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1.1. Frank did not want to move, but he had no ____________ when the rent went up.
(A) alternative
(B) application
(C)destination ;
(D) departure
2.2. When Jeff asked Jenny out on a date, she ________him because she did not like him.
(A) rejected
(B) defeated
(C) initiated
(D) engaged
3.3. In today’s society, it is hard for a man to_________ a family only with his own income.
(A) rage
(B) raise
(C) react
(D) restore
4.4. Sometimes it is necessary for parents to take a firm__________ toward their children.
(A) aptitude
(B) altitude
(C) attitude
(D) attention
5.5. We will greatly ____________ it if you can reply to us as soon as possible.
(A) appreciate
(B) precise
(C) comprehend
(D) demand
6.6. When the bell rang, the teacher__________the class and left the classroom.
(A) deserved
(B) deleted
(C) dismissed
(D) deceived
7.7. The boy gets along with his parents very well; there is no ____________ gap between them.
(A) generation
(B) genetic
(C) general
(D) generate
8.8. The____________on the wall reads, “Vote for John. We want him.”
(A) plunge
(B) poster
(C) pioneer
(D) passion
9.9. You can take your time answering the letter; there is no ________ in this case.
(A) usage
(B) unique
(C) urgency
(D) union
10.10. Running in ___________ will only cause more chaos, so just stay calm.
(A) possession
(B) passenger
(C) position
(D) panic
11.11. A tall tale is a story told in a very___________ way, so it sounds ridiculous and funr
(A) emerged
(B) encountered
(C) ettcloscd :
(D) exaggerated
12.12. Babies need ______ food to grow tall and strong  
(A) nutritious
(B) nutshell
(C) nourish
(D) nuclear
13.13. Food and water are_________ to human survival.
(A) enthusiastic
(B) essential
(C) reluctant
(D) inadequate
14.14. 丁he industry has just undergone a period of rapid ________, so they need many more workers.
(A) expansion
(B) experiment
(C) experience
(D) expense
15.15. Her_________ to the job is beyond question; you can trust her completely.
(A) command
(B) commerce
(C) commission
(D) commitment
16.16. I am not going to _________ your rudeness any longer!
(A) exclaim
(B) refonn
(C) contcmpt
(D) tolerate
17.17. After the earthquake, many people ________ food and supplies to those who suffered.
(A) commuted
(B) delivered  
(D) informed
18.18. Technology has  indeed _______the world.
(A) concluded
(B) transformed
(C) disposed
(D) involved
19.19. Tom goes to a private English language school five nights a week. He hopes this __________ training can improve his English ability quickly.
(A) common
(B) inappropriate
(C) compulsory
(D) intensive
20.20. This new cell phone has the feature of voice ________; it can tell the sound of its owner's voicc apart from other people's.
(A) impression
(B) objection
(C) evaluation
(D) recognition
21.21. My car made strangejioises, sputtered to a stop, and then wouldn’t start again. Fortunately, the mechanic at my garage _________ the source of the problem.
(A) to discover
(B) discovered
(C) was discovered
(D) has been discovered
22.22. If the world’s tropical forests continue to disappear at their present rate, many animal species ______extinct.
(A) became
(B) will become
(C) would become
(D) would have become
23.23.1 _________ hard to help support my family ever since I was a child.
(A) worked
(B) work
(C) am working
(D) have worked
24.24. You should learn how to change a tire on your car _________ you can handle an emergency situation if necessary.
(A) so that
(B) for that
(C) now that
(D) nevertheless
25.25. My mouth is burning! This is _______ spicy food that I don’t think I can finish it.
(A) such
(B) so
(C) very
(D) too
26.26. Sam and I would love to meet you at a restaurant tonight, but we can do that _ _____we can find a babysitter.
(A) if
(B) unless
(C) only if
(D) even if
27.27._______want to take a tiiain trip across western Carnada, but my traveling companion wants to fly to Mexico City for our vaction
(A) Yet  I :
(B) Although I
(C) Despite I
(D) I
28.28. The Northern Hemisphere has mostly westerly winds ____ the rotation of the earth toward the cast.
(A) because
(B) due to
(C) however
(D) so
29.29.1 like to keep the windows open at night no matter how cold it gets. My wife, ________,prefers a warm bedroom with ail windows tightly shut.
(A) in other words
(B) consequently
(C) for example
(D) on the other hand
30.30. Mr. Morrow doesn't seem to like me. He never smiles at me or speaks to me ______  many efforts I have made to be friendly and neighborly.
