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99 年 - 澎湖縣99學年度國民小學暨附設幼稚園候用及代理教師甄選英文科試卷#5170 

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1.1. For many centuries, people in different countries have _____ the ability of certain herbs to improve energy.
(A) taken advantage of
(B) displayed for
(C) insisted to
(D) argued for

2.2. The famous rock singer announced to his local fans that he would begin a worldwide tour to _____ his latest album.
(A) investigate
(B) contract
(C) promote
(D) expand

3.3. The doctor was careful and considerate. He reassured me, ________ an antibiotic and did a blood test for me yesterday.
(A) transcribed
(B) prescribed
(C) described
(D) noticed

4.4. The fat woman successfully lost 15 kilograms in 8 months. The key point was that she ________ herself to eating only fruits and vegetables.
(A) proposed
(B) restricted
(C) predicted
(D) tempted

5.5. My English teacher warns us not to translate the article ________. We have to take into consideration the meaning of the article or we will misunderstand important parts.
(A) literacy
(B) literature
(C) literally
(D) literate

6.6. The children are _________ excitement because summer vacation is approaching. They will have more time to do what they like.
(A) composed of
(B) filled with
(C) filled up
(D) consisted of

7.7. _________ curiosity, the little boy went into the room.
(A) Out of
(B) Because
(C) Due
(D) From

8.8. After the investigation, there is no proof ______ the suspect’s guilt, so he should be released.
(A) for
(B) of
(C) to
(D) on

9.9. The thief broke ______ the bank and stole a lot of money.
(A) into
(B) through
(C) down
(D) away

10.The soldier’s description of the fight is no more ridiculous than ______.
(A) you
(B) yourself
(C) yours
(D) yourselves.

11.11. Which of the following sentences is CORRECT?
(A) I saw the boy killed.
(B) I saw the man to kill the boy.
(C) I saw the boy to dance.
(D) I saw the boy sang.

12.12. When I opened the door, I heard him ________.
(A) sang
(B) singing
(C) to sing
(D) was singing

13.13. The girl never mentions his father because she is ashamed ______ him.
(A) through
(B) as
(C) to
(D) of

14.14. Which of the following sentences is CORRECT?
(A) He has no house which he can live.
(B) He has no house in which to live in.
(C) He has no house to live in.
(D) He has no house where he can live in.

15.15. Entering the house, __________.
(A) the mouse was eating the bread.
(B) I found the mouse was eating the bread.
(C) the mouse was sitting on the bench.
(D) I found the mouse sits on the bench.

16.26. Two junior high school students _____ in the creek by the kidnapper yesterday.
(A) drowned
(B) were drown
(C) were drowned
(D) drown

17.27. My son is so sweet _____ that we both like him.
(A) such boy
(B) a boy
(C) the boy
(D) boy

18.28. At present a new science fiction _____ by John Smith.
(A) is written
(B) was written
(C) is being written
(D) has been written

19.29. Hallie is three years junior _____.
(A) than me
(B) than I
(C) to me
(D) to I

20.30. “_____ to have tea in the afternoons, Kate?”
(A) Would you like
(B) Will you like
(C) Won’t you like
(D) Do you like

21.31. The director said, “Please come closer _____ I can see you better.”
(A) so that
(B) in order to
(C) so as
(D) for

22.32. All students tried very hard, but they couldn’t make themselves _____ the English sentence.
(A) understand
(B) understood
(C) understanding
(D) to understand

23. 33. Swamps, tape-recorders, are a sort of _____ machine.
(A) record
(B) recording
(C) recorded
(D) being recorded

24.34. My grandpa used a great deal of _____ on his farm.
(A) cattle
(B) oxen
(C) poultry
(D) fertilizer.

25.35. The lady wore a _____ dress.
(A) stunning new velvet
(B) new velvet stunning
(C) new stunning velvet
(D) velvet new stunning

26.36. “The most _____ night club in 50 years!” is the advertising slogan.
(A) await
(B) waited
(C) anticipating
(D) anticipated

27.37. I really need a _____ account; otherwise, I will become a spender.
(A) saving
(B) saved
(C) savings
(D) saves

28.38. My aunt lives _____ Chunghsin Road; she lives _____ 235 Chunghsin Road.
(A) on, at
(B) in, at
(C) on, in
(D) in, in

29.39. I really appreciate _____ it a secret.
(A) keeping
(B) you to keep
(C) your keeping
(D) that are keeping

30.40. Those models walked down _____ staircase.
(A) old elegant marble
(B) marble old elegant
(C) old marble elegant
(D) elegant old marble

31.41. The news reminds me of _____ they did to John last Friday.
(A) which
(B) what
(C) the thing
(D) that

32.42. The food we had was served in tiny portions on _____ plates.
(A) modern dinner small
(B) small modern dinner
(C) modern small dinner
(D) dinner small modern

33.43. There is no man _____ has some faults.
(A) who
(B) that
(C) as
(D) but

34.44. Nowadays people can live to be 80, and _____can live to be 100.
(A) few
(B) a few
(C) fewer
(D) a fewer

35.45. A: “What time is it, Honey?” B: “It is 9:00 ______.”
(A) just now
(B) on time
(C) sharp
(D) punctually

36.46. The _____ jungle is filled with life.
(A) enormous exciting wild
(B) wild enormous exciting
(C) exciting enormous wild
(D) enormous wild exciting

37.47. Joey is _____ as John is.
(A) a boy as nice
(B) as a nice boy
(C) as nice a boy
(D) such nice

38.48. Dad kept silent; ______ I say anything.
(A) so did
(B) so
(C) neither did
(D) nor did

39.49. Carl wrote the card _____ colored pencil instead of _____ a pen.
(A) with, with
(B) by, with
(C) in, with
(D) with, by

40.50. Hans is _____ to be fired for the mistake than I am.
(A) not more
(B) no more
(C) not much
(D) no much