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97 年 - 澎湖縣97學年度國民小學暨附設幼稚園代理教師甄選英語科試卷#620 

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1.1. The company has quickly ____ from one room into three buildings in two short years.
(A) shrunk
(B) diminished
(C) expanded
(D) declined

2.2. The old couple continued to open their noodle shop even through many difficult _____.
(A) status
(B) hardships
(C) customers
(D) cooking

3.3. He is crippled and he can’t walk without a ____.
(A) cub
(B) crutch
(C) cone
(D) craft

4.4. Despite the apparently bewildering complexity of this procedure, the underlying ____ is quite elementary.
(A) confusion
(B) principle
(C) phenomenon
(D) simplicity

5.5. In 1919, the 18th amendment to the Constitution was used to ____ the sale and manufacture of alcoholic drinks.
(A) endorse
(B) amputate
(C) prohibit
(D) boost

6.6. The liver \"performs\" as a filter for the blood.
(A) serves
(B) poses
(C) masquerades
(D) plays

7.7. Some people found the artist’s exhibit to be fascinating; others found it \"obscene\".
(A) missing something
(B) disgusting
(C) inartistic
(D) amateurish

8.8. The production of hot glass necessitates "a fusion" of art and technology.
(A) an explosion
(B) a nucleus
(C) a blending
(D) a combating

9.9. Many kinds of squirrels are easy to \"tame\".
(A) identify
(B) capture
(C) feed
(D) domesticate

10.10. People may resort to magic to \"assuage\" their fear and doubts if they feel they have no way of controlling the outcome of a situation.
(A) bolster
(B) alleviate
(C) provoke
(D) irritate

11.16. ____, William Shakespeare is the most widely known.
(A) With all writers in English
(B) All of the writers in English
(C) All writers in English
(D) Of all writers in English

12.17. ____ the coming of autumn, thousands of tourists follow the Blue Ridge Trail to observe the brilliant autumnal foliage.
(A) As soon as
(B) With
(C) When
(D) Arrived

13.18. Neon is said to be inert ____ does not react easily with other substances.
(A) it is because
(B) because it
(C) because of it
(D) is because it

14.19. A hot air balloon will rise when its density is ____ of the surrounding air.
(A) the lower density
(B) lower than that
(C) than the lower density
(D) the density is lower than

15.20. Ecologists often study issues ____ the effects of human activities upon populations and ecosystems.
(A) whom relate to
(B) which relates to
(C) that relate to
(D) that they relate to

16.26. The Fourth nuclear power plant in Taiwan should be completed to supply high energy-consuming industries with ______ electric power.
(A) a number of
(B) a great number of
(C) an amount of
(D) much number of

17.27. I was paid _____ last month.
(A) by an hour
(B) by the hour
(C) by hours
(D) by a hour

18.28. Josh has finished _____.
(A) a day’s work
(B) a day work
(C) day’s work
(D) a-day work

19.29. Vic definitely has a very low opinion of Lisa, and it can be worse than _____ of him.
(A) she did
(B) she does
(C) her
(D) hers

20.30. The journalist is sure that _____ wins the election will have support of all parties.
(A) who
(B) anyone who
(C) anyone
(D) whomever

21.31. This is _____ such an animal.
(A) my first time to see
(B) my first time I have ever seen
(C) my first time of seeing
(D) the first time I have ever seen

22.32. I tried to get one good book on constellation, but the bookshop I went to did not have ______.
(A) one
(B) it
(C) anyone
(D) none

23.33. Congratulations! You finally succeeded ______ them.
(A) to solving
(B) at solving
(C) in solving
(D) of solving

24.34. I was conscious _____ his selfish just now.
(A) of
(B) at
(C) with
(D) for

25.35. Belle didn’t realize that to play the flute, she must have ______.
(A) also train and talent
(B) not talent but training as well
(C) not only training but talent also
(D) only training but also talent

26.36. The teacher _____ get in the lab.
(A) does not allow us
(B) does not let us
(C) permit that we
(D) does not give us

27.37. The more we learn about Leonardo da Vinci, the more we have ______.
(A) respect in him
(B) admiration for him
(C) increase of his status
(D) praise increasing

28.38. Mom will go to Kaohsiung next weekend, if she ______ ready then.
(A) is
(B) will be
(C) shall be
(D) was

29.39. To the _____ of the people, the economy seems not stable enough.
(A) eye
(B) sight
(C) view
(D) look

30.40. Life would be short and hard, _____ hope extends it.
(A) while
(B) which
(C) but that
(D) that

31.41. Mom urged us _____ at the stop.
(A) waiting
(B) to wait
(C) of waiting
(D) wait

32.42. Prices keep going up, but my salary is certainly not ______ at all.
(A) risen
(B) raise
(C) on the rise
(D) on the raise

33.43. There were _______ lights to mark the exit.
(A) blue huge bright
(B) huge bright blue
(C) bright huge blue
(D) bright blue huge

34.44. For the middle-aged men, croquet ______ more popular than tennis in just the last few years.
(A) is becoming
(B) has become
(C) became
(D) is become

35.45. Collecting marbles was a hobby ______.
(A) that gave her lots of pleasure doing it
(B) that gave her a great deal of pleasure
(C) which she found real pleasing to her
(D) pursuing that she got much pleasure

36.46. I must have this letter ______ first.
(A) address
(B) to be addressed
(C) be addressing
(D) addressed

37.47. The legislator, Mr. Wu, used to depend upon ______
(A) whoever was willing to help him
(B) whoever he wanted to help
(C) whomever was willing to help him
(D) whoever will help him

38.48. _____ that T-shirt when John first saw her at the HSR station?
(A) Had she worn
(B) Was she wearing
(C) Has she worn
(D) Did she wear

39.49. He has a lot of books in his house, ______ that he is a professor.
(A) to consider
(B) considered
(C) being considered
(D) considering

40.50. Is the climate of Malaysia ______?
(A) somehow similar to Philippine
(B) somewhat like that of Philippine
(C) so much like Philippine
(D) similar like Philippine