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102 年 - 桃園縣 、新竹縣 、花蓮縣 102年度 國民小學暨幼兒園教師 【英文 -B】試題(1-20)#10856 

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1.Even higher organisms resort to fermentation as an _____ process when the oxygen supply is insufficient.
(A) auspicious
(B) authentic
(C) autonomous
(D) auxiliary

2.When she finally reached the top she agreed with her husband that it was worth it for the view, which was _____ in spite of a slight heat haze that hung in the air.
(A) bombastic
(B) ordinary
(C) pathetic
(D) stupendous

3.Man’s desire to fly like the birds had existed for hundreds of years but with the _____ of the internal combustion engine, the chances of achieving some sort of flight appeared to be improved.
(A) advent
(B) calamity
(C) hypocrisy
(D) privation

4.Students attended ___ and mini lectures in which the teaching assistant would stand at the front and talk.
(A) tutors
(B) tutees
(C) tutorials
(D) tutoring

5.More than four times as many Canadians live alone today as in 1943, but singles are still ___.
(A) stigma
(B) systemized
(C) systematic
(D) stigmatized

6. The totalitarian future George Orwell imagined in 1984 hasn’t come to pass, but video ___ by corporations has become increasingly commonplace.
(A) survey
(B) surveillance
(C) search
(D) survive

7.She was ________ at her father for repetitively forgetting to pick her up from school. 

(A) diluted 

(B) divergent 

(C) indignant 

(D) industrious

As she noisily munched on the Oreo cookies, her Husky stared at her and ______ . It seemed that the dog wanted her to toss a piece to it. 

(A) bonded 

(B) altered 

(C) drooled 

(D) leashed

9.He was burned out from taking so many business trips. So, he decided to settle down in a quaint,      village to run his own store.
(A) tranquil
(B) succulent
(C) quenchless
(D) circumvented 

The dwarf’s long beard got ______ into the cleft of the tree trunk. It seemed that he needed a pair of scissors to cut off his beard in order to free himself. 

(A) wedged 

(B) subverted 

(C) fumbled 

(D) magnified

11. Those who love their cricket history were forced to _____ that this kind of combat could not be surpassed for entertainment.
(A) conceal
(B) concede
(C) conciliate
(D) conceive

12.If you are caught driving drunk, your license privilege _____ .
(A) forfeits
(B) forfeited
(C) will be forfeited
(D) would have forfeited

13.The fatal car accident caused the lady to be thrown out of the vehicle, and sprawled on the ground. This untimely death _____ her children _____ their mother.
(A) deprives … at
(B) deprived … of
(C) was deprived … of
(D) had been depriving … at

14.14. __________ providing supplies of ‘consumables,’ the franchisor also normally provides the outlet with advice and frequently accountancy help.
(A) Beside
(B) Except
(C) In addition to
(D) In spite of

15. Finding measures that can predict how a treatment will work ___ in psychiatry compared with other branches of medicine.
(A) has difficult
(B) have difficult
(C) has been difficult
(D) have been difficult

16.Turn off the water supply before carrying out repairs, __________ it's just a minor adjustment to the float arm.
(A) otherwise
(B) unless
(C) whereas
(D) therefore

17.It is possible to search almost anything in the age of Google, yet only ___ choose to conduct online background checks on their professor.
(A) 55 percents of students
(B) 55 percent of student
(C) 55 percents of student
(D) 55 percent of students

18.This fall, Emmanuel College will officially launch a Muslim Studies program ___ the first of its kind at a Canadian university.
(A) that is being called
(B) that being called
(C) that called
(D) is called

19.If we could make accurate prediction about how people will respond to particular drugs, more people ___ in a timely manner.
(A) will have helped
(B) will be helped
(C) would have helped
(D) would be helped

20.20. ___ coupledom shrinks your horizons, singleness allows you grander vistas, bolder visions.
(A) That
(B) Where
(C) How
(D) Why

21.21. (Error Correction )This is particularly true of(A ) libraries and archives which(B ) valuable information is stored in a manner that takes up vast amounts of(C ) space, is prone to(D ) decay, and may not be easily accessible.
22.22. (Error Correction )That program included the development of more accurate (A ) telescopes, together with(B ) theories required for their use in astronomy such as those provided(C ) adequate means for allowing(D ) for refraction of light in the earth’s atmosphere.
23.23.(Error Correction ) Significant measures(A ) of freedom are necessary if the student is to acquire the virtues of intellectual independence(B ), toughness, empathy with(C ) others’ views, and willing to engage(D ) in meaningful conversation.
24.24. (Error Correction )This phenomena(A ) affects all areas of the travel industry: the airlines, most of which had introduced(B ) some sort of business class travel by(C ) the mid-seventies, now sell about 50 percent of all scheduled(D ) flight tickets to business travelers.
25.25. (Error Correction )These are conceptualized as(A ) unified, non-contradictory ‘actors,’ united by(B ) the common objective of dividing the working class alone(C ) racial lines so as to(D ) facilitate the economic exploitation of both sections of the class.
26.26. (Error Correction )He mounted the fierce(A ) horse and pulled(B ) the bridle in attempt to have the untamed(C ) horse galloped(D ) through the prairie.
27.27.(Error Correction ) I never had(A ) the privilege of hearing(B ) Northrop Fry in person, letting alone(C ) of taking classes(D ) from him.
28.28.(Error Correction ) We are entering an era(A ) defined by transformative growth(B ), social impact, community engagement(C ) and boundless potentials(D ).
29.29. (Error Correction )
Research has focused(A ) on what(B ) children soldiers(C ) experience when they return to their communities.(D )

