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103 年 - 桃園縣 10 3年度國民小學 年度國民小學 暨附設 幼兒園教師 幼兒園教師 聯合甄選筆試 聯合甄選筆試 【英文 -A】#16772 

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1.1. The police solved the case by finding evidence _____ to that serious crime.
(A) referent
(B) contradicted
(C) relevant
(D) limited

2.2. The government launched a national _____ plan to help individuals planning for post-retirement life.
(A) adolescent
(B) combat
(C) pension
(D) immigrant

3.3. The company _____ the local market and decided the quantity of annual production.
(A) nominated
(B) evoked
(C) thrived
(D) analyzed

4.4. Most people _____ Copernicus with mathematics and astronomy, but he was also an artist.
(A) associate
(B) speculate
(C) fascinate
(D) illustrate

5.5. Thermal images show exactly how animals can _____ these cooler microclimates in trees.
(A) restrict
(B) exploit
(C) launch
(D) absorb

6.6. The note of _____ in Sharon’s voice made Jacky go help her immediately.
(A) staple
(B) jargon
(C) rapport
(D) urgency

7.7. This newly designed football can _____ energy from kick, dribble, and throw, and store it for later use.
(A) transgress
(B) reflect
(C) capture
(D) shoot

8.8. Mrs. Shu-Chu Chen _____ the money by working long 18-hour days at a local market.
(A) stole
(B) accumulated
(C) took
(D) spent

9.9. Too many talented people fail to make significant leaps of imagination because they’ve become _____ on their pre-conceived plan.
(A) fixated
(B) serious
(C) concerned
(D) mature

10.10. Our Society is based on the principle that people are not _____--we all age and die within a certain time.
(A) weak
(B) fiction
(C) mortal
(D) immortal II. Grammar

11.11. He did not study at all, but passed the test. The test couldn’t _____ very difficult.
(A) being
(B) have being
(C) have been
(D) been

12.12. Do you remember _____ to the post office for me? I need the stamps.
(A) go
(B) to go
(C) gone
(D) going

13.13. To paint a picture later, _____.
(A) a rough sketch of the scene is useful
(B) he made a rough sketch of the scene
(C) a rough sketch of the scene makes
(D) the scene requires a rough sketch

14.14. Can you get _____ before the weekend?
(A) my car repaired
(B) repair my car
(C) my car repair
(D) repaired my car

15.15. A good teacher has to be able to respond _____ students as individuals.
(A) to
(B) in
(C) from
(D) at

16.16. _____ in airplane before, the little girl was surprised and a little frightened when her ears popped.
(A) Had ever flown
(B) Having never flown
(C) Because not flying
(D) Because she never flew

17.17. An increasing body of research _____ that when leaders lighten up and create a fun workplace, there is a significant increase in the level of employee trust.
(A) demonstrate
(B) demonstrates
(C) demonstrating
(D) being demonstrated

18.18. The satellite’s purpose is to find sources of air pollutants, including exhaust gas, carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide _____ from factories.
(A) emit
(B) emits
(C) emitted
(D) emitting

19.19. They read easy stories _____ English to study a foreign language.
(A) on
(B) in
(C) from
(D) for

20.20. Children often shrink responsibility _____ doing chores around the house nowadays.
(A) to
(B) onto
(C) from
(D) into

21.III. Cloze Life often seems to be a (21) to see who is faster, stronger, or smarter. Wining is very important (22) it affects our status and income. Athletes can see big increases in their incomes when they win. In school, students compete for grades and awards. At work, employees compete for (23) . They must help their companies deliver new and better products and services if they want to achieve success. All of this comes (24) , and the bill is usually paid for in time, effort, and health. Great effort plus the fear for falling behind can make people sick, and it is the root of many (25) in modern society.
(A) competition
(B) journey
(C) game
(D) travel

(A) however
(B) nevertheless
(C) because
(D) thereafter

(A) personnel
(B) promotions
(C) prize
(D) presentation

(A) at ease
(B) at every turn
(C) at home
(D) at a cost

(A) customs
(B) illnesses
(C) experiences
(D) observations IV. Error Correction:

26.26. You won't forget  to buy the guidebook, won’t you?
(B)to buy

27.27. His neglect to extinguish the cigarette resulted from destruction of more than a hundred acres of forest.
(A) to extinguish
(B)resulted from
(D)a hundred acres of

28.28. Jonas was discharging from the hospital this morning, two months after the serious car crash.
(A) was discharging
(B) from
(C) after
(D) the serious car crash

29.29.Error Correction: Seventy-eight percent of the people in New York City  lives in upstairs apartments, not on the ground floor.
(A) percent
(B) lives 
(C) upstairs
(D) floor

30.30. Error Correction:My cousin and her husband moved to other country because they don’t like cold weather.
(A) other
(B) because 
(C) don’t
(D) weather

31.31. The young students say that the robots are fun, though are these children really learning anything
(A) students
(B) robots
(C) though
(D) anything

32.32. Error Correction:Tim would have finished his education if he hasn’t had to quit school and find a job in order to support his  family.
(A) have finished
(B) hasn’t
(C) in order to
(D) family

33.33. Error Correction:Professor Chen, do you mind me ask you a question about the ongoing experiment?
(B) mind
(C) ask
(D) ongoing

34.34. Error Correction:   The company is no longer running advertisements in this district where theysoon thought they  had a chance to prevail.
(A) is no longer running
(B) in this district
(C) soon thought
(D) had

35.35. Error Correction: Do you still remember the time when your car broke up on the motorway?  
(D) up

36.36. Thank you so much for giving me a ride home. I owe you one.
(A) My pleasure.
(B) No, I don’t need any money.
(C) Yes, one dollar for a ride.
(D) I have no problem driving home.

