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1.MBA is a(n) _____ for Master of Business Administration.
(A) neologism
(B) synonym
(C) homonym
(D) acronym

2.As an ambitious writer, Hardy sought to _____ the routine of solely recording things exactly as they are. His goal was, rather, to express an awareness of the strange.
(B) employ
(C) transcend
(D) overcome

3.It is odd that many philosophers argue that a person’s worth to society depends on his/her wealth, when instead people’s character should be _____ by their value to society.

4.Serious critic faces a dilemma: he must recognize the artistic element of uniqueness that requires subjective reaction; yet he must not be unduly _____ by such a reaction.

5.John’s _____ handwriting makes it hard to verify his signature.

6.The deficit crisis that threatens the euro has also undermined the _______ of the European standard of social welfare.

7.Although Mr. Beketo asked the authorities for help, he was _______ relentlessly.

8.The daily _____ for someone trying to lose weight includes a healthy diet and lots of exercise.

9.Our city has two million cars and only two thousand parking spaces – that’s the ____ of the problem.

10.They _____ principles of international law to claim the ownership of the sunken ship.

11.________ the sport that symbolizes for people in other countries the American way of life.
(A)Baseball has and probably always will be
(B)Baseball had and will probably always be
(C)Baseball were and probably will always be
(D)Baseball has been and probably always will be

12.Only gradually ________ incorporate into their preaching the earthly Jesus who had ministered to the people of Israel.
(A)they did
(B)did they
(D)they will

13.Up the road came a sound of creaking axles, and then a slow cloud of dust, and then ________ John Smith and his wife.
(A)a bearing bull-cart
(B)a bull-cart bearing
(C)a bull-cart bear
(D)a bull-cart being born

14.________ in the auditorium when the principal approached the dais to announce the result of the speech contest.
(A)Not hardly a sound could be heard
(B)No hardly a sound could be heard
(C)Hardly a sound could be heard
(D)Hardly a sound could not be heard

15.Improper use of the voice, which puts extra strain on the larynx and the vocal cords, may frequently cause laryngitis, ________ of the larynx, or voice box.
(A)an inflammation is in the tissues
(B)an inflammation of the tissues
(C)it is an inflammation of the tissues
(D)in the tissues, there is an inflammation

16.Read the flowing description and identify a teaching method that matches it. Students assume new identities, so they feel secure in learning a new language. Evaluation is conducted based on students’ in-class performance rather than through formal tests.
(B)Direct Method.
(C)Audio-lingual Method.
(D)The Silent Way.

17.Which of the following statements matches the principles of content-based instruction?
(A)Language should be learned as a survival skill.
(B)Meaningful contexts and authentic materials are important.
(C)The syllabus is basically generated by students.
(D)Second language learning is the same as first language learning.

18.Which of the following activities are most suitable for students with visual-spatial intelligence?
(A)Doing word puzzles.
(B)Reading charts and graphs.
(C)Taking notes.
(D)Keeping a journal

19.Which of the following is NOT one of the advantages of extensive reading?
(A)It can promote the pleasure of reading.
(B)It encourages students to read for comprehension.
(C)It familiarizes students with reading longer texts.
(D)It helps students to remember details of the stories.

20.What is a computer-adaptive testing?
(A)Test questions chosen depending on test takers’ performance.
(B)Tests written and graded with the help of computer technology.
(C)Oral and written tests that are administered and graded via the Internet.
(D)Large scale tests whose results can be analyzed by computer soft-wares.