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1.1. Even though Miss Alison had every reason to hold a grudge, she felt that ______ was not a healthful emotion.
(A) bittersweet
(B) compassion
(C) fondness
(D) resentment

2.2. Sometimes, a single building is not particularly historic, but in _____ with other buildings, it takes on meaning.
(A) conviction
(B) conscription
(C) conjunction
(D) conjecture

3.3. The high _____ and temperature combine to make Taipei City uncomfortable in July.
(A) humility
(B) humdrum
(C) humanity
(D) humidity

4.4. The politician _____ the claims of the opposing party that he had lied about his health care policies, arguing that he had kept all promises instead.
(A) corroborated
(B) championed
(C) refuted
(D) reconciled

5.5. Most phonics “rules” are applicable less than 50 percent of the time. These difficulties are ____ by regional differences in pronunciation. In some parts of the United States, speakers may not distinguish between the pronunciation of pin and pen.
(A) compounded
(B) combed
(C) conversed
(D) contacted

6.6. A tragedy allows us to experience strong emotions ____, meaning through the experience of others.
(A) virtually
(B) vicariously
(C) violently
(D) victoriously

7.7. Powerful businessmen who joined together in a big ____ would sometimes put unfair pressure on smaller businesses.
(A) trap
(B) trip
(C) trust
(D) trump

8.8. In certain tropical regions or countries, malaria is an _____ disease.
(B) analogous
(C) empirical

9.9. Elwin could beguile customers into buying his product with his great charisma.

10.10. The idea of having but one life to lead has always been a bummer.
(A) humoresque
(B) resentment
(C) disappointment
(D) exhilaration

11.11. The intrepid hero saved everyone in the city from the life-threatening disaster.
(B) sophisticated

12.12. Not only can Sophia play the piano very well, but she is also an adept singer.
(A) proficient
(B) popular
(C) famous
(D) respected II. Grammar

13.13. There are two shifts, you ______.
(A)either can work from four to eleven or from eleven to six
(B)can work from either four to eleven or from eleven to six
(C)can either work from four to eleven or from eleven to six
(D)can work either from four to eleven or from eleven to six

14.14. Mayan buildings are magnificent. The Mayans must ______ an advanced civilization.
(A) have had
(B) had had
(C) have
(D) had

15.15. What would you have done if you ______ the lottery yesterday?
(A)’d won
(B)’ll win
(C)’d have won

16.16. Most of the spices and many of the herbs ____ today originate from plants native to tropical regions.
(A) using
(B) use of
(C) in use
(D) are used

17.17. ____, 70 percent alcohol is more effective than 100 percent alcohol.
(A) An antiseptic used
(B) When used as an antiseptic
(C) An antiseptic when used
(D) How an antiseptic is used

18.18. There is no water on the moon, nor ____ an atmosphere around it.
(A) there is
(B) it is
(C) there is not
(D) is there

19.19. Most snakes eat animals ____ in proportion to their own size.
(A) they are
(B) as large
(C) that are large
(D) are large

20.20. When Mrs. Robinson came in from the big rainstorm, she looked as if she _____ a shower with her dress on.
(A) has taken
(B) taken
(C) takes
(D) had taken

21.21. _____ of the seven continents placed in the Atlantic Ocean, there would still be some room left for another continent like Europe.
(A) Were each
(B) Each one
(C) If each
(D) Since each

22.22. Geese have been domesticated for thousands of years _____ commercially for their meat, eggs, and feathers.
(A) which raised
(B) are raising
(C) to raised as
(D) and are raised III. Dialogue

23.23. A: We’re throwing a farewell party for Jonathon tonight. You’re invited. B: _____
(A) I’ll try to make it.
(B) Race you to the finish line.
(C) I lost track of time.
(D) Yes, I will work harder.

24.24. Jane: I am going to buy a new coat for the new year. Jean: I can’t afford it. I’ll have my old coat ____.
(A) torn up
(B) thrown away
(C) made over
(D) tired on

25.25. Toby: I don’t like to be stood up. Trevor: ____ It’s humiliating.
(A) I couldn’t care less.
(B) I can’t agree more
(C) I am in a hurry.
(D) I put my foot into it.

26.26. A: I just hope they don’t run out of tickets before I get up there. B: _____
(A) Good luck! She may be the one you’ve waited for.
(B) Can you believe it? I just got a speeding ticket.
(C) Not quite sure. I don’t know what’s causing the delay.
(D) That really would be annoying, wouldn’t it?

27.27. A: I saw Shannon having a drink with Tom at a pub last night. B: The girl you saw ______ Shannon. She was staying at my dorm last night.
(A) could not be
(B) might not be
(C) could not have been
(D) must not have been

28.28. A: You are a great dancer. I wish I could dance half as well as you. B: ______
(A) My pleasure.
(B) Not at all.
(C) Don’t mention it.
(D) Thank you.

29.29. Mark: You look pale. What’s wrong with you? Terry: The death of my dear friend, Tom, really ____.
(A) cheered me up
(B) took me by surprise
(C) brought me to
(D) held me up IV. Error Correction

Error Correction
30. (a)Except for the phonograph, the accomplishments of distinguished musicians(b) and the voices of legendary individuals would have been(c) forgotten by history(d) .

31.Error Correction
31. The creation of(a) elevators in hotels signified that previously unwanted (b) rooms on the upper floors, away from(c) the commotion and noise of the street, became desired and more costly than the lower floors(d) .

