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100 年 - 桃園縣100年度國民小學暨附設幼稚園教師聯合甄選筆試【英文-A】試題#5312 

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1.1. The team members were all hot and "exhausted" after the game.
(A) dirty
(B) tired
(C) active
(D) busy

2.2. The only "drawback" of this plan is its expense.
(A) disadvantage
(B) agreement
(C) feedback
(D) skill

3.3. The mayor had no special "privileges" and was treated just like every other prisoner.
(A) justifications
(B) rights
(C) charges
(D) responsibilities

4.4. The lamp will "illuminate" this corner nicely.
(A) light up
(B) blow up
(C) turn on
(D) catch on

5.5. Prices have risen steadily during the past "decade".
(A) century
(B) twenty-five years
(C) ten years
(D) epoch

6.6. Impressionist paintings often "highlight" the changing qualities of light.
(A) extend
(B) emphasize
(C) distort
(D) soften

7.7. Her math teacher is very "rigid" in opinions and ideas.
(A) inflexible
(B) intelligent
(C) lucid
(D) accurate

8.8. Her aunt asked her to "keep an eye" on the children while she was on vacation.
(A) feed
(B) watch
(C) encourage
(D) help

9.9. Research in the near future on the neurobiology is likely to _______ our current understanding of the physiology of the brain and its effect on human behavior.
(A) enlighten
(B) empower
(C) enlarge
(D) enforce

10.10. The reports of a massive outbreak of E. coli , the _________ superbacteria, make Europeans and Americans tremble.
(A) dead
(B) died
(C) dying
(D) deadly

11.11. During the sensorimotor stage, children are extremely _________, meaning they cannot perceive the world from others' viewpoints.
(A) egocentric
(B) egoism
(C) egocentricity
(D) egomania

12.12. Scott is someone _______ a friend’s birthday.
(A) who he never forgets
(B) whom never forgets
(C) who never forgets
(D) who never forget

13.13. What _______ if you didn’t have to work for six weeks?
(A) would you do
(B) did you do
(C) will you do
(D) have you done

14.14. Could you tell me _______?
(A) what time is it
(B) is it 5:00 yet
(C) what time it is
(D) it is what time

15.15. Before they _______, they had both been diving instructors.
(A) had retired
(B) have retired
(C) are retiring
(D) retired

16.16. I don’t need those reports now, but please have them ready ______ six o’clock.
(A) at
(B) on
(C) by
(D) in

17.17. I always try my best to avoid _____ mistakes.
(A) to make
(B) from making
(C) making
(D) that I make

18.18. The greater _____ distance, the weaker the gravitational force.
(A) of
(B) the
(C) is the
(D) is of the

19.19. _____ for school at 7:30 than it started to rain.
(A) I had hardly left
(B) As soon as I had left
(C) The moment I left
(D) No sooner had I left

20.20. Plants get nourishment _____ the soil.
(A) from
(B) to
(C) with
(D) of

21.21. In some countries, business people have a very direct style, while in ______ they are much more subtle in style.
(A) others
(B) the others
(C) another
(D) each

22.22. The representatives are _____ going home and seeing their families after this negotiation.
(A) looking up to
(B) looking for
(C) looking out
(D) looking forward to

23.23. Concrete operational stage is from ages 7 to 11,________ children can conserve and think logically but only with practical aids and they are no longer self-centered.
(A) during which
(B) which
(C) to which
(D) what

24.24. The young man feels completely isolated from everything around him ________ the fact that he dwells in a city.
(A) although
(B) despite
(C) even though
(D) despite of

25.25. A: Didn’t he use to live in Tainan? B: _______. He lived in Taipei.
(A) Yes, he did.
(B) No, he didn’t
(C) Yes, he didn’t.
(D) No, he did.

26.26. A: If you give me a ride, I’ll help you with your history report. B: ______.
(A) It’s a deal.
(B) It’s out of the question.
(C) It depends.
(D) It matters a great deal.

27.27. A: How many countries have you visited? B: ______.
(A) I went to India, Canada, and Australia last year.
(B) As many as possible.
(C) I plan to visit more.
(D)Well, only one.

28.28. A: Does your girlfriend like her present? B: _______.
(A) No, she didn’t agree, either.
(B) Yes, the presentation is really good.
(C) Yes, she couldn’t take her eyes off it.
(D) No, she’s no longer there.

29.29. A: My brother was fined for eating on the MRT. B: ______.
(A) Pretty well.
(B)Was that delicious?
(C) That’s nice.
(D) He deserved it

30.30. Mary: ________. Mom: Meat balls and mashed potatoes. Mary: Great. That’s what I was hoping you were going to prepare.
(A) What are you making for dinner?
(B) What is it that you enjoy most?
(C) What are you doing over there?
(D) What’s your order, Madam?

31.31. Teacher: Why didn’t you hand in the paper yesterday? Paul: __________.
(A) I’m sorry I forget.
(B) You must apologize for it.
(C) Because I’ve finished writing it.
(D) I thought I was supposed to turn it in today

32.32. Tom: Do you happen to have five hundred dollars with you. Paul: __________. Tom: I want to buy a CD.
(A) How do you want a CD.
(B) How much?
(C) What for?
(D)When can you pay me back?

