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100 年 - 桃園縣100年度國民小學暨附設幼稚園教師聯合甄選筆試【英文-B】試題#5310 

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1.1. Giant pandas are extremely rare -- aside from their cuteness, their ________ makes them important. Zoos are working to ensure that pandas survive.
(A) cumbersome
(B) scarcity
(C) affection
(D) aggression

2.2. The _____ girl intends to go her way despite warnings from her parents.
(A) obstinate
(B) cursory
(C) effluent
(D) permeable

3.3. Smoking is a _____ to health.
(A) punctuality
(B) inference
(C) detriment
(D) asset

4.4. His brave behaviors in the rescue attempt are _____.
(A) extravagant
(B) corpulent
(C) sanitary
(D) laudable

5.5. If a coworker, classmate, or neighbor experiences a death in the family, it is appropriate to express sympathy and _____.
(A) condolences
(B) reminiscences
(C) melancholy
(D) solitude

6.6. Government officials are afraid that flooding would _____ the spread of the diseases.
(A) escalate
(B) excel
(C) escape
(D) accelerate

7.7. Most fast-food restaurants are ______. They are individually owned businesses following strict guidelines from the company’s central management.
(A) insurers
(B) outlets
(C) franchises
(D) manufacturers

8.8. _____ is the study of the human race, its culture and society and its physical development.
(A) Anthropology
(B) Physics
(C) Ethnography
(D) Sociology

9.9. The MIT team created a ______ semiconductor element measuring 0.9 centimeter square.
(A) stereotype
(B) prototype
(C) typecast
(D) typography

10.10. The old man was suffering from _____ and was unable to identify himself.
(A) diarrhea
(B) anemia
(C) fatigue
(D) amnesia

11.11. The criminal was _____ of murder of the first degree.
(A) convicted
(B) retained
(C) superseded
(D) entailed

12.12. Many of those who survived the initial blast later ______ to nightmarish afflictions and worse of all the ghastly consequences of radiation sickness.
(A) unveiled
(B) uncovered
(C) subscribed
(D) succumbed

13.13. He has devoted his life _____ blind people.
(A) in helping
(B) to help
(C) on helping
(D) to helping

14.14. ______ constructed in patterns of rhythmic repetition, but it also consists of interlocking word sounds.
(A) Not only is poetry
(B) Not only poetry is
(C) Poetry being not only
(D) Poetry which is not only

15.15. _____ in an environment of musical family, Jennifer displayed a talent for music from an early age.
(A) She was rear up
(B) Having rear up
(C) Reared up
(D) Rearing up

16.16. February normally has twenty-eight days, but every fourth year, _____ has twenty-nine.
(A) there
(B) its
(C) is a leap year
(D) a leap year, it

17.17. The rain didn’t _____ the entire weekend.
(A) pass buck
(B) bring about
(C) let up
(D) wear off

18.18. Newspaper historians feel that Joseph Pulitzer exercised _______ on American journalism during his lifetime.
(A) remarkable of influence
(B) remarkable influence
(C) his influence of remarkable
(D) that influence is

19. 19. The different sexes view beauty in different ways. For example, men show _____ women with large eyes, while women think men with wide shoulders are attractive.
(A) prefer of
(B) preference on
(C) prefer to
(D) preference for

20.20. Eric’s computer-game habit is interfering _____ his academic performance in school.
(A) in
(B) on
(C) with
(D) upon

21.21. I didn’t call my sister, but I _____.
(A) should have
(B) may have
(C) must have
(D) would have

22.22. Recent studies ______ on happiness indicate that a number of factors contribute to how we feel.
(A) that conducted
(B) conducting
(C) which conducted
(D) conducted

23.23. So, what were you like as a kid?
(A) I like smart and intelligent kids.
(B) I don’t like kids. They drive me mad.
(C) I was kind of spoiled.
(D) I loved dolls when I was little.

24.24. A: Does the rent include utilities? B: ______________
(A) It includes electricity only.
(B) It’s well-furnished.
(C) Yes, it’s cheap.
(D) The facility is open to all the tenants.

25.25. How long have you held your present position?
(A) For two hours. I’m exhausted!
(B) At least two hundred meters long.
(C) Just a moment.
(D) I’ve been a secretary for three years.

26.26. A: Please feel free to ask me if you need any help. B: __________
(A) Yes, I feel fine.
(B) That’s very kind of you.
(C) Yes, anything will do.
(D) But, I’ll pay for it.

27. 27. A: How about giving me a hand with this projector. B: _______________
(A) The company projects steady growth.
(B) O.K. I will bring it over.
(C) You can say that again.
(D) Sure. Let me hold it for you.

28.28. Dan, you seem to be in hot water. Is there anything I can help out?
(A) Yeah, it is really hot in here.
(B) Yeah, could I borrow some money?
(C) Yeah, could you turn on the air conditioner?
(D) I’m really busy right now.

29.29. The Mayor is trying to eradicate Dengue fever, but without much success. Do you think he will give up?
(A) No. With Mr. Dengue’s help, he will succeed.
(B) Yes, he has to give up because of the fever.
(C) Never.
(D) Yes, because he will be out of town for a while.

30.IV. Error Correction
30. Once
(A) you are addicted in
(C) , it will be difficult for you to get rid of

31. 31. About one-fifth
(A) of all
(B) the energy used in the United States it is
(C) changed into electric
(D) power.

32.32. At any given time
(A) in United States
(B) , about 10 million people
(C) are experiencing the clinical depression
(D) .

33.33. Impression painters
(A) were mainly concerned with
(B) how the surfaces of objects
(C) appeared to the eye at a particular moment
(D) .

