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1.1. There’s no way I’ll be able to give a speech tomorrow. I’ve just begun to lose my voice, and the doctor’s _____ is that it’ll get even weaker for at least two more days.
(A) prognosis
(B) culmination
(C) antithesis
(D) tumult

2.2. My low opinion of Brian was _____ (e)d when I learned he had faked an auto accident in order to file a dishonest insurance claim.
(A) fabricate
(B) turbulent
(C) deride
(D) validate

3.3. Politicians must be _____ about their personal lives because revealing sensitive information can give other candidates something to use against them in an election campaign.
(A) discreet
(B) heinous
(C) obtrusive
(D) capricious

4.4. The ski trip was worthwhile just to see the _____ on Joanne’s face the first time she made it down the hill without falling.

5.5. Malaria is a(n) _____ disease. Its symptoms of chills and fever can keep reappearing for many years.
(A) bureaucratic
(B) mandated
(C) raucous
(D) tenacious

6.6. Teenagers often _____ about their plans. When asked where they’re going, they say “Out,” and when asked what they’ll be doing, they say “Nothing much.”
(A) reprehend
(B) equivocate
(C) fortify
(D) predispose

7.7. When we think about the learning process, we often focus only on learning that is immediately obvious. But not all learning is immediately apparent. This "hidden" learning is known as _____ learning.
(A) atypical
(B) explicit
(C) mandatory
(D) latent

8.8. There is good evidence that plants also react to sounds. Most likely, sounds stimulate a plant to produce more of a hormone that boosts growth and _____.

9.9. A fearsome shark is often viewed as crude and malevolent, feeding just as heartily on humans as on fish and sea lions. But new research is challenging that notion, revealing a finicky eater that may find people _____.
(A) unpalatable
(B) immoral
(C) affluent
(D) agile

10.10. If you _____ an official position, title, right etc., you publicly say that you will not keep it any more.
(A) uncover
(B) commence
(C) renounce
(D) impart

11.11. Overindulgence, although well-intentioned, may _____ the child’s need to develop independence and individuality.
(A) accord
(B) stymie
(C) surmount
(D) gratify

12.12. Because his parents earned a _____ salary, he had to work part-time during college in order to pay for his own tuition fees.

13.13. The _____ of the three small companies created a large empire in many business areas.
(A) merging
(B) break down
(C) despair
(D) disperse

14.II. Cloze Some people go into high-paying sectors like finance for a life-style of fast cars and mansions. But these days, some are doing so with the hope of helping society 14. just themselves. Part of this movement, known as “effective altruism,” is Matt Wage, 15. The Times Columnist Nicholas Kristof wrote about recently. At Princeton University in New Jersey, Mr. Wage excelled 16. philosophy and was known for his belief that he had an obligation to make the world a better place. Yet after graduation in 2012, he went to work for an arbitrage trading firm 17. Wall Street. His reasoning: that by taking home more money, he would have a greater ability to change people’s lives for the better. In 2013, he gave over $100,000 to charity—about half his pretax income, he told The Times. He said he planned to continue working in finance and giving away half his pay. (By Tess Felder, the New York Times)
(A) rather than
(B) better than
(C) no other than
(D) now and then

(A) where
(B) who
(C) whom
(D) what

(A) at
(B) on
(C) with
(D) in

(A) on
(B) at
(C) in
(D) of

18.Fans love tracking these evolutions, 18. well as learning every bit of information about as many yokai (strange apparition) as they can. This may explain why a lot of these books, scholarly or not, have the look and feel of illustrated encyclopedias, 19. detailed descriptions of scores of creatures. Why do the centuries-old monsters continue 20. fascinate? “There’s the mystery of the world about them,” said Bill Tsutsui, a Japanologist. “You get that in this folkloric sense of the past: that the real world around us is beautiful and wonderful, 21. can be really horrible to.” (By Robert Ito, the New York Times)
(A) so
(B) as
(C) much
(D) better

