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101 年 - 桃園縣101年度國民小學暨附設幼稚園教師聯合甄選筆試【英文-A】試題#9138 

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The tornado is a very ____ storm. This funnel-shaped cloud does not last long. But it sucks up everything in its path. The strong winds can be very destructive.

(A) fierce
(B) friendly
(C) small
(D) sticky

2.Valentine’s Day, or its _____, is now celebrated in many countries around the world.
(A) precedent
(B) opponent
(C) equivalent
(D) supplement

3.Weather is something which we experience every day, and yet it’s very _____.
(A) transparent
(B) genuine
(C) explicit
(D) complicated

4.Vidal Sassoon was _____ with revolutionizing hairdressing during the 1960s, and went on to found a multi-million dollar international business of fashion and beauty products.
(A) accused
(B) credited
(C) regarded
(D) declared

5.If you _____ prick your finger on a rose thorn, your brain quickly makes you pull your hand away.
(A) accidentally
(B) expediently
(C) deliberately

6.At first the meaning of the word nice wasn’t nice at all. Nice once meant “ignorant.” It began to ____ a more pleasant meaning after the sixteenth century.
(A) reply
(B) imply
(C) remove
(D) imagine

7.Many educators ____ students by responding to their questions actively and showing interests in their talents and learning goals.
(A) misjudge
(B) reprimand
(C) motivate
(D) demonstrate

8.Hamsters, giant pandas, apes, and reindeers are ____ that have hair and are warm-blooded.
(A) amphibians
(B) arachnids
(C) reptiles
(D) mammals

9.In watching a tragic play, our emotions are strongly ____: we can feel fear for the dangers that face the hero, or anger at his or her enemies, or pity for the hero’s sad fate.
(A) aroused
(B) arisen
(C) risen
(D) rose

10.Surgeons wore white uniforms until 1914. A doctor thought that the white uniform showed too much blood from ____. He wore green instead. Red did not show as much on the green.
(A) operations
(B) janitors
(C) straps
(D) crumbs

11.Many people ____ when the earthquake struck last night.
(A) slept
(B) have slept
(C) were sleeping
(D) have been sleeping

12.Gourmands are people who eat greedily, as though _____ no tomorrow.
(A) there is
(B) there were
(C) there has
(D) there was

13.This is _____ good tea that I think I’ll have another cup.
(A) so
(B) too
(C) much
(D) such

14.On much of television today, ____ more frequently presented than straightforward information.
(A) sensational news is
(B) sensational news are
(C) a sensational news is
(D) some sensational news are

15.Since computers were first introduced in the early 1980s, technology ____ a great deal.
(A) changes
(B) changed
(C) has changed
(D) had changed

16.Indian summer is a period of mild weather ____ during the autumn.
(A) occurs
(B) occurring
(C) it occurs
(D) it occurring

17.Some parts of the earth get prolonged sunlight ____ some parts get prolonged darkness.
(A) instead
(B) likewise
(C) whereas
(D) once

18.____ type of insects that pollinate plants.
(A) Not only are the bees
(B) Bees are not the only
(C) Not the only bees are
(D) Bees are the not only

19.Titanic, the Oscar-winning blockbuster, _____ Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet, provides a moving story and amazing visual effects.
(A) starred
(B) upon starring
(C) stars
(D) starring

20.____ of liquids through pipes.
(A) The flow controlled by valves
(B) For valves to control the flow
(C) Valves control the flow
(D) Controlled by valves, the flow

21.21. (a) Before  diamonds can be used (b)as jewels , they(c)must be  cut and (d)polish   (Error Correction)
(A)It  is difficult to imagine 
(B)what would life  be like today 
(C)had  the can opener not 
(D)been invented .  (Error Correction)

23.Sony’s technicians (a)have programmed  Aibo to walk around (b)by himself  and to express a few “emotions”: He wags his tail (c)or  flashes his eyes (d) in respond to spoken commands.  (Error Correction)
24.Most snakes (a)are finding  in tropical regions(b)where (c)plenty of  sunshine, water, and food (d)are available .  (Error Correction)
25.The herb ginger (a)has been used  (b)in  centuries (c)to relieve cold and flu symptoms (d)and  other respiratory problems.  (Error Correction)
26.Several international banks stood by their conservative outlook for United State's economy this year, (a)in  GDP growth estimates (b)ranging from  5 percent to 5.7 percent,(c)although  some concerns about Greece's exit from the eurozone were erased (d)following  Greek opinion polls. (Error Correction)
27.Approximately (a)the third  of Alaska’s (b)land area (c) lies north (d)of  the Arctic Circle.  (Error Correction)
28.Drowsiness is one (a)symptom of  hypothermia, the(b)extreme (c) lost  of  (d)body heat .  (Error Correction)
29.(a)Harmonize , melody, and (b)rhythm  are important elements in (c)most  forms of  (d)music .  (Error Correction)
30.Bubbles (a)of  air in ice cream (b)make it  soft and (c)enough smooth  (d)to eat .  (Error Correction)
31.IV. Dialogue Allen: How long did you stay there? Karen: _____________.
(A) Because it’s beautiful.
(B) We ate a lot.
(C) In the summer.
(D) Not long. About 24 hours.

32.Nancy: Richard often backs out at the last moment. Clare: I agree with you. _____________.
(A) He is not a man of his word.
(B) He does not drive carefully.
(C) He is a person who writes with his left hand.
(D) He was injured.

33.A: What’s going on in the news today? B: _____________.
(A) I’ve got to get 50 color copies made a.s.a.p.
(B) Please tell my parents to watch the news.
(C) Martha told me to be home before the storm.
(D) There was a terrible storm in the south.

