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95 年 - 桃 園 縣95 學 年度國民中學教師甄選【專門科目:英語】試題 # 26-35 Language Learning and Teaching: 20%#7437 

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1.26. Which of the following might be a final stage of writing in a process approach?
(A) Brainstorming and drafting.
(B) Defining and investigating problems.
(C) Editing and proofreading.
(D) Conferencing among students and with the instructor.

2.27. Which is NOT a trait of cooperative learning?
(A) Mutual trust relationship.
(B) Face-to-face interaction.
(C) Individual contribution.
(D) Homogenous grouping.

3.28. Which two methods adopt an inductive approach to teaching grammar?
(A)The Direct Method & The Situational Language Teaching.
(B) The St. Cloud Method & The Silent Way.
(C) Grammar Translation Method and the Communicative Method.
(D) The Cognitive Method & Suggestopedia.

4.29. Which of the following is developed based on mimicry and memorization?
(A) Direct Method.
(B) Situational Approach.
(C) Audio-lingualism.
(D) Total Physical Response.

5.30. Which of the following about the comparisons between listening and reading is correct?
(A) Both listening and reading usually happen in real time.
(B) Both listening and reading are orthography-oriented.
(C) Both required productive responses in the midst of process.
(D) Both are receptive skills.

6.31. What kind of music is generally used in Suggestopedia?
(A) Baroque.
(B) Jazz.
(C) Pop music.
(D) Rock-and-roll.

7.32. Which of the following underlined sounds is different from the other three?
(A) usual
(B) pleasure
(C) measure
(D) judge

8.33. Which of the following terms means “the mental representations of linguistic rules that constitute the speaker-hearer’s internal grammar”?
(A) Competence.
(B) Performance.
(C) Decode.
(D) Encode.

9.34. Which of the following about “acquisition” and learning” is NOT correct?
(A)Learning is developed by explicit and informal instruction.
(B)Learning is aided by the practice of error correction.
(C)The process children use to acquire L1 is subconscious.
(D)In everyday language, acquisition is “picking up” a language.

10.35. Which of the following about “the Input Hypothesis” proposed by Krashen is NOT correct?
(A)We acquire by focusing on how it is said rather than what is said.
(B)We acquire by understanding input containing structures that are a bit beyond our current competence.
(C)Early speech is not grammatically accurate, but accuracy develops as the acquirer obtains more comprehensible input.
(D)We do not teach speaking but give acquirers comprehensible input.