 【( A )are facing】 mandatory water rationing as the state 【( B )enters】 its fourth year of a 【( C )record-breaking】 drought. Gov. Jerry Brown recently signed an executive order 【( D )called for】 a 25% reduction in urban water usage statewide
16.III.Cloze Test: Choose the answer that best fits the given text. Questions 36-40 Alphabetic, conventional text has a temporal, sequential logic, _36_ the logic of image is spatial and simultaneous. In multimodal texts, the combination of words and images communicate things that _37_ of the modes carries the full meaning separately. Alphabetic text is rapidly becoming less dominant _38_ the increasing influence of both the still and the moving image and the multimodal texts, _39_ pictures, sound, movement, color, texture, are becoming the norm. In such texts, each mode influences the other and the result is often multilayered in meaning and non-linear in nature with the screen _40_the page providing the canvas.
【題組】 36.
(A) whereas
(B) when
(C) where
(D) whether

(A) either
(B) none
(C) neither
(D) nor

(A) on
(B) under
(C) to
(D) between

(A) employing
(B) employed
(C) employ
(D) to employ

(A) as much as
(B) more than
(C) as great as
(D) rather than

21.Reading Comprehension: Choose the best answer to each question. Questions 41-45 It is the age of science. We have satellites in orbit, we can talk live on small portable devices between nearly any two points on Earth, and we can see more cat videos in one day than our forefathers could have dared dream of. Yet ancient superstitions still have a hold on us. Many superstitions seem insignificant or even silly—who really cares if you avoid a black cat’s path? There is a fine, and sometimes downright blurry, line between superstition, myth and urban legend. But not all superstitions are harmless. In some places, people believe that the body parts of albinos can bring them good luck. In the East African countries of Tanzania and Burundi, dozens of albinos have been murdered for this reason since 2008, according to the Red Cross. Superstition has also contributed to the decline of some of the world’s most magnificent animals: Several species of rhinos have been driven to near extinction because of demand for their horns, claimed to act as an aphrodisiac or even cure cancer. Superstitions often take the form of taboos, things you shouldn’t do. In some cases the superstition comes with its own remedy or counter-charm, its own mystical method for undoing the harm. For example, you may have bad luck if you spill salt on a table, but you can avert tragedy by throwing the salt over your left shoulder. Another old superstition cautions against opening an umbrella inside a house. To do otherwise invites back luck, either upon the umbrella opener or upon the household. It is not clear where this idea came from, though sources note that early umbrellas opened using a tight spring which was not reliable and could be dangerous if a finger was caught in it, or the umbrella opened suddenly or unexpectedly. In addition to being a common superstition, it is also practical advice: You do not need an umbrella inside, and getting a fully-opened umbrella through a door can be difficult. It is one of many admonitions against doing something mildly disruptive or destructive and unnecessary, such as breaking a mirror or walking under a ladder: It is probably harmless, but easily avoided by paying attention.
【題組】 41.In this passage the author implies that superstition is .
(A) always harmless
(B) always irreversible
(C) never a social taboo
(D)sometimes harmful

22.【題組】42. Which of the following words has the closest meaning to the word “fine” in the second paragraph?
(B) clearly-drawn

23.【題組】43.According to the passage, which of the following can be regarded as a counter-charm?
(A)Throwing salt over one’s left shoulder.
(B)Opening an umbrella in a house.
(C)Following a black’s path.
(D)Spilling salt on a table.

24.【題組】44. According to the author, what is a possible reason for superstitions?
(A)Superstition is highly related to religion.
(B)Superstition can sometimes serve as practical advice.
(C)Most people believe that what is done cannot be undone.
(D)Most superstitions come from myths or regional legends.

25.【題組】45. According to the passage, several species of rhinos are endangered because .
(A)people believe their horns can cure diseases
(B)rhinos are claimed to have caused cancer
(C) people believe albinos can bring them good luck
(D)rhinos are not able to find an appropriate habitat

26.Questions 46-50 Feather cloaks are the most spectacular of all objects of native Hawaiian manufacture. In the highly stratified society of the islands before their discovery by Captain James Cook in 1788, the cloaks were visual symbols of power and prestige, worn only by ranking male chiefs on state occasions and in battle. They were never very numerous, but powerful chiefs often acquired several through inheritance or as battle prizes. Although the feathers were gathered by the common people to defray part of their taxes and women were permitted to clean and sort them, only men of high rank, surrounded by sacred taboos, were allowed to make the cloaks. The manufacturing process involved tying small bunches of red, yellow, green, or black feathers with olona fiber. Large cloaks like the royal robe worn by Kamehameha I, the first king of all the islands, required some half-million feathers. Today these cloaks are ethnological treasures, but to the early ship captain they were little more than seemingly plentiful curiosities that the Hawaiians highly valued but gave away or traded for such trifles as iron knives. In turn, the Europeans traded these curiosities. This practice began with Cook’s officers, who traded the cloak in Leningrad in exchange for provisions. In 1825, Lord Byron, commander of the British ship Blonde, predicted that “the splendid war-cloak” would soon be more easily found in Europe than in Hawaii. Brigham found only five in Hawaii when he made his featherwork survey in 1899. Today twenty of the fifty known cloaks are still in the British Isles.
【題組】 46.The early ship captains who visited Hawaii were _______.
(A) aware of the historical and cultural significance of the feather cloaks
(B) convinced of the usefulness of the feather cloaks
(C) inclined to overestimate the availability of the feather cloaks
(D) curious about what the native thought of the feather cloaks

27.【題組】47. The passage states that Hawaiian feather cloaks were made only by _______.
(A) battle prisoners
(B) men of high status
(C) traders
(D) ordinary citizens

28.【題組】48. Feathers used in making cloaks were gathered mainly by _______.
(A) high-ranking women
(B) high-ranking men
(C) powerful male chiefs
(D) people of low rank

29.【題組】49. Before the discovery of the Hawaiian Islands by Europeans, feather cloaks were regarded by the Hawaiians as _______.
(A) objects of utilitarian value only
(B) objects of little value
(C) status symbols
(D) expensive souvenirs

30.【題組】50. It can be inferred that the creation of feather cloaks in Hawaii was _______.
(A) a highly regulated process
(B) the only native Hawaiian production
(C) greatly encouraged by the Europeans
(D) unwillingly undertaken by the Hawaiians