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1.The following employment ______ are samples of what we are looking for so that we can post them on our job bank website.
(A) flyers
(B) leads
(C) commercials
(D) inventory

2.The research data didn’t make ______ sense at first.
(A) many
(B) much
(C) few
(D) some

3.Due to the expansion of the school, the demand of classroom equipment is estimated to ______ by more than 10 percent.
(A) arise
(B) raise
(C) rise
(D) risen

4.Under-developed, oil-producing South Sudan won its independence peacefully in a January ____ .
(A) rebellion
(B) referendum
(C) tournament
(D) commencement

5.Hewlett-Packard, the world’s leading computer ____, has officially entered the consumer tablet game with the release of its HP TouchPad.
(A) curator
(B) opponent
(C) manufacturer
(D) attorney

6.Public-health experts say children are ____ daily by television ads, Web sites, toy giveaways and cartoon characters promoting junk food.
(A) languished
(B) permeated
(C) illuminated
(D) bombarded

7.Hoping to give its users a more ____ way to stay in touch, Facebook introduced video chatting inside its online social network through a deal with Skype, the Internet calling service.
(A) indigenous
(B) intimate
(C) inherent
(D) tremendous

8.Teachers should recognize that educational technology cannot be considered a ________ for educational reform.
(A) parody
(B) panacea
(C) alacrity
(D) avarice

9.This magazine is designed to help satellite equipment buyers make more _____ purchasing decisions and keep ahead of new developments.
(A) obscure
(B) foreseen
(C) representative
(D) informed

10.In view of the severe economic recession, his appointment to this office was regarded as highly _____.
(A) compulsory
(B) refutable
(C) appropriate
(D) deterred

11.Sponsorship is being increasingly allowed in schools provided it is regarded as being _____ with educational curricula.
(A) refrained
(B) provocative
(C) allege
(D) compatible

12.The number of times an object is "magnified" by a telescope can be determined by the focal length of the objective lens and of the eye-piece.
(A) observed
(B) located
(C) exposed
(D) enlarged

13.The "owner" said that his insurance would not replace all of the merchandise which had been damaged.
(A) proprietor
(B) tutor
(C) loafer
(D) debtor

14.The representatives of the company seemed very "insensitive" to the conditions of the workers.
(A) dubious
(C) audacious
(D) callous

15.The competition is open to both professionals and "non-professionals".
(A) aliens
(B) juniors
(C) amateurs
(D) merger

16.The use of "ambiguous" language in contracts and laws, especially tax laws, has resulted in much litigation.
(A) doubtful
(B) filthy
(C) flawless
(D) legal

17.Many tourists come to Athens to view the remains of the city which was the "fountainhead" of Western civilization.
(A) foundation
(B) symbol
(C) source
(D) soul

18.The stock market was "volatile" all year. The economists couldn’t predict it or make any sense of it.
(A) profitable
(B) unstable
(C) unmoving
(D) violent

19.They __________ so that we wouldn’t recognize them.
(A) consumed
(B) disguised
(C) were disguising
(D) were disguised

20.The report confirmed ________, in both the public and the private sectors, and it urged the passage of new legislative and administrative laws.
(A) that it is widespread discrimination
(B) that there was widespread discrimination
(C) which of widespread discrimination
(D) it had widespread discrimination

21.Characters in realistic literature tend to be more complex than ______.
(A) romantic literature
(B) those are romantic literature
(C) those in romantic literature
(D) romantic literature is

22.If he had known the facts, he _____ what to do.
(A) will tell us
(B) told us
(C) would tell us
(D) could have told us

23.Poe and Hawthorne ______ in the development of the short story as a distinctive American genre.
(A) and both leaders
(B) they were both leaders
(C) were both leaders
(D) who as leaders

24.Tourism, the main source of revenue for the city, _____ for half of this small tropical island’s total economy.
(A) accounts
(B) is accounted
(C) had accounted
(D) had been accounted

25.When ____, few feel the pressure more than celebrities.
(A) coming to keeping fit
(B) come to keep fit
(C) it comes to keeping fit
(D) to come to keeping fit

26.Without outside help, Greece is probably insolvent right now. _____
(A) The close you look, the bad it gets.
(B) The closer you look at it, the worse it gets.
(C) The closer you look, the worse it gets.
(D) The closest you look at it, the worst it gets.

27.Princess Diana _____ 50 this month, if she were here now.
(A) would be
(B) would have been
(C) were
(D) was

28.In March, 2011, Italy and Tunisian reached an accord _____ promised to stem the flow economic migrants.
(A) in which the Tunisian authority
(B) of which the Tunisian authorities
(C) by which the Tunisian authority
(D) in which Tunisian authorities

29.For those suspended in this borderland, the past and the future, sharing stories of maltreatment _____ is a way to pass the time.
(A) of the French police’s hands
(B) of the hand in the French police
(C) at the hands of the French police
(D) in the hands by the French police

30.Not only ____ scientists about weather and growth conditions during their long life but they also offer some insight into the future.
(A) do these ancient pine trees tell
(B) these ancient pine trees tell
(C) tell these ancient pine trees
(D) did these ancient pine trees tell

