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100 年 - 桃園縣100年度國民小學暨附設幼稚園教師聯合甄選筆試【英文-B】試題#5310 

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1.1. Giant pandas are extremely rare -- aside from their cuteness, their ________ makes them important. Zoos are working to ensure that pandas survive.
(A) cumbersome
(B) scarcity
(C) affection
(D) aggression
2.2. The _____ girl intends to go her way despite warnings from her parents.
(A) obstinate
(B) cursory
(C) effluent
(D) permeable
3.3. Smoking is a _____ to health.
(A) punctuality
(B) inference
(C) detriment
(D) asset
4.4. His brave behaviors in the rescue attempt are _____.
(A) extravagant
(B) corpulent
(C) sanitary
(D) laudable
5.5. If a coworker, classmate, or neighbor experiences a death in the family, it is appropriate to express sympathy and _____.
(A) condolences
(B) reminiscences
(C) melancholy
(D) solitude
6.6. Government officials are afraid that flooding would _____ the spread of the diseases.
(A) escalate
(B) excel
(C) escape
(D) accelerate
7.7. Most fast-food restaurants are ______. They are individually owned businesses following strict guidelines from the company’s central management.
(A) insurers
(B) outlets
(C) franchises
(D) manufacturers
8.8. _____ is the study of the human race, its culture and society and its physical development.
(A) Anthropology
(B) Physics
(C) Ethnography
(D) Sociology
9.9. The MIT team created a ______ semiconductor element measuring 0.9 centimeter square.
(A) stereotype
(B) prototype
(C) typecast
(D) typography
10.10. The old man was suffering from _____ and was unable to identify himself.
(A) diarrhea
(B) anemia
(C) fatigue
(D) amnesia
11.11. The criminal was _____ of murder of the first degree.
(A) convicted
(B) retained
(C) superseded
(D) entailed
12.12. Many of those who survived the initial blast later ______ to nightmarish afflictions and worse of all the ghastly consequences of radiation sickness.
(A) unveiled
(B) uncovered
(C) subscribed
(D) succumbed
13.13. He has devoted his life _____ blind people.
(A) in helping
(B) to help
(C) on helping
(D) to helping
14.14. ______ constructed in patterns of rhythmic repetition, but it also consists of interlocking word sounds.
(A) Not only is poetry
(B) Not only poetry is
(C) Poetry being not only
(D) Poetry which is not only
15.15. _____ in an environment of musical family, Jennifer displayed a talent for music from an early age.
(A) She was rear up
(B) Having rear up
(C) Reared up
(D) Rearing up
16.16. February normally has twenty-eight days, but every fourth year, _____ has twenty-nine.
(A) there
(B) its
(C) is a leap year
(D) a leap year, it
17.17. The rain didn’t _____ the entire weekend.
(A) pass buck
(B) bring about
(C) let up
(D) wear off
18.18. Newspaper historians feel that Joseph Pulitzer exercised _______ on American journalism during his lifetime.
(A) remarkable of influence
(B) remarkable influence
(C) his influence of remarkable
(D) that influence is
19. 19. The different sexes view beauty in different ways. For example, men show _____ women with large eyes, while women think men with wide shoulders are attractive.
(A) prefer of
(B) preference on
(C) prefer to
(D) preference for
20.20. Eric’s computer-game habit is interfering _____ his academic performance in school.
(A) in
(B) on
(C) with
(D) upon
21.21. I didn’t call my sister, but I _____.
(A) should have
(B) may have
(C) must have
(D) would have
22.22. Recent studies ______ on happiness indicate that a number of factors contribute to how we feel.
(A) that conducted
(B) conducting
(C) which conducted
(D) conducted
23.23. So, what were you like as a kid?
(A) I like smart and intelligent kids.
(B) I don’t like kids. They drive me mad.
(C) I was kind of spoiled.
(D) I loved dolls when I was little.
24.24. A: Does the rent include utilities? B: ______________
(A) It includes electricity only.
(B) It’s well-furnished.
(C) Yes, it’s cheap.
(D) The facility is open to all the tenants.
25.25. How long have you held your present position?
(A) For two hours. I’m exhausted!
(B) At least two hundred meters long.
(C) Just a moment.
(D) I’ve been a secretary for three years.
26.26. A: Please feel free to ask me if you need any help. B: __________
(A) Yes, I feel fine.
(B) That’s very kind of you.
(C) Yes, anything will do.
(D) But, I’ll pay for it.
27. 27. A: How about giving me a hand with this projector. B: _______________
(A) The company projects steady growth.
(B) O.K. I will bring it over.
(C) You can say that again.
(D) Sure. Let me hold it for you.
28.28. Dan, you seem to be in hot water. Is there anything I can help out?
(A) Yeah, it is really hot in here.
(B) Yeah, could I borrow some money?
(C) Yeah, could you turn on the air conditioner?
(D) I’m really busy right now.
29.29. The Mayor is trying to eradicate Dengue fever, but without much success. Do you think he will give up?
(A) No. With Mr. Dengue’s help, he will succeed.
(B) Yes, he has to give up because of the fever.
(C) Never.
(D) Yes, because he will be out of town for a while.