30.30. (Error Correction )The fellowship program(A ) provides(B ) the university with a chance attracting(C ) fresh, bright scholars(D ). 2
31.31.(Error Correction ) In choosing between two alternate sets(A ) of pleasure one could not necessarily decide which(B ) was preferable by an arithmetical calculation, nor could(C ) one necessarily do so even if(D ) one was omniscient.
32.32. Lecture notes should never __________ many words, for the presence of such a mass of words will make the notes difficult to __________ and understand at a later stage.
(A) connect with …… instigate
(B) consist of …… assimilate
(C) mark by …… deliberate
(D) refer to …… extinguish

33.33. While a preliminary investigation indicates that it may not be __________ to provide complete venting between cabin and cargo compartments, your recommendations will be considered __________ further action taken.
(A) laughable …… in terms of
(B) involved …… thanks to
(C) feasible …… with respect to
(D) vain …… in the matter of

34.34. The hot summer days didn’t __________ the young man __________ digging his own pond and creating a heaven in his own garden.
(A) inspect …… by
(B) deter …… from
(C) eliminate ……from
(D) bypass …… by

35.If global warming is real, experts have been saying for decades, then basic climate science dictates that it should 35 earliest and proceed most rapidly -36 the Arctic. But even the experts were 37 the results of a study released last week. After four years of 38 research by more than 250 scientists, a prestigious multinational body called the Arctic Council reported that the region has warmed 39 the rest of the globe over the past 50 years.
【題組】 35.
(A) end up
(B) keep up
(C) show up
(D) set up

(A) in
(B) on
(C) at
(D) over

(A) stunning at
(B) stunned at
(C) stunning from
(D) stunned from

(A) careless
(B) sluggish
(C) wearisome
(D) intensive

(A) twice as fast as
(B) as twice as fast
(C) fast twice as
(D) as fast twice as V. Dialogue

40.40. A: You haven’t lost your touch yet, Janet. B: ______________________________
(A) But not as well as before.
(B) I talk to her every day.
(C) You can’t imagine it.
(D) No one can tell but me.

41.41. A: That movie was all over my head. B: ___________________________
(A) It’s a long story.
(B) Do you feel better now?
(C) I couldn’t see it, either.
(D) We’re singing the same song.

42.42. A: Any updates on your job interview? B: ___________________________
(A) Yes, on July 5th .
(B) No, probably nobody has applied.
(C) Yeah, I didn’t get it in the end.
(D) No, I’ve never applied.

43.43. A: You should call your father if you want him to pick you up at the airport next week. B: ___________________________
(A) I know. I should have written him a letter.
(B) Thanks for reminding me. I’d better do that now.
(C) He should be ready to pick me up at the airport.
(D) I’d better get ready to go to the airport.

44.44. A: Did you read that cyber-romance has led to more and more cross-culture marriages? B: ___________________________
(A) Sorry, I don’t read cyber-romance.
(B) Yes. That’s interesting.
(C) I love romantic stories from different cultures.
(D) Yes. I know she was married to a Japanese.

45.45. A: Wow, the shoes in that store are gorgeous. Look, the second pair is 20% off. B: Great! Let’s each get a pair of shoes.
(A) We can each save 10%.
(B) We can each save 40%.
(C) That store has only 20 shoes for sale.
(D) Buying three pairs of shoes each are cheaper.

46.VI. Reading Comprehension Most psychologists assign phobias to one of three broad categories: social phobias, in which the sufferer feels paralyzing fear of human encounters; agoraphobia with panic disorders, in which the person is periodically blindsided by overwhelming fear for no apparent reason; and specific phobias—fear of snakes, enclosed spaces, heights and the like. Specific phobias are the easiest to treat, partly because they are the easiest to understand. As many as 30 percent of all people suffering from a specific phobia have at least one phobic close relative. For others, a childhood trauma—a house fire, say, or a dog bite—may trigger incipient fears. Social phobias can be trickier. For some, the fear of a social encounter may occur only at large parties, making avoidance strategies seem easy. But social phobias can encroach into more and more areas of life, closing more and more doors. As sufferers grow increasingly isolated, they become ever more hopeless and risk developing such conditions as depression and alcoholism. Unlike the specific phobic and the social phobic, the victim of panic disorder rarely knows where or when one will hit. Someone who experiences an attack in, say, a supermarket will often not return there, associating the once neutral place with the traumatic event. And when this begins to happen, panic disorder mutates into full-blown agoraphobia. As the perceived circle of safety shrinks, sufferers may be confined entirely to their homes.
【題組】46. Patients suffer from ________ rarely know what will trigger their fear.
(A) social phobia
(B) agoraphobia
(C) acrophobia
(D) claustrophobia

47.【題組】47. Specific phobias are the easiest to treat because _________.
(A) the cause can be identified easily
(B) less than 70 percent of people suffer
(C) patients have relatives to refer to
(D) sufferers can recover from childhood traumas

48.【題組】48. The underlined word incipient in the second paragraph can be substituted by the word _______.
(A) beginning
(B) groundless
(C) lingering
(D) sudden

49.【題組】49. The behaviors of social phobias do NOT include ___________.
(A) making avoiding strategies
(B) isolating himself from others
(C) preferring human encounters
(D) suffering from depression

50.【題組】50. The victims of agoraphobia live in a terror of ___________.
(A) being confined entirely to their houses
(B) the shrinking circle of their social life
(C) attacking someone in a supermarket
(D) anything outside the safety of the home