34.34. Only by
(A) then he became
(B) aware of the fact that there should be more hardships ahead than
(C) he had always expected
(D) .

35.35. Government subsidies give
(A) these organizations an unfair
(B) advantages
(C) over their
(D) competitors.

36.36. One of America’s most famous writer was
(A) Henry James, whose
(B) works were
(C) mostly
(D) completed in England.

37.37. Because of
(A) the accident, grandmother will forbid me from swimming
(B) in the river unless
(C) someone agrees to
(D) watch me.

38.38. When
(A) the thermometer drops below 68 degree
(B) Fahrenheit, the body conserves warmth
(C) by restricting blood
(D) flowing to the skin.

39.V. Reading Comprehension 
A. If that craving for chocolate sometimes feels like it is coming from deep in your gut, that’s because maybe it is. A small study links the type of bacteria living in people’s digestive system to a desire for chocolate. Everyone has a vast community of microbes in their guts. But people who crave daily chocolate show signs of having different colonies of bacteria than people who are immune to chocolate’s allure. That may be the case for other foods, too. The idea could eventually lead to treating some types of obesity by changing the composition of the trillions of bacteria occupying the intestines and stomach, said Sunil Kochhar, co-author of the study. Kochhar compared the blood and urine of those 11 men who don’t eat chocolate, whom he jokingly called “weird,” to 11 similar men who ate chocolate daily. They were all healthy, not obese, and were fed the same food for five days. The researchers examined the byproducts of metabolism in their blood and urine and found that a dozen substances were significantly different between the two groups. The levels of several of the specific substances that were different in the two groups are known to be linked to different types of bacteria, Kochhar said. Still to be determined is if the bacteria cause the craving, or if early in life people’s diets changed the bacteria, which then reinforced food choices.

【題組】39. Which of these titles comes closest to expressing the main idea of the selection?
(A) A Study for the Type of Bacteria
(B) Chocolate Lovers
(C) Scientists Explain Chocolate Cravings
(D) Food Choices

40.【題組】40. “People who are immune to chocolate allure” mentioned in this passage represents _____.
(A) people who have a desire for chocolate
(B) people who suffer from the illusions about chocolate
(C) people who have strong immune system
(D) people who can resist chocolate

41.【題組】41. According to the co-author of the study, Kochhar, what is the value of the findings?
(A) The findings can be used to cure people with intestine and stomach problems.
(B) The findings may be used to treat some obese patients.
(C) The findings may be used to treat people with metabolism problems.
(D) The findings can be used to develop some bacteria that increase appetite.

42.【題組】42. According to the passage, which of the following is NOT true?
(A) Desire for chocolate may be related to some kinds of bacteria.
(B) The study researcher Kochhar tested the participants’ blood and urine.
(C) A great amount of bacteria live in people’s digestive system.
(D) Those who don’t enjoy chocolate and chocolate lovers are found to have identical colonies of bacteria in their body.

43.【題組】43. Based on the reading, the author explains this subject mainly by _____.
(A) the laboratory experiments
(B) his imagination
(C) his personal experiences
(D) comparing different study resources

44.B. Lithography is the art of drawing with a greasy substance, usually crayon, on a stone, metal, or paper surface, and then printing. It is based on the fact that grease attracts grease and is repelled by water. It is the most direct of all the graphic arts, for in practicing it the artist first sees the exact value of each line that he draws and then has his drawing reproduced so accurately that it may truly be said to have been multiplied. In making either an etching, a process in which a drawing is engraved in a metal plate through a thin film of wax, or a woodblock, in which the drawing is carved in wood, the artist must wait for a print to estimate his work fairly. When a lithography is made, the artist’s drawing grows in definite values under his eyes and he can make changes in it as he works.
【題組】44. The title below that best expresses the ideas of this passage is
(A) How etchings and woodblocks are made
(B) Modern graphics arts
(C) Advantages of lithography
(D) Basic principles of art

45.【題組】45. A great advantage of lithography as a means of reproducing drawings is that it
(A) is quicker and neater than other methods
(B) gives faithful reproductions
(C) requires a metal plate
(D) is less expensive than other methods

46.【題組】46. Many artists like to use lithography to reproduce their drawings because they
(A) know in advance the value of each picture
(B) often get unexpected profits
(C) get higher prices for lithographs than for etchings
(D) can make alternations and corrections

47.【題組】47. The word “repelled” in this passage is closest in meaning to
(A) rejected
(B) prompted
(C) absorbed
(D) balanced

48.C. Generally speaking, there are four stages of culture shock. First, it is the “honeymoon” stage. To the visitors, everything is novel and exciting—the food, the surroundings, the buildings, etc., and it produces a desire to look around, to experiment, and to explore. The next stage is the “horror” stage where the newness wears off, and the visitor sees the country from a different light, and often begins to criticize the country and the values of the people. The next stage is the “humor” stage where people begin to reflect back on their mistakes in the earlier stages and laugh. The final stage is the “home” stage where people begin to feel at home living in that foreign country.
【題組】48. Which of the following best describes culture shock?
(A) The shameful feeling people have towards a foreign culture.
(B) The confused feeling people get when they arrive in a foreign country.
(C) The dislike people have towards people from different cultures.
(D) The offended feeling people have when they are discriminated by foreigners.

49.【題組】49. What did the passage say about the people in the third stage of culture shock?
(A) They enjoy living among the people in the adopted country.
(B) They miss home and want to go home.
(C) They laugh at themselves for mistakes they made.
(D) They criticize the people and the place.

50.【題組】50. What is the best title of this passage?
(A) The stages of culture shock.
(B) The definition of culture shock.
(C) The causes of culture shock.
(D) How to adjust to culture shock.