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99 年 - 桃園縣 99 學年度國民小學暨附設幼稚園教師聯合甄選筆試【英文-普通科】試題#2083 

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1.1. Vocabulary He shows great courage even in times of adversity.
(A) bad health
(B) great success
(C) freedom and opportunity
(D) difficulties and problems

2.2. Look for trouble. Be gutsy. Be daring. You have to dare to learn another language.
(A) shy and keeping quiet
(B) brave and taking risks
(C) loud and making noise
(D) sensitive and hesitant

3.3. Exercise and eating healthy foods can be beneficial to your health.
(A) advantageous
(B) abundant
(C) affectionate
(D) astute

4.4. He could make a ____ for it down the hall.
(A) sprite
(B) sprinkler
(C) dash
(D) dart

5.5. A boy ran up behind her and tried to ____ her purse.
(A) send
(B) snatch
(C) pitcher
(D) pinching

6.6. He was ____ to speak of things he had not spoken of before.
(A) position
(B) partition
(C) imposed
(D) impelled

7.7. The large purse had a long strap, and she carried it ____ across her shoulder.
(A) slung
(B) sling
(C) thither
(D) twitter

8.8. Environmentalists _____ stricter controls on American industry, which releases billions of pounds of pollution into the air each year.
(A) advantage
(B) advice
(C) advocate
(D) adverse

9.9. New York City drivers are _____ for failing to pay their parking fines. Currently they owe about half a billion dollars.
(A) notorious
(B) stringent
(C) symmetrical
(D) magnanimous

10.10. I like grocery shopping late at night when the store isn’t crowded. But boxes placed in the aisles for shelves sometimes _____ my progress through the store.
(A) implode
(B) impede
(C) improve
(D) imminent

11.11. The cockroach is _____ at squeezing into cracks because it can flatten its skeleton, which is on the outside of its body.
(A) adroit
(B) adoring
(C) dormant
(D) admonishing

12.12. There were ____ from the waste pine and oak left from the building of the cabin.
(A) bricks
(B) glasses
(C) blocks
(D) papers II. Grammar

13.13._________, follow the directions on the bottle carefully.
(A) When taken medicine
(B) When one takes medicine
(C) When, in taking medicine
(D) When taking medicine

14.14. When we went out ____ the evening, a neighbor of ours looked ____ the children.
(A) for… after
(B) for… at
(C) at… after
(D) to… at

15.15. _____ is necessary for the development of strong bones and teeth.
(A) It is calcium
(B) That calcium
(C) Calcium
(D) Although calcium

16.16. The relative size of an insect’s wing is much greater than _____.
(A) of a bird’s wing
(B) that of a bird’s wing
(C) a wing of a bird is
(D) that wing of a bird

17.17. Many plants can grow in water, without any soil, _____ nutrients are added.
(A) as long as
(B) unless
(C) above all
(D) as soon as

18.18. What ____ son you have, David!
(A) marvelous
(B) a marvelous
(C) marvelous a
(D) marvel

19.19. _____ the girls with the bows, all the others were delightful.
(A) Apart from
(B) Apart to
(C) Apart between
(D) Apart among

20.20. ____ what do adults often base their views and attitudes toward others?
(A) With
(B) Of
(C) In
(D) On

21.21. I asked her if she wouldn’t mind ____ out the hotdogs.
(A) help serve
(B) to help serve
(C) helping serve
(D) helping serving

22.22. She endeavored ____ the environment clean.
(A) to make
(B) make
(C) making
(D) on making

23.23. Coastal and inland waters are inhabited not only by fish but also by such sea creature as shrimps and clams.(選錯誤)
(A) inhabited
(B) not only
(C) such
(D) sea creature

24.24. The prices of homes are as high in urban areas that most young people cannot afford to buy them. (選錯誤)
(A) are
(B) as
(C) areas
(D) them

25.26. Those of us who smoke should have their lungs X-rayed regularly


26.29. If you are not sure about what is a product, you can ask another customer in the store to help you.(請選錯誤)
(C)what is

27.31.I am
(A)going to
(B)buy my father
(C) a silk beautiful green tie
(D) for his birthday 何者錯誤?

28.32. If Margaret had slept more, she would not have trouble staying awake during chemistry lecture yesterday.(選錯誤)
(A) more
(B) not have
(D) awake

29.IV. Cloze Henry David Thoreau believed in self-reliance and following his conscience __33__ blind authority. This often put him at odds __34__ both his neighbors and society. He once spent a night in jail because he refused to pay a poll tax that would support the Mexican War, __35__ he opposed. For two years he lived __36__ himself in a simple cabin in the woods. His observations and experiences there __37__ the basis for one of the two books, Walden, which were published during his life.
(A) than 
(B) better than 
(C) rather than 
(D) much better than

(A) with 
(B) in  
(C) for  
(D) to

(A) which 
(B) whom  
(C) what  
(D) of which

(A) on  
(B) in 
(C) by  
(D) with

(A) from  
(B) formed 
(C) formative  
(D) formal

     A birthday is usually a happy occasion, but at one point in history,it was considered the most dangerous time in a person’s life. Early people believed that both good and bad spirits appeared when a baby was born and then followed the person around throughout his or her life. People had to be wary on their birthday because it was during this time of change that the bad spirits were able to do the most damage.    To protect themselves against the bad spirits, people wouldsurround themselves with friends and relatives on their birthday. The birthday person would throw a party to frighten away the bad spirits before they could get close enough to do any harm. Gifts were alsoimportant because they were thought to help the work of the goodspirits and bring good luck to the person having the birthday.    Birthday cakes also evolved from age-old superstitions. One custom called for common objects to be baked in the cake. When the cake was cut at the party, each person finding an object in his or her piece of cake would learn what the future held. Finding a coin, for example, meant wealth; a button predicted poverty; a ring indicatedmarriage; and a thimble foretold a single life, that is, the personwould never get married.   