37.37. I don’t think my boss likes me. He hardly ever talks to me.
(A) Don’t worry about it! I’m sure he understood.
(B) No worries. Everyone likes him.
(C) Don’t take it personally. He’s that way with everyone.
(D) It’s okay. He is very talkative.

38.38. A: Hi, Catherine. What times does your watch say? Mine is slow. B: _________________________________.
(A) Hey. We will have a quick lunch.
(B) No. Each meeting is about 40 minutes.
(C) Great. That program is not too long.
(D) I don’t wear a watch. But I’ll check my cellphone.

39.39. A: Do you have any job offers? B: ____________________.
(A) Well, I’ve heard about this cultural exchange program.
(B) No, not yet. I sent out a lot of resumes, but I didn’t receive many responses.
(C) Yes, I was so lucky. I won a horse in a prize draw.
(D) Anyway, I could recognize most of my classmates.

40.40. A: Let’s go to some musical, _____? B: Sure, why not. But please let me pay for the tickets this time.
(A) aren’t we
(B) weren’t we
(C) shall we
(D) won’t we

41.VI. Reading Comprehension Smartphone now present a whole new set of etiquette issues as entire tables disappear into the Internet via small glowing screens. The modern smartphone has morphed into instant messenger, mailbox, camera, flashlight, computer, map, dictionary, newspaper, personal assistant, and social media portal. As such its use at the table has become so prevalent that restaurants are now forced to incorporate how to deal with them into the sequence of service and table maintenance. Restaurants have begun offering diners small plates to hold their phones in order to shield them from potential spills and dinner debris. Some fine dining restaurants frown upon cellphone use. And a few places for as far as to post “no cellphone signs.” But most restaurants are finding ways to address what many consider the new reality of our fast-paced digital era while at the same time working to encourage diners to say involved with their dining companions.
【題組】41. What is the best title of this article?
(A) Tech-savvy students as restaurant insiders
(B) Restaurants meet smartphones.
(C) Social media alters the grieving process.
(D) Made to order and examples of innovation

42.【題組】42. What does “them” refer to in the first paragraph?
(A) outfits
(B) chambers
(C) cellphones
(D) utensils

43.【題組】43. What can be inferred from the first paragraph?
(A) thumb flying
(B) wolfing down
(C) captive audience
(D) coach potato

44.【題組】44. What does “prevalent” in the first paragraph mean?
(A) mysterious
(B) popular
(C) comparable
(D) awkward

45.【題組】45. Based on the second paragraph, what does the author probably imply?
(A) Once one person at the table takes out their phone, everyone else sort of do it.
(B) The cellphone in the restaurant is a seamless thing.
(C) When people sit down in a restaurant, they put their phone down somewhere, too.
(D) People you’re having dinner with are more important than those on the other end of the phone line.

46.Jonathan MacArthur, 35, decided to eat out one Saturday night. He pulled into a drive-up window at MacDonald’s. Hungry as a bear, he ordered a large beef burger, large fries, and a king-size drink. MacArthur got his fast food as well as a big surprise. Stuffed inside one of the paper bags was £2,000! “I looked at the money as I ate. I knew immediately I should give it back,” MacArthur said. But MacArthur did not return the money right off the bat. He went home to sleep on it. “I’ve got to say I was tempted to keep it,” he embarrassedly admitted. MacArthur went down to MacDonald’s the next day to give back the money. Restaurant workers greeted him with tears in their eyes and gave him lunch on the house. They explained that the restaurant puts its bank deposits in paper bags to prevent robberies. By mistake, a clerk gave MacArthur the wrong paper bag. MacDonald’s is happy to give MacArthur a reward. But MacArthur says there’s something even better—he has a clear conscience. “I’m glad I did the right thing. I feel better than I’ve ever felt.”
【題組】46. What is not included in MacArthur’s meal?
(A) burger
(B) fries
(C) pie
(D) drink

47.【題組】47. What does the phrase “right off the bat” mean?
(A) clearly
(B) immediately
(C) spontaneously
(D) consciously

48.【題組】48. What does the phrase “on the house” mean?
(A) free
(B) secretly
(C) generously
(D) happily

49.【題組】49. Why did the restaurant worker give MacArthur the bag with money?
(A) to thank him
(B) to surprise him
(C) to test him
(D) it is a mistake

50.【題組】50. What might be an appropriate title for this short article?
(A) No pain, no gain.
(B) Rolling stone gathers no moss.
(C) A meal with a big surprise.
(D) A light purse is a heavy curse.