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101 年 - 桃園縣縣立高級中學101學年度教師聯合甄選筆試試題(英文科前10題單字)#8482 

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1.1. Mary’s particular ___ was a fear of heights.
(A) elixir
(B) neurosis
(C) encomium
(D) atrium

2.2. The hot days in June were a ___ to summer floods that were sure to come.
(A) precursor
(B) pedestrian
(C) impediment
(D) expedient

3.3. Averagely speaking, the ___ mothers were shown to have more complications during pregnancy.
(A) homogeneous
(B) de jure
(C) primiparous
(D) equestrian

4.4. Her only excuse for her behavior was her noted ___ temper.
(A) jovial
(B) Olympian
(C) mercurial
(D) venereal

5.5. To rattle the other team, these players usually ___ them constantly.
(A) appease
(B) incriminate
(C) gravitate
(D) hector

6.6. To maintain healthy and fit, Mary follows a ________ diet plan faithfully.
(A) draconian
(B) truculent
(C) vicarious
(D) obtuse

7.7. The establishment of the International Criminal Court trumped the international culture of leadership ______for the commission of atrocity crimes.
(A) temerity
(B) ruse
(C) propensity
(D) impunity

8.8. Knowing that she has reached the absolute _____ of her career, Jane has become egotistical, conceited, and completely unapologetic.
(A) hegemony
(B) zenith
(C) conundrum
(D) boon

9.9. Starving children in some poverty-stricken areas in the world have to ______ for scraps of food and clothes on a toxic mountain of waste.
(A) vacillate
(B) undulate
(C) scavenge
(D) transmute

10.10. In an unqualified manner, they totally and ________ denied the charges brought against them.
(A) somnolently
(B) timorously
(C) categorically
(D) penuriously