【題組】38. Many years ago, people believed that ___________.
(A) babies are dangerous
(B) birthday was dangerous
(C) a person should forget his or her birthday
(D) a person should celebrate his or her birthday

35.【題組】39. The spirits appearing when someone was born ___________.
(A) stayed forever
(B) left on the person’s birthday
(C) came back only on his or her birthday
(D) came back at the birthday party

36.【題組】40. People had birthday parties so that ___________.
(A) they could get together with loved ones
(B) they would receive presents
(C) they would be safe from the bad spirits
(D) they could predict their own future

37.【題組】41. If you found a button in your cake, it meant ___________.
(A) you were going to find a nice spouse
(B) your were going to get married soon
(C) your were going to have a long life
(D) your weren’t going to be rich

38.B. Many health experts say that Africa’s poverty and politics are to blame for diseases that in most developed countries are easily preventable. International health agencies set out more than two years on a $2 billion campaign to stamp out the global threat of polio, the world’s largest-ever health initiative. They believed they could eradicate the virus by the end of this year. Not any more. In Africa, which has most of the world’s polio cases, politics and armed conflict have played a major role in stalling the polio eradication program. In northern Nigeria, government officials suspended the polio program two years ago after rumors spread that the vaccine caused sterility and AIDS. Health workers sent in to vaccinate children were taunted or stoned. Although Nigerian health authorities have resumed the eradication program, the damage was done. Polio rebounded in northern Nigeria and spread to at least 17 other countries that had been polio-free. Sudan is one of them. The number of confirmed cases of polio-induced paralysis in Sudan soared to 54, a dramatic and dangerous rebound in a country that had eradicated the virus just four years ago.
【題組】42. What is the main topic of this passage?
(A) Elections.
(B) Medicine.
(C) Transportation.
(D) Ecology.

39.【題組】43. Where does this story take place?
(A) Third World.
(B) Iron Curtain.
(C) India Peninsula.
(D) Industrialized World.

40.【題組】44. According to the passage, which poses the greatest obstacle?
(A) Indolence.
(B) Immaturity.
(C) Infidelity.
(D) Ignorance.

41.【題組】45. What attitude did native people show toward foreign healthcare workers?
(A) Surrender.
(B) Subtlety.
(C) Suspicion.
(D) Surprise.

42.【題組】46. What major fear among native people stalled polio vaccination drives?
(A) Outbreak of civil war.
(B) Inability to conceive children.
(C) Spread of tuberculosis.
(D) Limited financial resources.

43.     Training to communicate across cultures has long been part of the preparation for executives moving overseas to work. But now, the training is increasingly important for employees who may never leave the country, yet will work closely with companies and people around the world.    “Whether a multinational or a start-up business out of a garage,everybody is global these days,” said Dean Foster, president of DeanFoster Associates, an intercultural consultancy in New York. “Intoday’s economy, there is no room for failure. Companies have tounderstand the culture they are working in from Day 1.”     Mr. Foster recounted how an American businessman recently gave four antique clocks wrapped in white paper to a prospective client inChina. What the man did not realize, he said, was that the sounds of the words in Mandarin for clock and the number four are similar tothe sounds of the word for death, and white is a funeral color in many Asian countries. “The symbolism was so powerful,” Mr. Foster said,“that the man lost the deal.”     The military and foreign service have a tradition of preparingpersonnel and their families, but the corporations “are really the newcomers,” said Anne P. Copeland, executive director of the Interchange Institute, a research and consulting organization inBrookline, Massachusetts.

【題組】47. What is the best title for this reading?
(A) Four means Death in Asian Countries
(B) Do not Bring Clocks to your Asian Client
(C) Cross-Cultural Lessons Grow in Importance
(D) Communication is Essential in Consultancy

44.【題組】48. Which of the following statement is not inferred from the passage?
(A) The symbolism is very powerful.
(B) Companies have to understand the culture they are working ASAP.
(C) The executive may not have to leave the country to train the employees.
(D) Training to communicate across cultures has long been part of the preparation for executives moving overseas to work.

45.【題組】49. The American businessman mentioned in the above article lost his deal because
(A) His prospective client in China wants more antique clocks.
(B) He did not wrap his gift when he delivered it to his prospective client.
(C) There’s no room for his client in China to store the antique clocks.
(D) The gift he chose to give raged his client in China.

46.【題組】50. Why do the military and foreign services appear in this passage?
(A) Because they are really the newcomers.
(B) Because they have a tradition of preparing personnel and their families to cope with the cultural interchange.
(C) Because they have never lost their deals.
(D) Because they have been in China for a long time.