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103 年 - 林園高中103學年度第一學期第一次段考高三英文科試卷#23081 

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1.16. The department store tried to attract customers by ______ a summer sale.
(A) having
(B) have
(C) has
(D) had

2.17. The heavy rain made ______ difficult for us to go for a picnic.
(A) that
(B) this
(C) which
(D) it

3.18. You should not ______ at your parents. That was very rude (無禮的).
(A) have shouted
(B) shout
(C) be shouted
(D) shouting

4.19. Sam speaks seven languages. ______ a smart man he is!
(A) How
(B) Why
(C) Who
(D) What

5.20. The little boy found it ______ to draw pictures.
(A) interest
(B) interesting
(C) interested
(D) interestingly

6.21. I forgot ______ to meet you. Can you tell me the time again?
(A) which
(B) who
(C) when
(D) what

7.22. Your room looks ______ dirty. When was the last time you cleaned it?
(A) as if
(B) to be
(C) like
(D) ×

8.23. Jason should ______ at the party an hour ago, but he arrived just now.
(A) have arrived
(B) arrive
(C) be arrived
(D) arrived

9.24. This restaurant offers delicious food. That is ______ people like to go there.
(A) when
(B) who
(C) why
(D) what

10.25. Taiwan High Speed Rail (HSR) lets people ______ in Taiwan more quickly.
(A) traveling
(B) to travel
(C) travels
(D) travel

11.III. 綜合測驗 (10分,每題1分) (1) Billy is crazy about convenience stores. Let’s take a look at his __(26)__ day. In the morning, he __(27)__ the nearby convenience store and buys his breakfast. After work, he has a cup of coffee there because the store provides customers __(28)__ comfortable seats. __(29)__, he buys his dinner and pays some bills. Convenience stores make it __(30)__ for him to get everything he needs.
(A) sore
(B) typical
(C) available
(D) chemical

(A) goes out
(B) goes ahead
(C) stops by
(D) stops from

(A) to
(B) with
(C) of
(D) for

(A) In other words
(B) Worst of all
(C) After all
(D) Later on

(A) easy
(B) easily
(C) as easy
(D) to be easy

16.(2) There are many useful tips on how to live a smart life. One day, my father found that his shoes looked __(31)__ dirty, so he used a banana peel to __(32)__ them. How __(33)__ it was! Actually, the secret of this __(34)__ is the high level of tannin in banana peels. If you make good use of the things around you, you can also __(35)__ magic.
(A) to be
(B) like
(C) ×
(D) as

(A) soothe
(B) insure
(C) provide
(D) polish

(A) simple
(B) simply
(C) a simple thing
(D) simply a thing

(A) scientist
(B) trick
(C) errand
(D) cloth

(A) perform
(B) increase
(C) serve
(D) contain

21.重新載圖IV. 對話測驗 (10分,每題2分)
Robert: Hi, Helen! You look troubled. __(36)__ 
Helen: I need to get some cash (現金) from the bank, but it’s too late now. The bank is closed. __(37)__ 
Robert: Don’t worry. It’s easy. __(38)__ 
Helen: Really? __(39)__ 
Robert: Yes, there’s an ATM inside the store, so you can withdraw money from there. 
Helen: Wow! I didn’t know that. __(40)__ I’ll go right now. 
Robert: You’re welcome.


26.V. 閱讀測驗 (10分,每題2分) Science is in our everyday lives, even in cooking. Understanding the science of food can help you cook a meal or prepare a snack. For instance, you might know that cutting an onion (洋蔥) can make you cry. That is because cutting the onion makes chemicals inside it mix and form (產生) acid (酸). This can be prevented by keeping the onion in the refrigerator, or by cutting it under water. You might also know that if you cut certain kinds of fruits, such as apples and pears, they turn brown very quickly. This happens because these fruits contain a chemical that reacts (反應) with oxygen (氧氣). One way to prevent this is by adding some lemon or tangerine juice. The acid in the juice prevents the chemical reaction. Whether you are preparing a snack or learning how to cook, science is a part of what you do. In fact, you might say that to be a cook, you must also be a scientist!
【題組】41. The passage is mainly about ______.
(A) how scientists cook in their homes
(B) how to be a great scientist in the future
(C) why understanding science helps cooking
(D) why students should learn science in school

27.【題組】42. According to the passage, what makes people cry when cutting an onion?
(A) The peel of the onion.
(B) The water inside the onion.
(C) The smell and taste of the onion.
(D) The chemical reaction of the onion.

28.【題組】43. How can people avoid crying when cutting an onion?
(A) Put the onion in the refrigerator before cutting it.
(B) Drink some lemon juice before cutting it.
(C) Add some tangerine juice to the onion.
(D) Think about happy things when cutting it.

29.【題組】44. How can we prevent apples from turning brown after they are cut?
(A) Keep them in the refrigerator.
(B) Put them beside a banana.
(C) Add some tangerine juice.
(D) Put them in hot water.

30.【題組】45. Which of the following statements is true?
(A) People can only learn science in a laboratory.
(B) Scientific knowledge is useful for preparing snacks.
(C) Onions turn brown very quickly after they are cut.
(D) The acid in lemon juice makes apples taste sweeter.

I. 文意字彙與詞類變化 (30分,每題2分) (請適當變化動詞時態、名詞單複數及大小寫) perform trick degree contain improve peel science typical chip familiar provide urban fee available increase

【題組】 1. Our school band ______ their own music at the Christmas party.

32.【題組】2. On a ______ school day, the first class in my school begins at eight o’clock.
33.【題組】3. The temperature in the city now is 32 ______ Celsius.
34.【題組】4. Although potato ______ are very delicious, they are not good for your health.
35.【題組】5. Nowadays, the idea of “LOHAS” has become ______ to many people worldwide.
36.【題組】6. I don’t like to eat snacks that ______ a lot of fat.
37.【題組】7. The magician’s most famous ______ is to cut a person in half.
38.【題組】8. The government will support the project that ______ young people with work.
39.【題組】9. Ms. Lin asked Paul to study harder to ______ his math.
40.【題組】10. More and more people in the countryside are moving to ______ areas in order to find better jobs.
41.【題組】11. Teresa took two part-time jobs in order to pay her school ______.
42.【題組】12. Don’t throw those banana ______ here, or others may slip and fall on them.
43.【題組】13. Gina’s friends asked her if she would be ______ to have dinner with them tonight.
44.【題組】14. After the typhoon, the prices of many vegetables ______ by about 20 percent.
45.【題組】15. Eric has had an interest in ______ since he was a child.
VI. 片語測驗 (20分,每格1分) (請適當變化動詞時態及大小寫)  on hand in other words worst of all go ahead stop by as well as best of all in return

【題組】 46. The little girl couldn’t find her way home. ________ ________ ________, she got lost.

47.【題組】47. Kevin’s car ran out of gas. ________ ________ ________, there were no gas stations nearby.
48.【題組】48. Could you ________ ________ the bakery on your way home and buy some bread for me?
49.【題組】49. Lisa ________ ________ ________ her parents has lived in France for ten years.
50.【題組】50. I’d like to buy the book, but I didn’t have any money ________ ________ at that time.
51.【題組】51. The car is beautiful and fast. ________ ________ ________, it’s not too expensive.
52.【題組】52. Grace likes to help people, and she never expects anything ________ ________.
53.【題組】53. “May I take a look around your house?” “Sure, ________ ________.”