32.Error Correction
32. The top layer(a) of the ocean stores as much(b) heat as does(c) all the gases in the atmosphere(d).

33.Error Correction
33. Mathematics(a) have taken centuries to develop(b) the methods(c) that we now use(d) in arithmetic.

34.Error Correction
34. Compared to(a) those(b) of animals, the fossil record for plants(c) is quite(d) sketchy.

35.Error Correction
35. Improvements(a) in people’s health are due in part(b) to advances(c) in medical care and better sanitary(d).

Error Correction
36. Not until (a) the Centennial International Exhibition of 1898 in Baltimore did (b) the acquisition of antique carriages became (c) a serious endeavor (d) for American collectors.

Error Correction
37. Having been experienced(a) many realistic disaster drills(b) in his training, Roberts handled(c) the disaster calmly and effectively(d). V. Cloze A.

38.38. A rainbow is seen when the Sun’s rays shine on drops of rain or mist. It appears in the sky _____ the Sun. It has seven colors. The amount of space used by each color _____ on the size of the water drops in the rainbow.
(A) opposite… depends
(B) under… quits
(C) onto … blends
(D) upset … sits

39.39. Cheese factories _____ many health inspections. Some people feel that the taste of cheese has gotten worse. It has been _____ by processes designed to make it safe.
(A) request… freed
(B) require … altered
(C) refund … helped
(D) replayed … risen

40.40. In 1908, the president of an automobile company put on an exciting demonstration. He _____ the parts of three different cars. Then the cars were put back together. This showed that cars could be built with parts that were interchangeable. _____ each part could fit only the car it was made for.
(A) melted… Above
(B) jumbled … Previously
(C) waited … Beneath
(D) froze … Beside

41.41. Long ago the giant panda was a common sight. It lived in many parts of China. Then people began cutting down _____ areas of bamboo. The giant panda had a hard time finding bamboo to eat. Now the giant panda lives only high in the mountains of southeastern China. People are working to protect the giant panda. Seeing a giant panda today is very _____.
(A) block … easy
(B) slight … large
(C) dangerous … difficult
(D) immense … uncommon

42.B. “Dying with 42 ” is a topic that has inspired deep debate among the members of the medical community. Should an individual be allowed to 43 when she or he wants to die? Should a person who is merely receiving palliative care that provides no hope of a cure 44 to tell a doctor to stop all treatment so she or he can die in peace? How can a doctor know if a patient has the mental 45 to decide that the time has come to 46 the disease?
(A) incarnation
(B) dignity
(C) communality
(D) aviation

(A) dispense
(B) lubricate
(C) placate
(D) determine

(A) allows
(B) be allowed
(C) is allowing
(D) allowed

(A) maternity
(B) fatality
(C) existence
(D) capacity

(A) stop fighting
(B) stopping to fight
(C) stopped to fight
(D) stopping fight

47.VI. Reading Comprehension Among the leading figure of the Harlem Renaissance, Countee Cullen is the writer whose role in that movement is most difficult to assess. This difficulty arises in part because his poetry emulates the style and tone of nineteenth century English Romanticism, but real complexity concerns his choice of subject matter. Cullen entered Harvard in 1925, to pursue a master in English, about the same time his collections of poems, Color, was published. Written in a careful, traditional style, the work celebrated black beauty and deplored the effects of racism. Cullen insisted on the freedom of the Black point to choose any subject: he believed that a restricted concern with race was a hindrance to the development of the Black artist, and he claimed that there is poetry written by Blacks, but not a linguistic category that could be called Black poetry. Yet he was quick to add that for the Black poet, escaping awareness of race was impossible, and Cullen was always in some way writing about being Black. By suffusing an essentially European literary tradition with race consciousness, Cullen in his own way succeeded in doing what other writers of the Harlem Renaissance were doing by experimenting with Black folk forms: making a lasting contribution to the growth of a distinctive African American voice.
【題組】47. The passage is primarily concerned with
(A) examining the relationship between poetic style and substance
(B) drawing distinction between two kinds of poetry
(C) discussing a poet’s place in a literary movement
(D) describing the origins of a literary movement

48.【題組】48. The author suggests which of the following about nineteenth-century English Romanticism?
(A) It had little or no stylistic influence on most writers of the Harlem Renaissance.
(B) It was not heavily influenced by nineteenth-century folk forms.
(C) It emphasized the freedom of the post to choose any subject.
(D) It did not recognize the kinds of linguistic categories accepted by writers of the Harlem Renaissance.

49.【題組】49. In the last sentence of the passage, the author can best be described as doing which of the following?
(A) Offering a way of addressing a challenge posed at the beginning of the passage.
(B) Introducing the last of a series of examples supporting the thesis proposed at the beginning of the passage.
(C) Inviting further discussion of the issues raised in the passage.
(D) Rejecting an argument cited by the author in the preceding sentence.

50.【題組】50. The author’s conclusion about Cullen’s contribution to the development of a distinctive African American voice would be most weakened by the publication of which of the following?
(A)The diary of a writer of the Harlem Renaissance documenting the racial episodes in one of the writer’s novels.
(B) A survey of African American literature demonstrating Black writers’ ultimate rejection of European literary models.
(C) The poems of a nineteenth-century Black poet who used the forms of eighteen-century English poetry.
(D) An assay by a Black poet insisting on this responsibility of Black writers to address the issue of race in their writing.