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103 年 - 桃園縣 103 年度國民小學暨附設幼兒園教師聯合甄選筆試【英文-B】題目與解答#16771 

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1.1. To do well was a symbol of your family’s commitment and accomplishments. To do poorly was a _______ on your family.
(A) blemish
(B) benediction
(C) commendation
(D) acclamation

2.2. The chairperson told a packed chamber: “We continue to seek consensus around compromise between a multitude of _______ views.”
(A) censure
(B) venerable
(C) divergent
(D) fortuitous

3.3. It would seem reasonable to assume that one characteristic of _______ teachers is their ability to engage and motivate pupils.
(A) impetuous
(B) deleterious
(C) condescending
(D) exemplary

4.4. The most successful means of controlling weight and fat is a combination of _______ eating and fitness.
(A) excessive
(B) superfluous
(C) prudent
(D) dissident

5.5. On the way, the _______ gives you an informative history of the property and points out facilities that you might want to use in the hotel.
(A) barista
(B) leprechaun
(C) bellhop
(D) harbinger

6.6. The _______ is supported with a $20-million grant from the province and a landmark $20-million gift from an anonymous donor.
(A) initiation
(B) initiative
(C) initial
(D) initiate

7.7. When you work in TV, you’re in a bit of a _______. You don’t necessarily know who’s watching.
(A) vacane
(B) vacate
(C) valid
(D) void

8.8. It is not an immediate _______, but it could become one if we don’t do something soon.
(A) catastrophe
(B) catalyst
(C) catastrophy
(D) catalase

9.9. This university allows future doctors to hone the creativity it takes to become innovative, well-rounded _______.
(A) physics
(B) physists
(C) physicists
(D) physicians

10.10. His room was so _______ that we couldn’t guess where the smell was from.
(A) abhor
(B) squalid
(C) mordant
(D) renegade

11.11. The _______was that the airplane had crashed.

12.12. The inclination of some parents to delay vaccination in the hope that matters would become clearer tended only to prolong the _______.
(A) compassion
(B) intuition
(C) penury
(D) agony

13.13. All the past concerns of his life seemed paltry and _______ when weighed against the awful finality of death.
(A) inconsequential
(B) prominent
(C) eminent
(D) irrigable II. Grammar

14.14. The relation between a form (a red light) and a meaning (stop) _______ from its contrastive relation with another form (a green light) and its meaning (go).
(A) derivation that exists
(B) derivation of existence
(C) derives its existence
(D) derives that exists

15.15. Bob is left-handed, _______ no one else in our family is.
(A) who
(B) which that
(C) that
(D) for which

16.16. Three of the four conversation turns she took during this exchange _______ feedback from peers about the revisions she needed to make.
(A) were devoted to soliciting
(B) devotes to soliciting
(C) were devoted to solicit
(D) devotes to solicit

17.17. Recasts can play a key role in drawing students’ attention to accurate pronunciation in communicative settings, which in turn _______ their L2 phonological system.
(A) significantly impact on
(B) impacts significantly
(C) strongly signifies impact
(D) has a significant impact on

18.18. _______ been so frightened of an animal.
(A) Never I have in my life
(B) I have in my life never
(C) Never have I in my life
(D) In my life have I never

19.19. He inquired _______ intended to buy this car.
(A) do you or do you not
(B) whether or not I
(C) do I or do I not
(D) if or not I

20.20. General Wolfe surprised French forces at the Plains of Abraham by having his army _______ 200-meter cliffs previously thought unclimbable.
(A) scale
(B) scaling
(C) to scale
(D) scaled

21.21. _______ in 2006 in San Francisco, Twitter allows users to share their thoughts in public, in bite-sized chunks of no more than 140 characters each.
(A) Finding
(B) Founded
(C) Founding
(D) Funded

22.22. Bob came very _______ the lottery.
(A) close to win
(B) close to winning
(C) closely won
(D) closely to winning

23.23. Long _______ and so continue winning all its matches.
(A) may flourish our team
(B) our team flourish may
(C) our team may flourish
(D) may our team flourish

24.24. He was not sure he’d like the work, but he took the job _______.
(A) for better than ever
(B) none the worse for it
(C) for better or for worse
(D) better late than never III. Correction

25.25. Gunmen fight ( A ) Iraqi forces seized ( B ) additional towns west of Baghdad as the U.S. pressed leaders ( C ) to form a new government to halt the nation’s slide toward a sectarian civil war ( D ).
26.26. For students enrolled ( A ) in professional schools, often the path from class to career is clear, and Taiwan University’s professional programs have ( B ) long excelled at ( C ) helping student navigate them ( D ).
27.27. Facing mounting ( A ) medical expenses and insufficient savings, growing numbers ( B ) of seniors are falling into credit-card debt ( C ) and spending their golden years in the red ( D ).
28.28. Steve Jobs took scary risks ( A ) when he launched innovative new products, relied ( B ) solely on his own instincts ( C ) rather than the usual crutches ( D ) of focus groups and market research.
29.29. Despite of( A ) the actor’s flamboyant behavior when( B ) in public( C ), he leads( D ) a remarkably reserved domestic life. 2
30.30. More than ( A ) a year after introducing ( B ) video interviews for MBA applicants, admission staff ( C ) at the School of Management say ( D ) the videos have become more influential than they anticipated.
31.IV. Cloze More than 1.3 million Ontarians (31) combined physical and medical illness. Students of health systems around the world (32) first-hand experiences of health-care workers (33) that these patients are often ill-served with potentially severe (34). The challenge (35) from the fact that our health-care system is designed to focus on either physical or mental illness, but not on both at the same time.
(A) suffer by
(B) suffer in
(C) suffer from
(D) suffer on