34.Joe: Have you seen the movie The Wizard of Oz? May: _____________. 2
(A) No, I saw it last week.
(B) Yes, I really want to.
(C) No, but I’ve heard about it.
(D) Yes, I went to the beach.

35.A: You look a bit worn out today. B: _______________.
(A) I’m on my way to the gym for some exercise.
(B) I’ve baked chocolate cookies. Would you try some?
(C) I lost my cell-phone, and I’m going to buy one.
(D) I have my paper due today, so I didn’t sleep last night.

36. All the planets in the solar system have an atmosphere _____36_____ some extent. An atmosphere is a layer of gas _____37_____ a world. In general, it is an extremely thin layer. In the case of the Earth, _____38_____ , approximately two-thirds of the air in the atmosphere _____39_____ within 10 kilometers of Earth's surface. In other words, this air is only as thick as a dollar bill if represented on a standard globe. The air that makes up any atmosphere is a mixture of several types of gases that consists either of individual atoms _____40_____ of molecules. In most cases, temperature in the atmospheres are low enough for atoms to combine into molecules. The air we breathe, for instance, consists of molecular nitrogen and oxygen as opposed to individual atoms.
【題組】V. Cloze test 36.
(A) in
(B) for
(C) to
(D) on

(A) surround
(B) surrounds
(C) surrounded
(D) surrounding

(A) for example
(B) in contrast
(C) on one hand
(D) in sum

(A) lie
(B) lies
(C) lay
(D) laid

(A) or
(B) nor
(C) for
(D) as

41.VI. Reading Comprehension Passage 1 We all know that smiling is important when meeting new people. However, new research suggests that different types of smiles affect what people think of us. There are a number of sayings about the power of the smile. “Peace begins with a smile.” “A smile is the universal welcome.” “Life is short but a smile only takes a second.” All good advice. But it may not be as simple as that. According to new research, if you want to make a good impression when you meet people, it’s not just that you smile. It’s how you smile. The study was carried out by the Go Group, a business support organization based in Scotland. They looked at people’s reactions to different grins. They found that responses varied considerably. Through this they say they have found three types of smile to avoid: The first is “The Enthusiast,” very wide, all teeth showing, possible evidence that you can have too much of a good thing. Then there is the “Big Freeze”, a fixed grin that looks practiced and fake. Finally comes “The Robot”, a small, thin smile, lacking in warmth. The group also warns about smiling too quickly, saying it can make you look insincere. The best smile, they say, is slower and floods naturally across the whole face.
【題組】41. What is the main topic of this passage?
(A) The Art of Smiling
(B) Three Bad Types of Smile
(C) The Advantages of Smiling
(D) Smile: The Best Way of Communication

42.【題組】How can a person make a good impression on people?
(A) Always smile when meeting someone.
(B) Avoid grinning when meeting a friend.
(C) Pay attention to the way you smile.
(D) Learn how to smile like a Cheshire cat.

43.【題組】43. The expression “have too much of a good thing” in line 16 means ___.
(A) so good that you cannot believe that such a situation is possible
(B) so easily available that you do not enjoy it any more
(C) to be involved in something that gives you benefits
(D) being satisfied with your own happy situation

44.【題組】Which of the following statements is correct?
(A) The “Robot” smiles in an exaggerative way.
(B) People like an “Enthusiast” better than a “Robot”.
(C) Grinning from ear to ear is called the “Big Freeze”.
(D) The three types of bad smile seem to lack sincerity.

45.【題組】What is a good, impressive smile?
(A) Give a small, vague smile.
(B) Give a wide smile, showing all teeth.
(C) Smile as soon as possible.
(D) Smile slowly and naturally.

46.Passage 2 Is organic food really better for you? The advantages reported for such food over regular food are now being debated. Supporters of organic food, a term whose meaning differs widely, often claim that such food is safer and more nutritious than others. Although most of these claims are not fully supported or documented by scientific research, the prevalence of relevant reports enhancing such claims makes it difficult for the general public to separate facts from fictions. Therefore, claims that choosing an entirely organic diet prevents or cures some disease or benefits overall health have become extensively publicized and formed the basis of the myths. One thing that most organic food products seem to have in common is that they tend to cost more than regular food products. In many cases, consumers are misguided if they believe organic food products can provide better nutrition and maintain good health than conventionally grown food products. It is becoming a real cause for concern if consumers, especially those with limited incomes, do not trust the regular food products and buy only expensive organic food products instead.
【題組】46. The word “others” in line 5 refers to “____”.
(A) claims
(B) supporters
(C) organic food products
(D) regular food products

47.【題組】47. According to the first paragraph, which of the following statements is true about the term “organic food”?
(A) It is accepted by most nutrition experts.
(B) It is a new term.
(C) It has no fixed meaning.
(D) It is rarely used by consumers.

48.【題組】48. The word “maintain” in the third paragraph is closet in meaning to “____”.
(A) improve
(B) preserve
(C) monitor
(D) restore

49.【題組】49. The author implies that there is a concern if customers with limited incomes buy organic food products rather than regular food products because ____.
(A) organic food products can be more expensive but they often no better than regular food products.
(B) many organic food products are less nutritious than regular food products.
(C) regular food products are more common than organic food products.
(D) most farmers will switch to organic farming from conventional farming.

50.【題組】50. According to the last paragraph, consumers who believe that organic food products are better than regular food products are often ___.
(A) wealthy
(B) careless
(C) enthusiastic
(D) mistaken