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95 年 - 桃 園 縣95 學 年度國民中學教師甄選【專門科目: 英語】試題 #1-25 Language Proficiency#7436 

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1.1. In order to enforce ratings, in 1998 the United States government passed two laws which placed a high _________ on theaters that sold tickets to R-rated movies to underage children.
(A) pension
(B) penalty
(C) penance
(D) penguin

2.2. She experienced great emotional shock in a car accident in which she lost both her parents when she was two, and she has never been able to overcome the _________.
(A) trauma
(B) traipse
(C) syndrome
(D) memory

3.3. Registering for school the first time is a very complicated process. In order to _________ the unnecessary and confusing process, you better consult someone who did it before.
(A) eliminate
(B) alleviate
(C) extend
(D) banish

4.4. Mozart was known for his __________ speed in writing music which could only come from his own spontaneous imagination.
(A) intractable
(B) invaluable
(C) insolent
(D) incredible

5.5. Sometimes adults have more _______ notions than kids do, so it is more difficult for adults to accept new conditions.
(A) prepared
(B) previewed
(C) prevented
(D) preconceived

6.6. The trees have been cut down in large amounts. The ______ of the world’s rain forests is a serious problem.
(A) defrost
(B) deformation
(C) deforestation
(D) decomposition

7.7. One of the reasons for bad economics is the country’s __________ unemployment problem. It has existed for a long time and the government has no capacity to solve it.
(A) contagious
(B) chronic
(C) pointless
(D) sufficient

8.8. According to the constitution, citizens are entitled the right to vote in the elections including a __________ regarding a national issue.
(A) referendum
(B) procrastination
(C) conscription
(D) jurisprudence

9.9. Two of nature’s most dangerous types of storms are tornados and ________. Both are windstorms and often cause great damages.
(A) deflections
(B) floods
(C) hurricanes
(D) droughts

10.10.The police had to wait for the drunkard to _________ up before they could interrogate him.
(A) pile
(B) fly
(C) break
(D) sober

11.11.Bus services, taxis, and jeeps in this summer resort _________to the tourists’ need of road transportation.
(A) cater
(B) wait
(C) raid
(D) query

12.12.Mr. Peterson’s claim that he is able to see bacteria with his naked eyes is essentially__________.
(A) credulous
(B) preposterous
(C) scriptural
(D) supplemental

13.13. If the economy does not grow in the next few months, the tycoon’s business may need to __________ with a rival company.
(A) adumbrate
(B) amalgamate
(C) enumerate
(D) eradicate

14.14. Each year, the local government has to__________ about 600,000 cubic yards of sediment out of the Patapsco River.
(A) compile
(B) recruit
(C) dredge
(D) groove

15.15. The ancient empire has a highly developed social __________system, which divides people into nobles, workers, soldiers, and slaves.
(A) caste
(B) welfare
(C) nervous
(D) degree

16.16. In the days of enslavement, the oppressed used to hold __________ meetings in a secret place.
(A) omniscient
(B) outrageous
(C) cumulative
(D) clandestine

17.17.The situation could have __________ been much worse, but we will never know for sure.
(A) conceivably
(B) scrupulously
(C) horizontally
(D) consumptively

18.18.The duty of confidentiality imposed on public employees is very limited in comparison with that __________ on private-sector employees.
(A) reliable
(B) incumbent
(C) encroached
(D) dependent

19.19.The real key to __________creative lies in what you do with your knowledge.
(A) be
(B) being
(C) been
(D) have been

20.20. On Saturday nights, I prefer going out to __________ home alone.
(A) stay
(B) to stay
(C) staying
(D) stayed

21.21. His English is so poor that he cannot make himself __________.
(A) understand
(B) understanding
(C) understood
(D) to understand

22.22. The man for __________ he has worked is his uncle.
(B) who
(C) which
(D) that

23.23. Her youngest daughter was seldom made __________ the table.
(A) clear
(B) clearing
(C) to clear
(D) cleared

24.24. She said that her husband __________ fishing the previous night.
(A) went
(B) has gone
(C) would go
(D) had gone

25.25. Neither the students nor the teacher __________ a solution to the problem that they are discussing.
(A) has
(B) have
(C) had
(D) having