33.33. Peter: The weather doesn’t look good tonight, does it? Alice: Yeah, and the bus always comes late on rainy days. Peter: __________. It sure does.
(A) You did.
(B) You bet.
(C) I can’t do it.
(D) I’m afraid not.

34.34. Man: Is it nine-three-two-one double six-zero-five? Jack: __________. Man: Oh, I’m sorry.
(A) Are you sure?
(B) I’m sorry, but he’s not in right now.
(C) I’m afraid you’ve called the wrong number.
(D) Nice to hear from you.

35.35. I’m not satisfying with the performance of my team on this project. I not only did most of the research, but also wrote half of the report
(A) I’m not satisfying with
(B) I not only did
(C) most of
(D)but also wrote

36.36. The Children’s Protection Association has been set up to prevented child abusing and to help children who live in hostile homes.
(A)has been set up
(B)prevented child abusing
(D) live in

37.37. They knew we needed the air conditioners urgently and they took advantage of the situation by charge us more. Next time, we won’t order from them.
(B)took advantage
(C) by charge
(D) order from them.

38.38. It is driving on the right what causes Taiwanese visitors to Hong Kong the most trouble.
(A) driving
(B)on the right

39.39. Mobile phone usage is universal in high schools and some unhappy principals are moved to install metal detectors.
(B) universal

40.40. Most “Malls without walls,” as Sam Walton calls it, draw crowds with an old-fashioned lure: everyday discounts.

41.41. Young children not only assimilate objects to fit their needs, but also modifying some of their mental structures to meet the demands of the environment.
(A) to fit
(C)mental structures
(D)the demands

42.42. In 1964, King became the youngest civil rights activist to receive the Nobel Peace Prize for his work to end racial discrimination through civil disobedience and other nonviolent mean.
(A) to receive
(B) to end
(C)through civil disobedience
(D)other nonviolent mean.

43.V. Reading comprehension A. Many parents and teachers believe that war toys encourage children to learn the incorrect values; that they can solve their problems with violence. In the past two decades, sales of these toys have increased enormously the world over. Among them, actions figures, toy guns, and computer war games are the most popular. The opponents of these toys point to the shocking increase in crimes of violence to support their belief that the sale of war toys should be prohibited. Often, the weapons used in crimes are very realistic toy gun, but the results are ruinous because it is not easy for the police to distinguish them from real guns. Conversely, some experts disagree about the effects that war toys have on a child’s development. They argue that humans are born with aggressive nature and children need a way to express themselves. Playing with war toys can be a positive way for children to deal with their anger and aggression.
【題組】43. What is the main idea of this passage?
(A) War toys should be banned.
(B) The effects of war toys on children.
(C) All children should not have war toys.
(D) War toys are popular all over the world.

44.【題組】44. Some experts believe that:
(A) Children are not aggressive.
(B) Sales of war toys increased a lot.
(C) Children should not have toy guns.
(D) War toys help children deal with their violent instincts

45.【題組】45. According to this passage, which of the following is NOT true?
(A) Some adults worry that these war toys have a negative effect on children.
(B) War toys are popular in the last twenty years.
(C) The crime rate has decreased in recent years.
(D) Some experts have positive attitude toward the war toys.

46.B. As you probably know, log structures are gaining popularity. They are no longer just the simple country homes that we think of the traditional log cabin. The log cabin is more than where people rest their heads; it's where their hearts, minds, and spirit lay claim to tranquility and rejuvenation. It is the rounded logs that give people the feelings of a cozy, relaxing, and comfortable home. Currently, it is quite convenient for people who want to build a traditional log cabin on their own. They can buy a kit with precut logs that fit together like pieces of jigsaw puzzle. Before showing some slides of modern log houses, I’d like to give you a little historical background on the subject. Log cabins were first built in the late 1600s along the Delaware River valley. The European immigrants who settled there brought centuries’ old traditions of working with logs. And in this heavily wooded area logs were the material in hand. Log cabins were the most popular in the early 1800s with the settlers who were moving west. They provided the answer to the pioneer’s need for a safe and sturdy home that an ordinary family could build quickly. They had dirt floors and sliding boards for windows. But the log buildings that have probably had most influence on modern architects are those of the mountain retreats of wealthy New Yorkers. These country houses which were popular in the early 1900s typify what’s known as the Adoroundyx style.
【題組】46. In what class is the lecture presented?
(A) In an American history class.
(B) In an architecture class.
(C) In a geography class.
(D) In a nature science class.

47.【題組】47. What is the lecture mainly addressing?
(A) Traditional European architecture.
(B) Techniques for building log cabins.
(C) The features and the history of log structure.
(D) How to build your own log house.

48.【題組】48. According to the lecture, what gives log cabins their warm atmosphere?
(A) The rustic dirt floors.
(B) Their small size.
(C) The sliding board windows.
(D) The walls of rounded logs.

49.【題組】49. Why did the early settlers use log for building houses?
(A) They like the warmth of log homes.
(B) They had easy access to logs.
(C) They didn’t know any other construction materials.
(D) They wanted to create their own immigrants’ tradition.

50.【題組】50. What is the word retreats closest in meaning to?
(A) accesses
(B) reversals
(C) resorts
(D) withdrawals