31.EFL students often have problems in fulfilling L1 audience “expectation. Because they have different linguistic,” content, contextual, and rhetorical schemata.
(A) expectation. Because they have different linguistic,
(B) expectation, because they have different linguistic,
(C) expectation because they have different linguistic,
(D) expectation: because they have different linguistic,

32.Outrunning the other players on the football “field, I saw Jack score” the winning touchdown.
(A) field, I saw Jack score
(B) field, I saw Jack scoring
(C) field, Jack scored
(D) field, Jack scoring

33.Dominated by research on English language, “reading researchers have paid more attention to other writing systems and orthographies, for they believe that” writing systems affect reading.
(A) reading researchers have paid more attention to other writing systems and orthographies, for they believe that
(B) reading researchers have been paying more attention to other writing systems and orthographies, and they believe that
(C) reading research has been paying more attention to other writing systems and orthographies, and it believes that
(D) reading research has paid more attention to other writing systems and orthographies, and it is believed that

34.There is no doubt that “great numbers of students, of all ages, are overwhelmed by” the plethora of resources and searching tools in the changing electronic library, and they cannot function well unaided.
(A) great numbers of students, of all ages, are overwhelmed by
(B) vast quantities of students, of all ages, are overwhelmed by
(C) vast quantities of students at all ages are overwhelmed by
(D) a great number of students at all ages is overwhelmed by

35.The functional listening problems of adults with early onset hearing loss are often “different and greater than adults who have” a similar level of late onset, noise induced hearing loss.
(A) different and greater than adults who have
(B) different from and greater than those of adults with
(C) different and greater than adults with
(D) different from and greater than an adult with

36.All seven Harry Potter books will launch as e-books in October at a new web site, Pottermore, hosted by author J.K. Rowling. The new web site Rowling is launching in __36__ with Sony and the series’ publishers will be a reading experience unlike any other. Pottermore is being designed to serve as an online space where Rowling and Potter fans will be able to interact. "I wanted to give something back to the fans that have followed Harry so __37__ over the years, and to bring the stories to a new digital generation," Rowling said. "Everyone will be able to join in by __38__ their own comments, drawings and other content in a safe and friendly environment," Rowling explained. The interactive story line at Pottermore initially will be limited to the first book in the series, Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone. However, story lines for all seven novels will be added over time.
(A) association
(B) partnership
(C) correspondence
(D) relevance

(A) devotedly
(B) commercially
(C) famously
(D) spectacularly

(A) truncating
(B) liberating
(C) submitting
(D) probing

39.All living languages are characterized by sound changes that have occurred and will continue to occur in the course of their history. Some linguists choose to consider the sound change process as something that operates with the regularity of physical laws. ―Sound law‖ is a term devised by linguist August Leskien to describe the supposed absolute regularity of this kind of structural change in language. The term ―sound law‖ means that, in a given area and at a given period, if a sound changes, the change will be universal and will have no exceptions. This rule loses some of its inflexibility by amendments to the effect that, if apparent exceptions are found, they are due to some extraneous factor, such as learned influence, foreign or dialectal borrowing, or analogy.
【題組】What is the main topic of the passage?
(A) Sound changes that have occurred in language
(B) A theory of sound change
(C) Some exceptions to the rule of sound change
(D) Some reasons for sound change

40.【題組】Leskien developed the term ―sound law‖ because he believed that
(A) sounds change in a certain pattern without exception
(B) amendments were needed to existing sound change theories
(C) physical laws should not be applied to linguistic theory
(D) a general law and several qualifiers could explain sound change

41.【題組】The author of the passage implies that regular sound change is caused by
(A) knowledge of linguistic and physical laws
(B) new pronunciations being proposed by linguists
(C) influence from foreign languages
(D) structural forces within language

42.【題組】It can be inferred from the passage that
(A) linguists cannot observe sound change in language today
(B) linguists feel that language laws have changed more in recent years than in the past
(C) a language will sound different in five centuries than it does now
(D) all languages eventually die out