(A) of
(B) from
(C) on
(D) with

(A) to
(B) along
(C) and
(D) be

(A) whatever
(B) however
(C) and
(D) and yet

22.The simplest form of exercise accessible to anyone is walking. Basically, the only requirements are a decent pair of walking shoes, some internal motivation, and a positive attitude. By simply taking a few extra steps each day, you can start laying the foundation for the proper regimen for a healthier life. Here are some beginning steps 22. suggestions by physical trainers to get you started. Initially, it’s necessary to design an appropriate plan for walking that fits your goals and needs. For example, a beginner may want to start by walking three times a week for about 20 minutes each. After getting used to incorporating consistent exercise as a routine part of your daily life, 23. adjust your plan by increasing your walking schedule to five times a week and 30 minutes per session. As you monitor and evaluate the number of walks per week and the length of each session, one common mistake that beginners often make is increasing both distance and time, which has the potential add too much physical strain on your body over a short period of time. 24. every time you adjust your walking plan, be sure to only focus on either distance or time. After you’ve successfully maintained the habit of taking regular walks on a weekly basis, the next step is to monitor the 25. of your walk by measuring your heart rate. While this might seem like it requires professional medical training, measuring your heart rate can be as easy as checking your pulse on your wrist or by wearing a heart rate monitor.
(A)based by
(B)based on
(C)which are base on
(D)base by

(A) feverishly
(B) breathlessly
(C) affectionately
(D) gradually

(A) Nevertheless,
(B) Therefore,
(C) While
(D) Notwithstanding

(A) intense
(B) intention
(C) intent
(D) intensity

26.26. The robber accelerated the car ________ of passing the intersection before the traffic light turned red.
(A) by way
(B) in need
(C) for lack
(D) for want

27.27. You ought to inform the bank ________ any change of your personal data, such as your phone number and address.
(A) with
(B) for
(C) of
(D) to

28.28. We can learn to control our emotions by becoming ________ causes.
(A) conscious aware their underlying
(B) consciously aware their underlie
(C) consciously aware of their underlying
(D) conscious aware of their underlie

29.29. Studies have disclosed that new containerships built in 2013 are 10 percent less fuel-efficient________ in 1990.
(A) than that built
(B) than those built
(C) than built
(D) than it was

30.30.________ injured, he scored two goals in the match.
(A) Despite he was
(B) In spite he
(C) Despite the fact that he was
(D) In spite of 2

31.31. Only by working hard________ .
(A) are we able to success
(B) are we able to succeed
(C) we are able to success
(D) we are able to succeed

32.32. ________ my brother’s old laptop, this new one is much faster.
(A) Comparing with
(B) Beyond comparison with
(C) In comparison to
(D) Compared

33.33. ________ being elected president of our school.
(A) It is the old teacher who worthwhile
(B) The old teacher is worth of
(C) The old teacher worth
(D) The old teacher is worthy of

34.34. She ________ the phone.
(A) responded to my proposal by hanging up
(B) responded to my proposal when hanging up
(C) responded my proposal while hanging down
(D) responded my proposal and hang down IV. Correction

35.35. If I was given the chance to make the decision again, I would probably buy a car with four-wheel drive.

(A)was given




36.36. An average baby whale weighs as much as a full-grown elephant and double its weight in one month.
(B)as much as

37.37. One of the main components to fear is unpredictability.  When the situation becomes predictable, the fear diminishes.  The more accurate and realistic your information does,  the better this approach will work.
(A)is unpredictability
(B)the fear diminishes
(C)The more
(D)information does

38.38. Although young children love reading and listening stories again and again, it is important to vary the ways in which you retell a story in a classroom context in order to keep the children actively participating and engaged.

(A)reading and listening
(B)to vary the ways

39.39. Most business letters today are written on a word processor, which can help writers find and fix typos without having been used correction fluid. Also, be sure to select a clear, traditional type font, set in a readable  ize, and use only a printer that can produce dark, high-grade type. V. Dialogue Thomas: Do you have the time?
(A)written on
(B)writers find
(C)having been used
(D)a readable

40.Thomas: Do you have the time? Angel: 40. . Thomas: I am afraid that I am going to miss my shuttle. Angela: Shouldn’t you be worried. 41. . Thomas: You are really an angel of woman. Angela: 42. .
【題組】40. .
Thomas: I am afraid that I am going to miss my shuttle.
Angela: Shouldn’t you be worried. 41. .
Thomas: You are really an angel of woman.
Angela: 42. .
(A) I am sorry, I have to run.

(B) It’s ten to eleven.

(C) I do not have my camera around.

(D) I am going to the gym.

(A) I will give you a ride.
(B) The time and tide wait for no man.
(C) Here is the ticket.
(D) You are leaving now.

