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1.1.The threat of fines and jail puts real ________ into the laws regulating how and where children can work.
(A) loom
(B) backlash
(C) grid
(D) teeth

2.2. The way the film eventually got made ________ , like the story itself, a certain ring of destiny to it.
(A) looks
(B) has
(C) indicates
(D) feels

3.3. ________ films about writers are so dull is that writers don’t dress up to practice their craft.
(A) Everybody says
(B) One of the reasons
(C) It is often claimed
(D) Because

4.4. With rising oil prices, there is an increasing________ for people to ride bicycles to work.
(A) permit
(B) instrument
(C) appearance
(D) tendency

5.5. Police are investigating a series of jewelry ________ in South Wales.
(A) upheaval
(B) hedge
(C) heist
(D) kibble

6.6. With the worsening of the global economic conditions, it seems wiser and more ________ to keep cash in the bank rather than to invest in the stock market.
(A) sensible
(B) portable
(C) explicit
(D) anxious

7.7. If you are________ with your goods, contact us within ten days of receipt, and we shall arrange collection and refund your money in full.
(A) not completely satisfied
(B) not completely satisfactory
(C) not completely satisfying
(D) not satisfied completely

8.8. Desk can often show aspects of character otherwise hidden from general view________ , if analyzed in detail, will reveal their owner’s innermost secrets.
(A) but where
(B) these
(C) however
(D) and which

9.9.Disney’s Animal Kingdom struggled to keep guests for a full day has become a hard-to- ignore flaw because it has ____ overcrowding problems elsewhere at Disney World.
(A) exacerbated
(B) vitiated
(C) mandated
(D) disintegrated

10.10.________ food is more quintessentially Indian than basmati rice.
(A) Some
(B) Any
(C) No
(D) Every

11.11. Steve’s description of the place was so ________ that I could almost picture it in my mind.
(A) bitter
(B) vivid
(C) sensitive
(D) courageous

12.12. Just because you’re living in a concrete jungle in the sky ________ mean you’re in prison.
(A) don’t
(B) doesn’t
(C) isn’t
(D) aren’t

13.13. Her ability to analyze issues fairly and competently has earned her the________ of even her most peers.
(A) solicitation…unbiased
(B) reputation…knowledgeable
(C) respect…exacting
(D) attention…sympathetic

14.14. Although it seems to have been a fixture of the square since the city’s origin, the produce market actually opened________ .
(A) recently
(B) frequently
(C) illegally
(D) graciously

15.15.The government is leasing the center from a private lab and spent $24 million to _______ it to meet federal safety standards, which is a fraction of what it would have cost to build a job.
(A) reimburse
(B) retrofit
(C) redeploy
(D) harangue

16.16. Until the mid 1800’s, the occasional reports by European explorers of the existence of gorillas were generally disbelieved and swiftly________ the realm of tall tales.
(A) confused with
(B) relegated to
(C) compared to
(D) exalted to

17.17. The historian's assertion that there is a _______ of verifiable information about nineteenth century Native Americans is _______, for there exist many transcripts of authentic oral accounts of their activities.
(A) wealth.. fallacious
(B) shortage.. legitimate
(C) depletion.. irrefutable
(D) paucity.. erroneous

18.18. This book has neither merit nor distinction, and it all but _______ whatever prestige the author may once have had.
(A) challenges
(B) maximizes
(C) epitomizes
(D) nullifies

19.19. It is ironic and somehow tragic that good people are often dull while evil people can be endlessly _______.
(A) ordinary
(B) stubborn
(C) fascinating
(D) unobtrusive

20.20. Because most of them lack recreational facilities, high rise apartments have been criticized in recent years as _______ for families with children.
(A) unsuitable
(B) degrading
(C) inevitable

21.21. The company paid for the minister to fly out to Australia on a ____________.
(A) freebie
(B) premium
(C) compliment
(D) bonanza

22.22. It is impossible for a serious scholar to condone this _______ dismissal of respected theories.
(A) astute
(B) cavalier
(C) sagacious
(D) necessary

23.23. Fortunately, Ms. Mason has the unusual ability to transform a tedious legal contention into an _______ account.
(A) arid
(B) erratic
(C) improbable
(D) absorbing

24.24. She was _______ success and eager to create a name for herself.
(A) deprecatory toward
(B) impatient for
(C) querulous about
(D) sated by

25.25.From both his character and appearance, we could see that he was ___________.
(A) a bluestocking
(B) on the grapevine
(C) a battle-axe
(D) a chip off the old block