(A) but also
(B) in addition
(C) as to
(D) as well as

(A) have showed
(B) have shown
(C) have seem
(D) have seen

(A) accounts
(B) consequences
(C) considerations
(D) constitutes

(A) stops
(B) strands
(C) stems
(D) stands

36.Taiwan's first lady, Chow Mei-ching, has postponed a rare visit to Japan after a diplomatic row over the wording of posters promoting the island's exhibition in Tokyo of treasured artefacts. She (36) Sunday for Monday's opening of the exhibition, (37) hundreds of artefacts and artworks from the Taipei National Palace Museum would have gone (38) display in Japan for the first time. The Taipei museum has said the Tokyo National Museum guaranteed in a contract that the lender's full name would be used and that the word "national" would not (39) in promotional posters and tickets. (40) less than a week before the opening, the Taipei museum said the Tokyo museum had failed to use the word "national" on many of its posters and tickets.
(A)was to leave
(B) was able to leave
(C) was leaving
(D) left

(A) during
(B) at which
(C) at times when
(D) over when

(A) in
(B) over
(C) through
(D) on

(A) be forsaken
(B) be neglected
(C) be omitted
(D) be lost

(A) While
(B) In the meantime
(C) But
(D) For V. Dialogue

41.41. A: Nora, stop it. ___________ B: You started it.
(A) Cut it out.
(B) Put it off.
(C) You really hit it off.
(D) Break your back.

42.42. A:Was the race exciting? B: ___________
(A) No, it’s a complete mystery to me.
(B) Yes, most people were here now.
(C) No, it made the perfect end to a lovely day.
(D) Yes, the finish was nail-biting.

43.43. A: There are emerging treatment strategies for Tourette syndrome. B: ___________
(A) So, what’s in the pipeline?
(B) This can be a challenging condition.
(C) The doctors are in the doldrums for this.
(D) You got in way over your head.

44.44. A: ___________ B: That’s right. Nobody wants to support you until you’re successful but without the support, how can you ever be successful?
(A) The coast is clear.
(B) It’s a catch 22 situation here.
(C) Never put all your investment eggs in one basket.
(D) I’m full of beans.

45.45. A: I missed the meeting this morning. Could you fill me in on that? B: ___________
(A) Sure, the next meeting will be tomorrow morning at 10.
(B) I can’t because I won’t be able to attend the next meeting.
(C) Don’t worry. I had signed in for you.
(D) We discussed the new bylaws of members’ rights in the meeting.

46.VI. Reading Comprehension Watching television, you’d think we live at bay, in total jeopardy, surrounded on all sides by human-seeking germs, shielded against infection and death by a chemical technology that enables us to keep killing them off. We are instructed to spray disinfectants everywhere, into the air of our bedrooms and kitchens and with special energy into our bathrooms, since it is our very own germs that seem the worst kind. We explode clouds of aerosol, mixed for good luck with deodorants, into our noses, mouths, underarms, privileged crannies---even into the intimate insides of our telephones. We apply potent antibiotics to minor scratches and seal them with plastic. Plastic is the new protector: we wrap the already plastic tumblers of hotels in more plastic, and seal the toilet seats like state secrets after irradiating them with ultraviolet light. We live in a world where the microbes are always trying to get at us, to tear cell from cell, and we only stay alive and whole through diligence and fear.
【題組】46. What does at bay (line 1) mean?
(A) in close contact
(B) surprisingly
(C) helplessly
(D) keeping some distance away

47.【題組】47. According to the paragraph, which of the following statements is true?
(A) Plastic is a new and useful tool to protect us from germs.
(B) Television reports a lot of deaths caused by germs.
(C) Ultraviolet light is used to kill germs on plastic tumblers of hotels.
(D) Bedrooms usually require more disinfectants than bathrooms.

48.【題組】48. According to the paragraph, which of the following statements is NOT true?
(A) Germs are always looking for chances to attack and kill us.
(B) Ultraviolet light is the most powerful tool for killing germs.
(C) Fortunately, chemical technology enables us to kill germs.
(D) We need to work very hard to protect us from the attack of germs.

49.【題組】49. What is the main idea of this paragraph?
(A) TV commercials show too many disinfectants and antibiotics that we don’t really need.
(B) We probably put too many efforts on protecting us from germs.
(C) All sorts of measures need to be taken to protect us from germs that surround us.
(D) Medical doctors need to be more careful with the use of disinfectants and antibiotics.

50.【題組】50. How does the author sound in this paragraph?
(A) objective and neutral
(B) cheerful and warm
(C) ironic and sarcastic
(D) romantic and poetic