(A) Any time.
(B) No problem.
(C) My pleasure.
(D) All the above.

43.43. A: Excuse me. Is the hostel conveniently situated? B:______________
(A) Yes, it's in the downtown area.
(B) Yes, we live just south of the city.
(C) Yes, they serve breakfast before ten o'clock.
(D) Yes, it takes two hours to get to the nearest bus stop.

44.44. A: ______________ B: Yeah. I heard every girl went gaga about them.
(A) Believe it or not. They didn't earn a penny.
(B) Can you believe it? They canceled the tour.
(C) Their new album has been selling like hot cakes.
(D) They would have succeeded, but they missed the chance.

45.45. Robert: I hate it when my computer ______________ and I lose all my work. Aaron: That’s why you need to save it every few minutes, right?
(A) terminates
(B) quits
(C) aborts
(D) crashes

46.46. A: They said they might run out of gas before they made it. B:______________ 
(A) Really? They should run faster.
(B) They will arrive here at anytime.
(C) Should we go pick them up?
(D) The drop of gas makes everything cheaper.

47.VI. Reading Comprehension MONROEVILLE, Alabama—Each April and May during “play season,” as locals call it, the hotels in this town of 6,300 routinely sell out on weekends. Lines form at the restaurants. The charter buses carrying ticketholders stream off the highway. For nearly all of the 26 years it has been produced, the play “To Kill a Mockingbird” has been a hit here in the hometown of the author, Harper Lee. Amateurs re-enact the novel as a drama in front of and inside the courthouse where Ms. Lee’s father, the lawyer she shaped into Atticus Finch, once practiced. But this year, the 18 performances sold out faster than ever—4,000 tickets were gone in five days—a surge that organizers attribute to the excitement over the news that Ms. Lee, at 88, will publish a second novel this summer, “Go Set a Watchman,” said Sandy Smith of the Monroeville/Monroe County Chamber of Commerce. Christopher Sergel’s stage adaptation is faithful to Ms. Lee’s portrayal of merciless racism in 1930s Alabama, and the townspeople over the years have performed it as far away as Israel and China. But on the opening night for this season, they performed it as they long have at the Old Monroe County Courthouse, where the audience sat in benches or watched from the back-standing room only—just as Ms. Lee describes the courtroom in Chapter 16 of her novel. Atticus Finch sat with his arm around the accused, Tom Robbinson. In the balcony, a black woman sang a mournful plea let her people go. Jem, Scout’s brother, was brave and responsible. The audience members included a busload from Florence, Alabama, five hours north, and people from Texas, Indiana, Florida, Louisiana and, as often happens, some international visitors. Goran and Katarina Olsson Trampe of Mariestad, Sweden, were touring the South and decided to come to the show after it has sold out; they were let in, they said, when they mentioned the distance they had traveled. But Ms. Lee, who lives in an assisted living home three kilometers from the courthouse, has never attended the play, according to organizers at the Monoe County Heritage Museum. The museum has produced the show each year, but will hand over production next year to a non-profit the author founded after a licensing dispute. (By Jennifer Crossley Howard, the New York Times)
【題組】47. What is the possible topic of this citation?
(A) “Go Set a Watchman” Will be Published.
(B) The Monoe County Heritage Museum.
(C) The New International Tourist Spots at Monroeville, Alabama.
(D) “To Kill a Mockingbird” is Hit at Home.

48.【題組】48. Here are possible reasons that 18 performances sold out faster than ever EXCEPT
(A) Harper Lee will publish a second novel this summer at age of 88.
(B) The Monoe County Heritage Museum will no longer handle the production next year.
(C) The innovation of the audience seating that faithfully recreates the setting Harper Lee described.
(D) They performed it at the Old Monroe County Courthouse, on the opening night for this season.

49.【題組】49. Why do Israel and China appear in this report?
(A) They are metaphors indicating the distance and deviation.
(B) They are countries where the international visitors come from.
(C) They are the disputes of race issues.
(D) They sponsor the performances this year.

50.【題組】50. The possible reason that Harper Lee has never attended the shows can be inferred from the article, which is that
(A) she lives in an assisted living home three kilometers from the courthouse.
(B) people were let in to the shows without tickets because they said they were from Sweden.
(C) the disagreement on authorization of the novel reproductions.
(D) a black woman sang a mournful plea let her people go.