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1.The flight departs at 5 P.M. and ------- at the Kang international Airport at 7 P.M.
(A) arriving
(B) arrived
(C) arrives
(D) arrival
2. Mr. Kang has reserved a banquet room at the Kang Beach Hotel ------- the annual holiday party.
(A) from
(B) for
(C) onto
(D) off
3.Kang's latest book discusses new ------- in textile-production technology.
(A) develops
(B) developments
(C) developed
(D) developer
4.A trip to Robin island will leave visitors quite ------- about its beauty.
(A) exciting
(B) excited
(C) excite
(D) excitement
5.Kang Store's profits have decreased recently, so the chair is coming under ------- to cut costs.
(A) pressure
(B) burden
(C) weight
(D) load
6.Although Ms. Kelly has been working as a trader for only two months, she is ------- regarded by clients.
(A) high
(B) highly
(C) higher
(D) highest
7.The warranty on your newly purchased iphone ------- on December 32.
(A) confirms
(B) requires
(C) rotates
(D) expires
8.In a televised interview, the Kang Ltd. CEO said that ------- of the merger with Bella Vita Corporation would be announced soon.
(A) to detail
(B) detail
(C) detailed
(D) details
9.-------- Mr. Ng nor Mr. Lam will arrive until next week, so we have plenty of time to prepare for their visit.
(A) Never
(B) Rather
(C) Neither
(D) However
10. The problem with the security door lock was -------- due to an electrical system malfunction.
(A) probably
(B) narrowly
(C) usefully
(D) safely
11. Employees are asked -------- their supervisors of problems in a timely manner.
(A) to notify
(B) notified
(C) notifying
(D) were notifying
12.Elizabeth Yamane has spent the last six months in Senegal doing research for her -------- novel.
(A) upcoming
(B) recurrent
(C) estimated
(D) inward
13.The community Health Education program offers screenings conducted by health-care -------- affiliated with the Hampden Clinic.
(A) professional
(B) profession
(C) professionals
(D) professionally
14.It looks -------- we will have enough copies of the article on local restaurant for everyone in the tour group.
(A) if
(B) as
(C) as if
(D) so as
15.Tamar Associates is pleased to submit this -------- for construction services on the property located at 97 Martin Avenue.
(A) proposal
(B) proposed
(C) propose
(D) proposing
16.David Yiu has informed his clients that he will be on -------- from work for the next two months.
(A) exit
(B) leave
(C) deletion
(D) removal
17.If you experience -------- problems with your computer, please report them to the department of information systems.
(A) technical
(B) technically
(C) technician
(D) technicality
18. Drivers must take a -------- around the construction site until the building is completed in November.
(A) change
(B) view
(C) detour
(D) gap
19.Wang and Associates will be interviewing -------- for the managerial position on Monday and Tuesday of next week.
(A) applicants
(B) applications
(C) applied
(D) apply
20.Kang agreed that a great deal was accomplished at yesterday's meeting, and the marketing group in particular found it -------.
(A) productive
(B) abundant
(C) inaudible
(D) reluctant
21.Sunnyday Ltd. is an internationally -------- advertising firm with offices in Taipei and Tokyo.
(A) recognized
(B) recognizing
(C) recognize
(D) recognizes
22. Staff members at the Kubla Khan Hotel are known for being especially helpful, and guests often comment on -------- knowledge of local attractions.
(A) them
(B) their
(C) they
(D) theirs
23.In order to -------- same-day delivery of your online purchase, you must pay an additional fee.
(A) notice
(B) expand
(C) afford
(D) guarantee
24.In the upcoming year, the Wordgod investment Group plans to -------- stock in more than 300 companies worldwide.
(A) purchased
(B) purchases
(C) purchasing
(D) purchase
25.Monroe Bank’s Internet services will be -------- to customers from 6:00 to 9:00 A.M. on Sunday, October 31.
(A) refrained
(B) unavailable
(C) dissolved
(D) understood