(A) because of
(B) in spite of
(C) as a result of
(D) instead of
31.31. The people__________ the acrobat turn circles in the air were horrified when he missed the outstretched hands of his partner and fell to his death.
(A) watched
(B) had watched
(C) watching
(D) were watching
32.32. He lives next to a highway, so he _______ hearing the noisy traffic.
(A) used to
(B) was used to
(C) is used to
(D) is used
33.33. If I___________enough money, I would have bought that car.
(A) had
(B) have had
(C) have
(D) had had
34.34. We certainly enjoyed__________our grandparents in the country last weekend.
(A) visit
(B) visited
(C) visiting
(D) to visit
35.35. A child________parents are dead is called an orphan.
(A) whom
(B) that
(C) whose
(D) who
36.36.1 hope you will find this village a beautiftil place____you may spend your weekend.
(A) where
(B) when
(C) which
(D) what
37.37. You should have your house__.
(A) paint
(B) to be painting
(C) to paint
(D) painted
38.38. At that moment I did not realize_________to say that.
(A) how foolish it was
(B) how foolish it is
(C) how foolish is it
(D) how it was foolish
39.39. He will be happy when he________the good news.
(A) is hearing
(B) heard
(C) will hear
(D) hears
40.40. Hardly__________started when I heard a man call my name.
(A) the car had
(B) had the car
(C) did the car
(D) was the car
41.第二部份:閱讀測驗 第41至45題,每題請分別根據文章的文意選出最適當的答案。 
The Internet is a very dangerous place as shown by a recent case when a teenage girl who was chatting on the Internet suddenly received a message on her cimputer screen. . The message instructed her to take a pornographic photo of herself and e-mail it to an address. Luckily,the girl was smart enough to turn off  her computer and tell her parents. 
 If children and teenagers arc not smart, they can get into trouble on the Internet. There is software available for free on the Internet that can let someone anywhere in the world get access to your computer without your permission. This means that technology now makes it possible for people to leam everything about you and your kids. 
The Internet is also dangerous hccousc it is impossible to know who is sending c-mail. An adult might pretend lo he a child in order to make friends with a child and then persuade that child to meet in an isolated and dangerous location. In addition, the Internet is filled with aduit material that is not appropriate for children and teenagers. Anyone can put information on the Internet, so there is no way of knowing what our children will see when they are surfing the Net.

【題組】41. The Net is dangerous NOT because it is__________  
(A) free  
(B) intrusive
(C) anonymous  
(D) full of indeccnt material
42.【題組】42. This article is intended primarily for____.
(A) tcachers
(B) children
(C) parents
(D) the government
43.【題組】43. It seems that we are ______ to guard against the dark side of the Net.
(A) hypocritical
(B) powerless
(C) wise
(D) noble
44.【題組】44. In the first paragraph, a _________ is used to highlight the danger of the Internet.
(A) cookcd-up story
(B) recent survey
(C) piecc of news
(D) personal experience of the author
45.【題組】45. The word “isolated” means_______
(A) crowded
(B) faraway
(C) attractive
(D) fantastic
46.第三部份:克漏字測驗 第46至50題,每題請分別根據文章的文意選出最適當的答案• . 
A greenhouse is a ____46_____ made of glass that allows sunlight to enter hut ______47______ heat inside, so the building stays warm even when it's cold outside. _______48________ gases in the Earth's atmosphere also let in light but trap heat, many people call this phenomenon the “greenhouse effect/' If it were not for greenhouse gases trapping heat in the atmosphere, the Earth would be a very cold place. The Earth gets energy from the sun in the form of sunlight. The Earth's surface ________49________ some of this energy and heats up. That’s why the surface of a road can feel hot even after the sun has gone down. The Earth cools down by giving off a different form of energy, ________50_______ infrared radiation. Before all this radiation can cscape to outer space,greenhouse gases in the atmosphere absorb some of it, which makes thie atompsphere warmer,As the atmosphere gets warmer, it makes the Earth's surface warrheh ,too. 

(A) air
(D) park
(A) pollutes
(B) breathes
(C) emits
(D) keeps
(A) Becausc
(B) As a result
(C) Because of
(D) Therefore
(A) decreases
(B) creates
(C) absorbs
(D) invents
(A) calling
(B) called
(C) to call
(D) has called