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1.31 A committee _________students, faculty, staff and alumni was appointed by the president of the university to help select a commencement speaker for the 2004 graduation.
(A) excluded from
(B) expelled from
(C) consisted in
(D) composed of
2.32 The wedding was held in an elegant hall with the glitter of the crysta___________l that hung from the ceiling.
(A) chandelier
(B) felicity
(C) shimmer
(D) translucence
3.33 Jane never gave up, no matter how bad the situation was. Her ___________was incredible.
(A) captivity
(B) publicity
(C) tenacity
(D) vanity
4.34 The audience should be encouraged to enjoy rather than _________the movie.
(A) analyze
(B) have analyzed
(C) analyzing
(D) analyzed
5.35 Jane___________ to meet me at 2 o’clock. She’s an hour late.
(A) supposed
(B) was supposed
(C) would suppose
(D) was supposing
6.36 Hahn and Meitner used to work as a team at the same lab. During the 1920s, Hahn continued developing radiochemical techniques, ____________Meitner entered the new field of nuclear physics.
(A) whereas
(B) unless
(C) until
(D) if
7.37 Charisma is a personal attractiveness that enables one to influence others.___________ , the standards of good leadership tend to differ from culture to culture.
(A) So
(B) Then
(C) However
(D) Although
8.38 Random testing of cold refreshments___________ at fast food chains showed a number of outlets failing health standards.
(A) serve
(B) served
(C) serving
(D) having served
9.No wonder the rich get richer. They have 39 that the rest do not. Their wealth gives them 40 to eager-to-please private bankers, bespoke money-management services, and sophisticated investment vehicles that are out of reach for the merely solvent. But when it 41 investing, does membership of the supposed elite truly provide an edge worthy of envy? 42 , the rich can buy kid-glove professional guidance, but they pay dearly for it, with no guarantee of superior performance. Investing is sufficiently difficult that the most talented private bankers and brokers often make costly mistakes. They can also be tempted to sell their clients investment products that generate the highest fees rather than those with the highest returns.
(A) advances
(B) advantages
(C) benefits
(D) utilities
(A) access
(B) leeway
(C) keys
(D) solutions
(A) costs
(B) is
(C) comes to
(D) goes with
(A) No way
(B) Sure
(C) Unfortunately
(D) On the one hand
13.43 With the effort of environmental protection groups, some of the once contaminated rivers now teem with life.
(A) Environmental protection groups team up to save the contaminated rivers on earth.
(B) Environmental protection groups sacrifice their lives to clean up the contaminated rivers on earth.
(C) The once polluted rivers still show no sign of life regardless of the effort of environmental protection groups.
(D) The once polluted rivers are now full of life because of the effort of environmental protection groups.
14.44 Over the decades, a few psychological researchers have ventured out of the dark realm of mental illness into the sunny land of the mentally hale and hearty.
(A) Some psychologists have focused their research on what makes people happy and healthy than on what makes people mentally ill.
(B) A few psychologists have recovered from mental illness and resumed their health.
(C) A few psychologists like to take more care of the problems of healthy people than those of sick people.
(D) Some psychologists have discovered how to make the mentally ill find their happiness again.
15.45 Some English structures unacceptable a generation ago may have become established usages.
(A) Different concepts of English usage result in generation gap.
(B) Judgments of the grammaticality of English sentences change all the time.
(C) Old people do not accept the English expressions used by young people.
(D) People tend to use some English structures adopted by the general public.
16. For the last decade, Pennebaker has pioneered research on the role of confession in health. He found that not only talking but also writing about traumas can be healing. “Just putting upsetting experiences into words,” he explains, “has profound psychological and physical benefits for our participants.” Trauma, it seems, is the great leveler. Few of us escape it, even in our first two decades of life. Moreover, the recovery movement of the 1980s and 1990s has taught us that we as a society have kept a smothering blanket of secrecy over our traumas, covering up the truth in order to protect others and protect ourselves from pain. We’re learning that speaking out often ends the cycle of abuse and liberates us from both pain and isolation. Pennebaker’s writing method, while not a public form of confession, is a personal form of acknowledgment, emotional expression, and completion. Pennebaker says that the writing method works because people confide both to others (namely, the psychologists who read the essays) and to themselves. In fact, he believes that confiding one’s deepest thoughts and feelings to one’s self is perhaps the most healing aspect of his technique.
【題組】46 According to the passage, trauma is “the great leveler,” because _____.
(A) it makes people calm down
(B) it is a common experience
(C) it leaves painful memory
(D) it can never be predictable
17.【題組】47 The traditional treatment of traumas is to _____.
(A) provide warm blankets for victims
(B) seek help from family and friends
(C) discuss the pain privately
(D) avoid talking about it
18.【題組】48 Which of the following statements about the writing method is NOT true?
(A) By making a confession, people are forgiven.
(B) It is a psychological curing method.
(C) It helps people examine and admit the fact.
(D) People going through the process feel better.
19.【題組】49 Pennebaker thinks that the best way for people to heal trauma is to _____.
(A) forgive themselves
(B) forget the experience
(C) confess to themselves
(D) participate in group discussion
20.【題組】50 The author writes the passage to _____.
(A) introduce a healing method
(B) tell people how to avoid trauma
(C) acknowledge Pennebaker’s contribution
(D) explain the evolution of recovery movement