26.II. Complete the sentences Choose the best answer 10% We may be only a tiny part of a vast universe, but we are here, and, as a species, we have accomplished great things. We have created 26 beautiful works of art and music, we have performed 27 of love and generosity that make even the most cynical among us quake with emotion, and we have developed mathematics and science that have enabled us to learn our place in the universe. These are achievements of 28 . But the cosmic perspective also should teach us some humility, because the central lesson of Galileo’s discoveries is that we humans are no more central to the universe 29 our planet or star. Future generations and alien civilizations may enjoy our human creations, but no one will come running to our rescue if we 30 to destroy rather than to create.
(A) suspiciously
(B) staggeringly
(C) scarcely
(D) sporadically

(A) actions
(B) actors
(C) acts
(D) activities

(A) consequence
(B) indifference
(C) similarity
(D) etiquette

(A) as
(B) but
(C) until
(D) than

(A) choose
(B) fail
(C) cease
(D) refuse

31.III. Reading Choose the best answer 10% Since the late nineteenth century, fingerprint identification methods have been used by police agencies around the world to identify suspected criminals as well as the victims of crime. The basis of the traditional fingerprinting technique is simple. The skin on the palmar surface of the hands and feet forms ridges, so-called papillary ridges, in patterns that are unique to each individual and which do not change over time. Even identical twins (who share their DNA) do not have identical fingerprints.  The best way to render latent fingerprints visible, so that they can be photographed, can be complex and may depend, for example, on the type of surfaces on which they have been left. It is generally necessary to use a ‘developer’, usually a powder or chemical reagent, to produce a high degree of visual contrast between the ridge patterns and the surface on which a fingerprint has been deposited. Developing agents depend on the presence of organic materials or inorganic salts for their effectiveness, although the water deposited may also take a key role. Fingerprints are typically formed from the aqueous-based secretions of the eccrine glands of the fingers and palms with additional material from sebaceous glands primarily from the forehead. This latter contamination results from the common human behaviors of touching the face and hair. The resulting latent fingerprints consist usually of a substantial proportion of water with small traces of amino acids and chlorides mixed with a fatty, sebaceous component that contains a number of fatty acids and triglycerides. Detection of a small proportion of reactive organic substances such as urea and amino acids is far from easy. Fingerprints at a crime scene may be detected by simple powders, or by chemicals applied in situ. More complex techniques, usually involving chemicals, can be applied in specialist laboratories to appropriate articles removed from a crime scene. With advances in these more sophisticated techniques, some of the more advanced crime scene investigation services from around the world were, as of 2010, reporting that 50% or more of the fingerprints recovered from a crime scene had been identified as a result of laboratory-based techniques. Text source: Fingerprint. (2010, December 19). InWikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia. Retrieved 19:14, December 21, 2010
【題組】31. Which of the following is the best title for this passage?
(A) In Situ Powder Use in Crime Scene Investigations
(B) How to Identify a Criminal
(C) Amino Acids in Fingerprint Detection
(D) Fingerprint Composition and Detection
(E) Uses of Papillary Ridge Secretions

32.【題組】32. According to the article, amino acids and chlorides in fingerprints originate from the I sebaceous glands II eccrine glands III papillary ridges
(A) I only
(B) II only
(C) III only
(D) I and II only
(E) none of the above

33.【題組】33. According to the passage, powders to detect fingerprints are most likely to be used
(A) instead of reactive organic substances
(B) at the crime scene
(C) in laboratories
(D) to detect triglycerides
(E) as one of the more sophisticated techniques

34.【題組】34. According to the passage, all of the following are true EXCEPT
(A) fingerprints identify the victims of crime
(B) fingerprint patterns may become distorted by sebaceous contamination
(C) identical twins have different fingerprints
(D) investigators want to make fingerprints visible so they can be photographed
(E) touching the face and hair contaminates eccrine gland secretions

35.【題組】35. What does the word, developer, in the first paragraph mean?
(A) a powder to hurt one’s palm
(B) a powder to poison the criminal
(C) a reagent to reveal fingerprint
(D)a reagent to cover footprint
(E) a chemical material to destroy the crime scene

36.( Explanation of Linguistic Terms)1. auxiliary verb
37.( Explanation of Linguistic Terms)2. affix
38.( Explanation of Linguistic Terms)3. adverb
39.( Explanation of Linguistic Terms)4. morpheme
40.( Explanation of Linguistic Terms)5. tense
41.V. Composition What is Audio-Lingual teaching method? What are advantages and disadvantages of Audio-Lingual teaching method? How can you apply Audio-Lingual teaching method to your teaching activities in the classroom? Briefly describe your opinion about it. (In about 500 words) 20%