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104 年 - 104年第1次桃園捷運-英文#21993 

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1.21. Don’t get excited yet! Some researchers actually indicated that the ____ of the oil price could be a sign of deflation.
(A) crust
(B) clash
(C) crash
(D) crush

2.22. ____ has become increasingly common nowadays. Posting hurtful or threatening messages on social networking sites violates the law.
(A) Cyber bullying
(B) Online shopping
(C) Camping
(D) Website design

3.23. The athlete was found guilty of taking drugs and some prohibited ____.
(A) substances
(B) stances
(C) instances
(D) resistances

4.24. Mrs. White took ____ of the fine weather to do some washing and drying.
(A) choice
(B) advantage
(C) effect
(D) interest

5.25. I ____ a shower when the doorbell rang.
(A) took
(B) had been
(C) was taking
(D)have taking

6.26. Irene, _____ grades were not good this semester, decided to drop out of the school.
(A) that
(B) whose
(C) those
(D) which

7.27. The ____ between the two brothers over the property left behind by the parents gradually heated up.
(A) bargain
(B) reputation
(C) disposition
(D) dispute

8.28. The faculty meeting was _____ because of the typhoon, but we will need to set a new date for the meeting next week.
(A) marked
(B) denied
(C) judged
(D) cancelled

9.29. When ordered by their parents to do their homework, many children do so only ____.
(A) deliciously
(B) reluctantly
(C) gracefully
(D) unknowingly

10.30. The exam is ____. Let’s go to the library to study.
(A) in the corner
(B) around the corner
(C) on the corner
(D) away from the corner

11.31. William: Do you think we should share an apartment to save some money? Carl: I understand your point of view. But living together with a good friend might _______.
(A) save some money
(B) ruin a good friendship
(C) be a good idea
(D) share the space

12.32. Sarah is sitting in a priority seat. Her friend advises her not to do that, and she agrees. Linda: Sarah, you are sitting in a priority seat! Sarah: ______
(A) Oh, I am sorry to bother you.
(B) Mind your own business.
(C) Thank you for letting me know.
(D) I am standing up.

13.33. Susan: Excuse me, where should I change trains for the Bannan Line? Henry: I have no idea. Listen! Here comes the announcement. Announcement: Passengers taking the Bannan Line, please change trains at this station. Susan: _____
(A) Why didn’t you tell me?
(B) I don’t know.
(C) I have to hurry. Thanks.
(D) Don’t tell me.

14.34. Adelaide: Congratulations on your job promotion! Mark: Thank you. But I really feel pressured. Adelaide: Why? Mark: _______
(A) The responsibility is massive.
(B) The salary is not bad.
(C). The people are friendly.
(D) The job is too easy.

15.35. Judy: Oh, no! The bus is late again. Should we take a taxi instead? Linda: There is nothing we can do but wait. Judy: Alright. What are the ladies going to do?
(A) They don’t want to wait.
(B) They will keep waiting.
(C) They will take the taxi.
(D) The taxi is late.

16.Surfing has been a popular sport for many centuries. In the early 1900s, Hawaii’s most beloved surfer, Duke Kahanamoku, __36__ on the scene. His sports fans called him the “Human Fish.” According to Hawaiian legend, Duke once surfed huge waves that resulted __37__ a Japanese earthquake. He also gave surfing __38__ to inspire others to try the sport. Bethany Hamilton is another Hawaiian surfer who is __ 39__ for her courage and strength. At the age of 13, when Bethany was surfing, a shark attacked her and bit off her arm. Bethany jumped back on her surfboard quickly after her __40__. A year later, Bethany wrote her autobiography to try to inspire other girls to surf. Now Bethany’s a world-class competitor. Clearly, surfing has now become more than an international sport. It’s also a lifestyle.
(A) showed off
(B) showed up
(C) showed on
(D) showed in

(A) from
(B) in
(C) up
(D) on

(A) demonstrations
(B) monuments
(C) constructions
(D) memorials

(A) well done
(B) well-being
(C) well-known
(D) well note

(A) inquire
(B) inquiry
(C) injury
(D) injure