43.Literature can play a critical role in immersing children in their new language. Both school and classroom libraries are integral parts in this process because access to books has been shown to encourage more frequent reading (Krashen, 1998; McQuillan, 1998; Neuman, 1999; Neuman & Celano, 2001). Indeed, students in classrooms with libraries read 50% more books than students in classrooms without them (Morrow, 2003). Access to classroom libraries may be even more important for English learners (Chambliss & McKillop, 2000). Placing meaningful books in English learners’ hands helps them develop and practice as readers and writers in a new language (Hadaway, Vardell, & Young, 2002c). English learners need extensive practice with their new language— opportunities to hear and use English in a variety of purposeful, authentic contexts. To accomplish this, teachers can use read-alouds, book talks, story retellings, literature circles, book buddies, author studies, and other reading response projects (Gambrell, Morrow, & Pennington, 2002). A study conducted in six elementary schools in Texas on the U.S.–Mexico border with 78 teachers and 2,500 English learners (Roser, Hoffman, & Farest, 1990) focused on the integration of literature and related instructional strategies into the language arts block. As a result of this integration, statistically significant growth in scores on the state-mandated basic skills test was noted in five of the six schools. As librarians and teachers begin to think about their English learners and select appropriate books for their libraries and classrooms, some general considerations emerge. When matching English learners with books, teachers and librarians must consider specific language factors that influence comprehension. The more the book material deviates from these criteria, the more teaching support will be needed to assist English learners with the obvious language and structural difficulties. The goal is always selecting quality literature that is well written and illustrated. But what questions should be considered in guiding potential classroom and library selections for English learners? Here are a few essential elements. Content accessibility. Is the story or topic familiar or helpful? When students already know about a concept in their own language, transitioning to a book in English about the same concept is not so overwhelming because they have a knowledge base upon which to build. Language accessibility. Is the language of the book simple and direct? Simple phrases or sentence patterns, a limited amount of text on each page, and predictable, repetitive text offer a reader-friendly experience for English learners at a 4 beginning proficiency level. Visual accessibility. Are there abundant illustrations? When word knowledge is limited, readers rely on other cues to help figure out the meaning of text. This utilitarian function of illustration is extremely helpful. Genre accessibility. Are there a variety of genres available? Just as the classroom reflects diversity, the school and classroom library should, too— through a rich array of genres and topics. From the poetry of Douglas Florian to the nonfiction of Gail Gibbons or the fiction of Allen Say, English learners need exposure to various styles of writing and patterns of text organization. (Excerpts taken from Vardell, S. M., Hadaway, N. L., & Young, T. A. (2006). Matching books and readers: Selecting literature for English learners. The Reading Teacher, 59(8), 734-741.)
【題組】What does the passage mainly discuss?
(A) Literature helps immerse English learners in their new language.
(B) Both school and classroom libraries encourage children to read more frequently.
(C) Teachers and librarians need to take account of specific factors when they choose books for English learners.
(D) English learners need to be exposed to various styles of writing and patterns of text.

44.【題組】What can be inferred from Roser et al.’s study in Texas?
(A) All schools benefited from the integration of literature and related instructional strategies into the language arts block.
(B) The participating students in the study were ESL (English as a second language) students. Most, if not all, were of Hispanic origin.
(C) The study yielded significant implications for selecting appropriate books for American students.
(D) The students’ improvement in scores on the state-mandated basic skills test can be attributed to the inclusion of classroom libraries.

45.【題組】The word integral in line 2 is closest in meaning to
(A) consequent
(B) integrated
(C) essential
(D) exclusive

46.【題組】The article proposes several criteria for teachers and librarians when they choose books for English learners EXCEPT:
(A) Students should be familiar with the concept or topic of the story.
(B) Students should be provided with a quality classroom library.
(C) Beginning English learners benefit from books with simple and direct language as well as abundant visual support from book illustrations.
(D) English learners need to be exposed to various genres and patterns of writing.

47.Passage one
There are not many places that I find it more agreeable to revisit when I am in an idle mood, than some places to which I have never been. For, my acquaintance with those spots is of such long standing, and has ripened into an intimacy of so affectionate a nature, that I take a particular interest in assuring myself that they are unchanged. I never was in Robinson Crusoe’s Island, yet I frequently return there. I was never in the robbers’ cave, where Gil Blas lived, but I often go back there and find the trap-door just as heavy to raise as it used to be. I was never in Don Quixote’s study, where he read his books of chivalry until he rose and hacked at imaginary giants, yet you couldn’t move a book in it without my knowledge. So with Damascus, and Lilliput, and the Nile, and Abyssinia, and the North Pole, and many hundreds of places — I was never at them, yet it is an affair of my life to keep them intact, and I am always going back to them.

Passage two
The books one reads in childhood create in one’s mind a sort of false map of the world, a series of fabulous countries into which one can retreat at odd moments throughout the rest of life, and which in some cases can even survive a visit to the real countries which they are supposed to represent. The pampas, the Amazon, the coral islands of the Pacific, Russia, land of birch-tree and samovar, Transylvania with its boyars and vampires, the China of Guy Boothby, the Paris of du Maurier—one could continue the list for a long time. But one other imaginary country that I acquired early in life was called America. If I pause on the word ―America‖, and deliberately put aside the existing reality, I can call up my childhood vision of it.

【題組】The first sentence of passage one contains an element of
(A) self-deprecation
(B) legend
(C) melancholy
(D) paradox

48.【題組】By calling America an ―imaginary country‖ the author of passage two implies that
(A) America has been the subject of numerous works for children.
(B) he has never seen America.
(C) his childhood vision of that country owed nothing to actual conditions.
(D) America has stimulated his imagination.

49.【題組】Both passages make the point that
(A) books read early in life can be revisited in the imagination many years later.
(B) children’s books are largely fiction.
(C) the effects of childhood impressions are inescapable.
(D) the sight of imaginary places evokes memories.

50.【題組】Both passages list a series of places, but differ in that the author of passage one
(A) never expects to visit any of them in real life, whereas the writer of passage two thinks it at least possible that he might.
(B) is less specific in compiling his list.
(C) wishes to preserve his locations in his mind forever, whereas the author of passage two wishes to modify all his visions in the light of reality.
(D) revisits them more often.